My Best Friend


Jentri had been my best friend since forever. we grew up together and always told each other everything. she was the hottest girl i had ever seen. with a medium height build, tanned body, perfect 32C boobs, and an ass that would give any man a boner instantly. and as for me I had wrestled my whole life so I was in great shape, living near the lake allowed me to have a tan to die for, and my blonde curly shaggy hair was what all the girls liked.
so it was the winter of our Junior year and the snow was crazy. I called Jentri up and asked if she wanted to ride the four wheeler with me. "yeah! totally" she said "great, be there in ten minutes" I replied. I had always loved having her ride with me; her boobs pressed against my back as she hugged me tight, best feeling ever. as I pulled down her street I saw her in her front yard sitting on the snow covered curb. she was crying. "what's wrong?" I asked, but she just jumped on the back and said "just drive please" and so i did. before I knew it there was a bulge, from the constant contact of her boobs and hand on my body, in my pants and her hands were so close to touching and because I didn't want her to think I was perverted I moved her hand but lost controland we ended up wrecking. we both flew off and I landed beside her, she was obviously still upset.
"are you okay?"
"yeah . .

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I felt bad for her, I knew it was her dad that did this.
"thanks for asking" she said
"I just worry about you"
"you're my best friend Jen. "
"and you're mine Dalton"
and with that I leaned in and kissed her. I don't know what came over me but I just had to. she didn't pull away so I figured she wanted it to. when I finally broke the kiss the look on her face discouraged me.
"I'm sorry Jen. I-"
and she kissed me again. it was the sweetest kiss. seemed to last forever, my tongue slipped into her mouth and fondled hers. I was in heaven. and the erection in my jeans proved it. she giggle when she pulled back and saw my bulge.
"did I do that?"
"yeah . .

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   sorry, I just can't help it. you're so beautiful"
she smiled "don't be sorry" and with that she kissed me again and we got back on the four wheeler and rode off. she teased me the whole ride home; rubbing my chest, moving her boobs around my back, letting her hands trail down to my groin, and kissing my neck. gosh this girl made me so horny!
. . .
it seemed like it took foreve to get to my house. . my parents had been gone and would be for another two weeks . . perfect timing!
as I pulled into the driveway she hopped off and sprinted for the door. it took me a while to get things put up and as I made it to the door I saw her jacket. a few steps away I spotted her shirt and jeans.
"what the heck?" I thought to myself then I saw that the patio door was open. on it was a sticky note that read "come and get me (;" I looked out the window and saw my gorgeous best friend, wearing only her bra and thong, in my hot tub.

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   I quickly stripped down to my boxers and practically sprinted to her. she giggled as she saw me getting in and before I knew it she was all over me.
she locked her arms around my neck and her legs around my waste. god this girl was a wet dream come true! she stuck her tongue deep in my mouth and I was loving it. I had my hands filled with her beautiful ass pulling her closer to me.
"ooo, someones a little excited" she laughed as she looked down at my erection straining against the thin fabric of my boxers.
"mhmm, you make me so horny babe"
"I've waited so long to hear you say that" and with that we kissed passionately and were lost in a sea of lust as we caressed and groped each other.
I asked if she wanted to take this somewhere more private. and between kisses she answered yes
we ran into my bedroom and I sat her down on the bed and laid down in-between her legs. kissing down her neck as she gasped from my hands on her boobs and stomach.
"let me help you with that" she said as she stopped her bra and thong off . . there I was, with the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, laying in front of me naked, and calling out my name.
I leaned down to her amazing boobs and licked and kissed around her hard nipples. she was so hot and so horny.

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   I made my way down, kissing and licking every inch of her stomach, to her glistening pussy. she was so fuckin wet! I started my assault on her clit as I moved my finger in and out of her pussy
"ooohhh myy GGODDDDD!! Dalton you're the fuckin best! YES YES YES! make me cum! ohh fuck yeah!" she screamed and moaned as she orgasmed hard! I had just made my best friend cum ! hell yeah (:
as she calmed down I moved my way back up to her mouth and kissed her passionately and when she finally broke the kiss she said
"I want you"
"I've wanted you since the first time I laid my eyes on you. " and with that she gave me a quick kiss before she moved down and kissed the head of my dick. she gently licked up and down before taking it into her mouth. god was she the best! she would swirl her tounge around the head before deepthroating me.
"oh fuck yeah Jen! you're gonna make me cum"
"mmmm" she moaned "come in your best friends mouth" and that's all it took. I blew load after load in her mouth.
"yumm!" she said as she swallowed every bit of it
"I love you Jentri. I always have"
"ohh" she said. and I sunk back against the headboard
"I'm sorry . . . "
"no! don't be, it just caught me off guard"
I was at a loss of words
she grabbed my hand and held it in hers and played with my fingers and then she pulled it to her chest
"I love you too . . "
"that makes me so happy to hear you say that" and she kissed my cheek then whispered in my ear
"I want you.

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   all of you"
all I could do was smile and as she laid back and I took my place between her legs. I kissed her as I slid my cock inside of her. she squealed at first but then moaned my name and asked for more.
"Harder! fuck me harder! gahh, you're so big!"
I started pumping into her harder and faster and her moans and screams only made me want to go faster. here I was fucking the hottest girl and she was begging me for more! I took her boobs into my hands and sucking and biting each nipple and then I started on her neck and it drove her crazy.
"I'm so close!" I said
"me too, I want you to cum in me! blow your load deep in me babe" that's all it took; I felt spurt after spurt of my hot cum go deep into my best friend. and soon after I felt her juices flowing out all over my cock and balls.
"oh my god. that was so hot!" she said
"hell yeah. "
we were both worn out and I pulled her to me against my chest and we both fell asleep
. . .
but when we wake up I think we'll both be in need for a shower!