my cousins boyfriend


i was just between moving with my family when i went to visit my friends and family in new jersey. and i have lived in new jersey before, but i always move, so i knew everybody there except for people that have moved there since i was gone, and one of those people was my cousins boyfriend, rich. me and alice were 18 at the time and he was 18 so anyways, alice wanted me to meet rich because i havnt met him yet, so we went over his house and no one was home, so we were all chilling at his house and playing around, and when alice wasnt looking, he would touch me and he would do it quickly before i had any time to react.

and i would say i'm pretty good looking, i'm about 5'4 with long brown hair and brown eyes, and my breasts have always been big, so at this time they were like 34C, and i had a small waist and slim legs. so anyways, after like 2 hours of chilling at rich's house, alice had to go to a softball game, but she wanted me to meet one of rich's friends so i stayed at his house, and he said he was going to introduce me to him.
so alice left, and i was sitting on the recliner and he was sitting behind me on a chair. and he puts his hand like behind my head, and i knew he wanted to do something, and i wanted to do something. . i was already getting wet, and i've done alot of sexual things before, just never had sex. so he has his hand behind my head, and then he lowers it and puts his hand inside my shirt and starts massaging my tits. and then i start to moan a little bit, and then he stands up and pulls me up and takes off my clothes, and although i knew it was wrong. . i couldnt help it. rich was tall and muscular and had dark hair and dark eyes, and i just thought he was to sexy to resist. so anyways, i let him take off my clothes, and after he does that his starts to kiss me and then starts to suck on my nipple, and i let him do all that and i wasnt even thinking of having sex, i wasnt really thinking of anything but how good it felt. so then he takes my hand and take me upstairs, and then we get into his bedroom and he takes off all his clothes, and i see that his dick his hard.

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  . and very big. and then he lays on the bed, and i get between his legs and start to suck his dick. and he starts to moan and is holding the back of my head, and i start to feel myself get wet. and then he stops me, and tells me to lay on the bed, and i thought he was gonna eat me out or something. . i still was not even thinking of having sex with him. but then he goes in one of his drawers and gets a condom. and then i start thinking. . oh my god, i'm gonna have sex. but i didnt stop him, i just laid there, and then he put the condom on and i know he thought that i wasnt a virgin. so and then he put it into my pussy, and i was so wet, it just went right in. and then i felt the pain, and i cried out. .

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  but i made it sound like a moan, and then after that i really started moaning. i started to yell "oh yeah, ohh rich. . just like that, do it harder. . more!" and he did it harder, and he held my hands above my head, and just kept going in and out. and then he said "ohhh baby. . " and then he was done, and he laid next to me and started kissing me, and then i got up. . kissed him one more time, went downstairs, put my clothes on and left.