My Career Pt 2


My Career Pt 2
When I got home Mom asked me why I was smiling and happy and I just said that I'd finally completed a job that I'd been dreaming about. I went to my room to clean up before dinner and while having a nice soak in the bath thought about losing my virginity to a married women no less. Boy did I feel cool.
Over the next week I began to notice my lady customers dressing a bit more revealing. As Spring rolled into Summer swimsuits made an appearence and while none tried anything of a direct sexual nature they did begin to show more of themselves. In the past when they would have stayed indoors while I did the yard or pool now they lay on their sun lounges and hidden under hats and behind sunglasses I could feel their eyes on me while I worked. Again I felt so cool that these married women thought I was worth checking out.
It had been a week since I'd last been to Val's and I was feeling a bit worried as Mr Tink dropped me off.
"I've got three jobs down on Valley today" he said "are you OK to get home by your self when you're finished here?"
"I'll be fine, just in and do the yard and the pool and I'll be gone by lunch. " I told him.
"Just watch these women. The heat makes 'em act funny. So I'll see you tomorrow. " he spoke as the truck drove off.
I was about to knock on the door when Mr Finch opened it as he was leaving for work. He pulled me aside and asked me to do him a favour.

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"My boy, my wife is acting a little strange this week. I think there may be another man in her life. " he said
My heart skipped a beat and then he said to me "keep an eye out for any men showing up while I'm away and there's an extra $20 for you when I get back in a few days time. " he gave me a wink and a nudge and the walked to his car.
I went inside and closed the door behind me. I couldn't hear anything so I called out an hello. Val answered from upstairs calling me up. When I entered her bedroom she was dresssed in a towelling robe and looking out the window through a telescope.
Without turning from the telescope she said "You can see all the way to the security gate with this. Ah there he goes on his way to work and that secretary with the blonde hair and fake boobs"
"Well what did my husband say to you before he left?" she asked
"He thinks you have another man and he wants me to keep a look out for strangers coming to visit. "
She laughed as she turned towards me. I could see her legs encased by black stockings disappearing under the robe.
"I know you are learning all this maintenence stuff with Mr Tink but I'd would like to be your teacher in another field. Are you interested?" she said as she smiled.
"What do you want to teach me?" I stammered.

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"No need to be afraid, I'm going to teach you how to make love to a waomen. " Val dropped the robe as she walked towards me revealing her tanned body. She was wearing a black satin bra the pushed her breasts together making them appear larger and firm. I also saw the stockings coming to the tops of her shapely thighs. In between she had on the black crotchless panties she had caught me with last week.
Val walked right up to me and placing her hand behind my head pulled my face to hers giving me a strong, long passionate kiss.
When Val released me she asked if she had been my first. I told her she was the one to take my virginity and with that she grabbed me and kissed me again and again. Her hands were rubbing my head and back and I responded by rubbing her back as well. My hands were working their way to her lace covered arse. We stopped for a breath and Val told me to undress. I quickly removed my shorts and t-shirt.
"Lesson one" she breathed in my ear "where to kiss a women. "
Val turned her back to me and told me to kiss her neck and nibble her ears. I began doing as I was told while my arms wrapped around her waist holding her arse close to my cock so it sat erect in her crack.

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   Val was humming and moaning from my kisses and her hands grasped mine and brought them to her breasts.
"Lesson two, how a women feels. " she said softly as my hands massaged her breasts through the satin material of her bra.
She reached for the clip at the front of the bra and undoing it released her round but firm breasts. While I continued to kiss her neck I was also noticing how heavy and firm her breasts were. The nipples had gone from flat to stiff points of brown flesh topping these tanned mounds. Val turned and fed a nipple into my mouth and I latched on like a newborn sucking deeply and flicking the nipple with my tongue. Val was moaning louder and her hand briefly squeezed my cock before making its way to her pussy.
Putting one hand on my head she pushed me into a kneeling position in front of her crotch. Val put one leg up on the bed and pulled the panties aside giving me a close up look at her pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a thin strip leading straight to the goal.
"Lesson three, eating a women. " said Val her voice now deep and husky.
She thrust her pussy into my face grinding her lips against mine. I did what I'd seen in magazines and poked my tongue deep into her slit and licked the lenght from clit to arse hole.

