Mr Baker and Me. part one


'Riley' it's time for school. Don't want to be late on your first day. ' These were the words I was dreading to hear, another year of school. As our school has a uniform We could not wear our normal clothes. But I did not mind as what I usually wear covers up nearly every part of me as I have do not like the way I look. So I put on some make up, grabbed by bag and I left to drove to school.

I walked into school and met up with my friends and talk about our summer. My first 3 classes were very boring, we had break which was much the same, then last 2 periods were the same. But my last period something made me pay attention and enjoy the lesson. Mr Baker.

I walked in to my last class of the day sitting beside my friend we began to talk about who our new history teacher would he as this was his first year at the school. 'Right class I'm Mr Baker. I'm new here so you'll ahve to be patient while I get sorted. ' I turned around and what I saw made my jaw drop. