My Dads Girlfriend and Me


I always hated Mondays. It marked the beginning of another week of school. The first five periods went by. This Monday, was even worse than a regular Monday because it was raining outside. So the principal had announced on the speaker that all grades 6-8 would be staying in, instead of going outside for recess. After, the boring 30 minutes of sitting in the school cafeteria, we were let back up into class. Two more periods went by and school was over. I ran to the bus trying to get the backseat. It was about a 18 minute drive home, and I was let out only a few streets from my house. But before anything, let me describe myself. My names Brian, I’m 18 years old, I have long brown hair, brown eyes, about 5’5, and 130 lbs. I looked down the street and was shocked to see my dad wasn’t home yet. I walked inside, and my dad’s girlfriend was there to greet me. My dad started seeing her about 3 months ago, and I must say he landed himself a pretty hot woman for her age. Her name was Donna, she had long brown hair, brown eyes, she was only about 5’4, and stayed in shape, so only weighed about 115 lbs. But she two amazing features.

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   One was her breasts. For her height, she had the biggest chest ever. Probably, about 32D’s. I always seemed to get a nipple slip when she bent down. Also, she had the best looking ass I have ever witnessed in my life. She would always wear like sweatpants, or skimpy tight shorts that could show her beautiful ass cheeks.
Oh Hello Brian, how was school today? She asked.
Hmmmm, not bad. You know how Mondays are. Where’s my dad at? I asked.
He called a little while ago and told me he was working overtime tonight, so he shouldn’t be getting home till about 9. But, I’m going to head out for a little while. Run to the store, and stuff. Ill be back a little later. She said.

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I waved goodbye to her, as she closed the door. I knew it was my chance for a little private time, so I walked into my dads room, and looked inside her bureau. The first drawer held packs of socks scrambled all over the place. I reached down to the second drawer and found the jackpot. A black see through thong caught my eye, as I threw it to my face and started sniffing it. I reached for a black bra, and put it on my crotch and started rubbing my cock. I kept thinking about all the things I could possibly do to her. I couldn’t hold it back, and I exploded, feeling the hot cum all over. I cleaned up and put the stuff back where it belonged, then went to my room and hopped onto the chair where my computer was. I was on for only maybe an hour and a half when I heard the door slam. I walked into the kitchen, to only see Donna, pulling her hand up with a captain crunch box and placing it on the top shelf. But when she reached up, her jeans would come down a little to reveal a red thong. I had an instant hard on. She looked back and got me glancing at her ass.
I didn’t even hear you walk into the kitchen.

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   Anyone call while I was gone? She asked.
Only my Grandma. She just wanted to ask when my next hockey game was. I replied.
Alright. By the way, I rented Slap Shot 2. Do you want to watch it together?
Sure. Definitely, let me just go put my away message on. I said
I ran to my room, and quickly put my away message on to watching a movie. Then walked out, shutting my door behind me. She was already on the living room couch. With her gorgeous feet pointed up. Jumping to the floor, I landed on my butt and took a pillow from the love seat and laid my head down on the edge of the couch.
You don’t have to lay down there, come sit up here where it is more comfortable. Donna insisted.

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So I listened, and got up and sat down right by her feet. Throughout the movie, I couldn’t pay any attention because I kept looking towards the glistening white toenails. She caught me looking at them one time, she looked over at me and smirked.
Why do you keep on looking at my feet? She asked.
Well, first of all there absolutely gorgeous, and second of all I kind of have a foot fetish. I said with a kind of whisper tone.
So you wouldn’t mind giving me a foot rub? She suggested.
I would me more than happy to give you foot rub. I pleaded.
I gathered her two feet onto my lap and placing them near my crotch. I began taking my thumb and my pointer finger, and started rubbing down her bottom of her feet. I looked at her face, and her eyes were closed knowing she was loving it. Beginning to pick up the pace a bit. I rubbed harder and faster. After, a few minutes of both feet.


   I rested them back down.
Thank you so much Brian, that was great. She said.
Wait, wait, wait. I’m not done yet. I still have one more trick up my sleeve. I said.
I got off the couch and went to my knees. I placed my mouth over her big toe and began to suck. I licked it all over the place, as I heard a little moan. She then placed her hand on her pussy and began to rub. My left hand began to slightly make its way to her thigh and moved it up even more. Our hands met, and I pushed down a little to get a feel of her pussy. Now she was moaning even more. I started to unbutton her pants, and then pulled them down.

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   To unveal that red thong. She told me to get back up on the couch, while we started making out she began to unbutton my pants, and I flung them off, throwing them to the floor. You could see the buldge in my boxers, as she grabbed my cock. She couldn’t take it any longer and told me to take off my boxers on which I did.
    I looked down at her face when she saw my 7 inch cock. She began to bite her lip, getting closer to my dick. She kissed the tip of its head. Then laid her head back down on the head rest of the couch. I moved in further, and took off her cotton t shirt, and threw that to the ground. Her bra bounced down to expose her cleavage. She panted back up and unstripped her bra, letting out her massive boobs. Then laid back down. I laid flat on top of her sucking at her hard nipples. Lick by lick her moans got even louder. I moved down to where her pussy was and pulled off her thong.

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       Seeing my first pussy, in person. I extended my hand down to the slit. And placed 2 fingers inside. She let out a loud groan. Pushing them in and forcing them out. Her juices began to flow like river. I Stopped to make sure she wouldn’t cum just yet. Pushing down on the couch, my legs were up and I moved my body over to where her head was. She opened her mouth knowing what I wanted, as I placed my cock right inside the warmth of her spit. She placed both of her hands and began to stroke it. Faster, faster, faster. It felt like an eternity, before I came right in her mouth. I knew she swallowed it, when she stuck her tongue out to gather the remains of the dripping cum over my cock.
    How about we go get cleaned up in the shower? She asked.
    We both got up and entered the bathroom, and she locked the door behind.

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       She opened the shower curtain and turned the knob to hot. Both of us jumped in. Behind her, she grabbed a bottle of body lotion and rubbed some into the palm of her hands. She got down on her knees and lathered my hard dick. Then placed both her hands on it, and began to stroke it once again. I told her I was about to cum, so she stopped and got back up. She looked at me and pointed down to her pussy. She then stepped back a few times turned around, and bent down. I pulled my dick, towards her wet pussy. I placed it right on in there. And slid it back and forth slowly for a few seconds. She told me to go hard and fast this time. So I directed it back on in, and began to pump her like crazy. After, a few minutes I blew my load inside of her. Turning around, she threw her arms around me and we began making out again.

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       She put one leg up, and kept pushing against my rock hard cock. One more time I streamed out one last load. And it went all over her leg but quickly was washed away by the flowing water. We both got out and grabbed each other a towel. I began drying her off. And touched her left tit as she giggled. She turned around to me.
    That was the best I had in a while. You know maybe I will tell your father, that we need more money for groceries, and he will work more overtime so me and you could follow up on this. She said smiling.
    Definitely. I implied.
    After drying all up. My dad came home about an hour later. Not suspecting a thing.

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       We knew we would be doing this every week now.



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