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   This was really firing her up and she then told me to put a finger in her hole. My finger slipped all the way into this warm, wet hole. I began to pump my finger as well as kissing, licking and biting her pussy.
"Give me another" she moaned and I obliged by pushing a second finger alongside the first. I was really pumping her now and my hand was slick with her juice. My tongue was working overtime liicking and flicking her clit.
"Stick one in my arse" she said and with one finger in her pussy I slid my other well greased finger up her butt.
Val was nearly jumping off the floor and looking up I could see her squeezing her breasts and licking her own nipples. I took my finger from her pussy and like I'd done before slid it into her arse hole along side the other. Her hand on my head continued to push my face deep into her pussy while my fingers fucked her arse.
Breaking away Val collapsed on the bed and screamed at me to fuck her. I climbed on top and lining my cock up with her hole slid gently forward. Once again I felt the electric tingle as my cock entered her pussy. Being as slick as it was my seven inches slipped right on in. Val raised her arse off the bed to force me deeper and I responded by pulling almost all the way out before slamming home.

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Again and again and again I repeated this performance. My body was drenched in sweat and I had almost stopped breathing. The two of us were nearly bouncing off the bed as I continued to pound away the pent up feelings of a teenage boy. Val was now incoherent her ragged voice switched between moans and screams.
    I told her I could not hang on much longer and I was about to cum. Val told me not to shoot my load into her cunt. Being a dumb teenage boy I thought she didn't want to get pregnant so I slid my cock from her cunt and stood beside the bed. Val grabbed my cock tightly in one hand and from beside the bed she produced a wine glass. Val pumped my cock until I shot my load into the glass and continued to milk it of every last drop of cum.
    Val used her finger to stir the white goo with some powder already in the glass and then upending the glass swallowed the whole mixture in one gulp.
    "A wise old women told me that if I drink the cum of one who fucks me for their first time we will be lovers for ever. " she said as she moved across the bed giving me room to lay beside her.
    "So was your first lesson enough to bring you back. " she spoke as her finger traced a circle around my lips.
    Breathlessly I said I would like to continue and she rolled on top of me and gave me a deep tongue kiss.

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    We lay together for several minutes just kissing and feeling not speaking a word. Then the phone rang and Val rolled away to answer it. As she talked on the phone she picked up her bra and put it back on then took off the panties and got another pair from he draw. I just lay on the bed listening to her conversation and was stunned when she told whoever was on the line that she was still dressing because her lover had just given her a good fucking. Looking at me she laughed and said goodbye to the phone call and hung up.
    "You better get dressed and out in the yard before my friends arrive. " she said tossing me my shorts and walking towards her wardrobe.
    "I'll be going out with my SLUT friends. " Val giggled. "SLUTS stand for Summer Land Unique Tea Service and its a group of women from the estate who get together for morning or afternoon tea and maybe a movie. " Val turned her back to me and motioned for me to zip her up.
    I was in the yard when I heard her leave and once I'd finished I went inside to get a drink and to lock up. I'd never seen much of this house from the inside and it was larger than my house so I decided to have a look around. I wasn't going to take anything just a browse at how others on the estate lived. Having a wicked thought I went back to Val's bedroom and poked about in her dressing table.

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       Tucked away at the back I found a vibrator and apart from some other sexy underwear there was nothing of interest here.
    I wandered from room to room, they had a pool table in one room and a home theatre in another. The system was run from a computer which I thought was off but the screen popped up when I touched it. I began to scroll through the movies on file and it was a mixed collection. Then towards the end I came across a folder that had several unnamed files attched. I clicked one with the mouse and and a window asked if I wished to see this film. Tapping yes the lights dimmed and the movie was projected onto the wall at the front of the room. Staring at the screen I was seeing Val and Bev, another of my regulars, having sex on the pool table I'd passed on the way in.
    I reached for the mouse and clicked on the next file and this was of another client, Maggie, getting fucked by an unknown guy. In quick succession I went through each film and they were all of women I deal with having sex in a variety of position with different men and women. I shut everything down and left wondering what I was in for.     o


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