My Career Pt 3


My Career Pt 3
I usually go to Val's on a Tuesday so I was surprised when she rang on a Sunday and asked me if I could help her move some furniture and boxes as her husband was busy working. Mom offered to drive as she wanted to get out of the house for a while. A frown quickly crossed Val's face when she saw I was with my mother but she politely invited us in.
"My husband is busy redoing a report in the den so I called for some help. " Val gave me a wink as she said help.
Loud cursing eminated from the hall as Mr Finch stormed into the room complaining about computers. He stopped when he saw Mom and I and offered an apology for the colourful language. Mom then told him she worked in an office with computers and maybe she could help.
"Well that's all organised then" said Val "June and Richard to the den and Barry and I to the loft. "
Val picked something up as we left the room and climbed two flights of stairs to the loft. There were several boxes of clothes and magazines. Val took what looked like a remote from her pocket but pointed it at the intercom on the wall. The next thing I could hear Mom and Richard in the den talking about computers. Val pressed another button and the system gave a beep.
"Now we won't be interrupted beacause we can hear them but they can't hear us. As well, if anyone comes up the stairs past the bedroom this will beep.

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  " said Val as she patted the device.
As we began sorting through the boxes I asked her a question about the SLUTS. She stopped for a moment as if composing her thoughts and then began to tell me a story. (cue flashback music).
It all began about two years ago when a group of women from the estate started going to town for lunch, movies or just shopping. One day at a restaurant one of our group, Lauren, was approached by a businessman while at the bar. She came back to the table and told us what had happened and to her surprise we all suggested she go for it as she had been telling us how her husband wasn't giving her any at home. She went back to the guy and they left right away. The rest of us continued with lunch and it was nearly two hours till she came back with a wicked grin on her face.
We all spoke as one asking for all the juicy details and were we surprised when she told us the guy had given her a $100 for the sex. He also gave her a card with a phone number and a date he would be back in town if she was interested in going again. By the time the date came around Lauren had got cold feet so I took the card, made contact and had a fucking great afternoon and got paid for getting laid.
It just snowballed from there as others wanted some action so I made contact with Mike and told him I had other ladies availabe if he knew other men. Up to about six months ago I was arranging sex meetings at the rate of 20 a week and the SLUTS as we called ourselves were getting more sex than we could handle. It was then that I offloaded the whole business to another women who already had a similar scheme running within the large corporation she worked for.

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Then a few weeks ago before I started with you I had a call from a business women who wanted to know if I offered the service to them as well. I told her we had no men in our group and referred her to the new operator. She then surprised me and asked if any of the women were interested in some girl to girl action. I was curious so I met her and had my first bi encounter. It was after that I began my plan to see if you would like to join our group.
"Wow !" was about all I could say after that story. Who would believe all this went on in the suburbs.
In the silence that followed her story the noises coming from the intercom attracted our attention. Val and I looked at the speaker and then at each other.
"Sounds like Richard is getting his floppy hard ready to put it in your mothers drive slot. " Val giggled as she spoke
"Your husband and my Mom, doing it now. " I stammered
"Shush, lets listen. " Val motioned me over to the wall near the intercom and we sat there listing to mom and Richard.
Listening to the noises of people fucking caused my cock to swell and the more I tried not to think of Mom the more my cock grew.
"Looks like hearing mommy squeal is turning you on.

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  " said Val as she slipped off her shorts and began to massage her pussy.
With her free hand she worked my cock from my shorts and began to jerk me off. I couldn't help getting harder as Mom repeatedly asked for Richard to fuck her. Her cries were getting louder and when she asked Richard to stop licking her pussy and ram it with his cock my mind filled with lusty images of Mom. When she asked Richard to fuck her doggy style Val also assumed the position and told me to climb aboard.
I got behind Val and pushed my cock gently into her slick pussy. A little pressure and I was in sliding my whole seven inches into her. Val let out a long low moan and as I pulled back for the next stroke she pushed back with her arse so we made a slapping sound on contact. Val reached between her legs and grabbed my balls when I thrust forward and when I pulled back she rubbed her clit. There I was behind Val fucking her, as her husband fucked my Mom, and at each thrust I could see Val's body ripple as the impact of slamming bodies shook her completely. Val then matched moms voice, repeating moms every word as it issued from the speaker except she called my name instead of Richards. Then she switched and started prentending to be mom and asking me if I enjoy fucking mommy.
"Fuck me Richard, deeper Richard. Oh Yes! Oh fuck me. .

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  . ride me hard. Shove your dick in hard and fast. Don't stop fucking me. Fuck my cunt with your big cock. Yes, please fuck me hard. . . . " as each phrase issued from the speaked my intensity increased as I fucked Val. I was pistoning her cunt as fast as I could when I heard what could have only been a slap so I cracked one across Val's arse leaving a red hand print, this set Val off even more. She continued to talk like mom repeating my name over and over.
This finally got too much and I unloaded into her, pushing my cock as deep as I could get it and repeating the dose. By now Mom had also reached her end and her screams as Richard shot his load filled my ears. My cock slipped from Vals pussy and I just sat against the wall listening as mom and Richard finished downstairs.

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   Val got a towel from a box and wiped down her sweat soaked body then she threw it to me to clean myself off.
"Well thats going to make things awkward when we go downstairs later" said Val " so lets get this room cleaned up and give them some time to recover. "
We worked steadily for about an hour and had the boxes repacked and ready to move.
"Make sure you make some noise as you take this stuff downstairs and outside" Val told me.
It took me several trips to dispose of all the boxes. I made plenty of noise but avoided going near the den. Finally Val took the remote for the intercom and paged Richard letting him know that we were finished and would be in the kitchen making some coffee or a cold drink if he wanted some.
Mom and Richard met us in the kitchen and Richard explained how mom had helped him finish the report. Then he asked if the room was cleaned out so he could arrange for the painters to come. I could feel a tension in the air, as if everyone knew what had happened but didn't want to be the first to say anything. I could see red marks on moms neck where Richard had kissed and bitten her and even the smell of sex could not quite be disguised by the brewing coffee.
After a half hour we finally said our goodbyes and when Richard gave mom a peck on the cheek for all her help Val also kissed me and said the same. Val and Richard stood and looked at each other trying to read beyond the straight face each showed. Mom and I got in the car and trying to sound normal and make conversation I said "sorry you got stuck doing work stuff today. "
"Oh Richards a nice man and I was happy to help.

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   You and Val seem to get along OK. "
I looked out the window and mumbled something about  her being a regular customer. When we arrived home mom headed straight for the shower and I went to my room laying there thinking about what had happened this afternoon. Mom was a single women and I had no idea of how much sex she has had since dad left. I was involved with a married women so why should it be different for mom to be having sex with a married man. To be honest I had not really looked at my mom as a person for a long time, hey I wasn't even sure how big her tits were. Mom walked by my room with a bulky towel wrapped around her not letting me see much but legs and arms.
"The showers free if you want it I'll just get a fresh towel for you. "
Mom got me the towel and I went to the bathroom and as I undressed I saw her panties in the wash hamper. I picked them up and the crotch was still damp. Just holding them was giving me a hardon so I sniffed the smell of fresh sex and thinking about mom I wrapped them around my cock. I jerked my cock till I thought it was going to come off in my hand and finally with a deep grunt I shot my load over the shower wall. I tossed the panties back in the hamper and sat under the hot water till I cooled down.