My early days.


I had been masturbating for about a year. At that time I could not ejaculate as I had not reached puberty. I enjoyed playing with my cock and wanking it and having orgasms – they were fantastic.

One afternoon I was doing it to myself and I actually ejaculated for the first time – I knew what it was as I had seen other guys spurt, and had actually wanked them off and they had wanked me. I had no idea what it felt like until then. It felt fantastic and as I did not know it was going to spurt I was laying on my bed doing it and when it came out it spurted all over my stomach. I could not believe it had happened – I had often wondered when I would start.
As soon as I could get my cock hard again – it took a few minutes I did it again just to se myself spurt. This time I was standing up and watched as it spurted out and flew about a metre in front of me – it looked and felt amazing – I was so pleased with myself. I did it three times that afternoon and it got better each time. I spurted every time and had no idea how much cum I had inside me but it still spurted about the same amount each time.

I had started to fuck a girl my age and we had done it a few times. The next day I went up to her place – I knew she would be home on her own as her mother worked - and I told her what happened and I could cum.

She wanted to see it happen and as she had wanked me before I let her do it to me and told her when I was going to cum and to watch out for it. She loved doing it to me and giggled as she wanked her hand up and down my cock. She had never seen a boy cum before.


When I felt myself getting close to cumming I told her I was cumming but I was a bit fast and I really spurted and a lot went on her school tunic and she got a bit upset. I told her to take her uniform off and we could wash it off. It got pretty wet when we did. She took her tunic off to wash it and then hung it up to dry. She was just standing there in pants and looked wonderful (she wasn’t old enough to wear a bra). I could see her pants were wet around where her slit was. She said that happens when she gets excited. I talked her into taking her pants off and she was standing there in the nude and I told her she looked beautiful. I said I wanted to fuck her, and she said I could but I had to take my cock out before I came as if I came inside her she would get pregnant.

The two of us got down and I had the best fuck with her I have ever had – the both of us for some reason really enjoyed it better than ever before. When I was about to cum I told her and I took it out of her and I wanked it off and I came on her tummy. She played with my cum with her finger and made me taste some, and she tasted it as well. Neither of us liked it very much but she said she had seen her mother sucking her uncles cock and swallowing his cum. Her mother and her uncle fucked a lot together and she had seen them but they didn’t know she was watching them. He sucked her cunt and made her cum too.

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I said it sounded great and she said one day she would do it with me but not then.
She told me her uncle has a big cock and she wondered if it would go into her – she really wanted to try it she said but she knew she could never ask him.

After I came with her and we had washed it off us she wanted me to fuck her again so I did. She said she had seen and heard her mother cum and she wanted to cum while I was fucking her, she wanted to see if it felt any better than when she masturbated.

This time I was taking much longer to cum and after a while she said she thought she could feel it beginning to happen and after another minute or two it did. She came with me fucking her and she loved it. She really got excited and jumped about as I kept fucking her while she was cumming.

I got all excited as well and I came too, but I did a fair bit inside her before I got my cock out of her.

She got upset then and said she would be pregnant with me putting cum in her. She tried to piss it out but she pissed out of a different place. We tried to get it out with our fingers but we could still see a lot inside her. Then she said I would have to suck it out like her uncle did to her mother.

I wasn’t really keen to do that – actually sucking her cunt, but she said I could never fuck her again if I didn’t. She would get pregnant and we would both be in big trouble. I loved fucking with her and didn’t want to be a father of a baby at my age so I decided I would have to.

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   I asked her to wash her cunt as she had peed out of it and she was happy to do that.

It was possible the hardest thing I had ever done – she got on the edge of the bed and opened her legs and I could see her cunt really wet with my cum and I thought it cant be that bad – it would be like kissing a girl really, it didn’t smell like it had sometimes whenwe fingered her or when we had fucked straight after coming home from school and she hadn’t washed herself first. I just had to suck on her cunt and get my cum out of her.

I went down on her and I was truly amazed – it felt good and even though there was a little bit of taste it wasn’t as strong as when she made me suck my cum off her fingers. I got into sucking her as it felt good and she really liked it – she said I know now why her mother likes it so much when her uncle did it to her. She said it was fantastic and she was going to get me to do it to her some more.

I said she would have to suck my cock too and she said that was fine with her.

After about five minutes she said she was going to cum and she wanted me to keep sucking on her until she did.

I was enjoying it now and I said ok and I just kept sucking and licking her clit like she told me to and then she came. She made the loudest noises I have ever heard a girl make as she came. She shuddered and shook as I kept sucking her cunt and after a minute or two she told me to stop and I did.

I used my fingers to open her cunt so I could see if there was any cum left in her and I couldn’t see any but she had made some other sticky sort of stuff which I had sucked and licked out of her which tasted fine. I told her I must have got all the cum out when she came because I couldn’t see any and there was this other stuff.

She said she had the best orgasm she has ever had. She said I want you to do that to me as well as fuck me from now on.

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   It was amazing.

I said I will if she sucks me off too.

She said that will be ok.

We both got dressed then – she was happy I had got all the cum out and she had loved me sucking her cunt and making her cum. We actually kissed each other after we got dressed and she aid she could taste her cunt juice on my tongue. We kissed for a while longer as we both enjoyed kissing each other.

After that I made sure I took my cock out of her before I came and after a while she would either suck me off to finish me or wank me – whatever she wanted. She got used to the taste of my cock covered in her cunt juice and my cum pretty soon and told me she often licked her fingers when she masturbated and it tasted the same only better off my cock, and even better still when I came in her mouth. It took a few times for her to get to like it and now she has no problems swallowing my cum each time she sucks me off. When I am sucking her cunt and she cums, she has the best orgasms ever. Needless to say we suck each other off a lot and would suck as often as we fuck which is still fantastic and we have worked out how to make her cum when we fuck. We learned a lot about her getting pregnant and found out she couldn’t until she had periods but they came after a month or two.

She told me she had asked her uncle about fucking and getting pregnant and he gave her some condoms which I wore sometimes when she was at the right time of the month to get pregnant. She asked that he not tell her mother she was letting me fuck her and he agreed not to tell her. He said he would like to fuck her himself one day.

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   She said one day I might let you, but she was frightened of how big his cock was. He never asked her that I knew of and she would have told me if he had ever done it with her.

A few months later she told me her mother knew she and I were doing it. They talked about it together and her mother said it was ok – but she was never to let her uncle do it to her. Her mother started her on oral contraception and we never had to worry about her getting pregnant but I had to suck my own cum out of her a lot more when we did 69 or I just gave her orgasms that way.

From then on her mother treated me quite differently – more like a friend than just a kid. I had the feeling if I had asked to fuck her she would have let me. I never did.

On a few occasions after she found out I slept over with my girlfriend and her mother knew we were fucking but never interrupted us. .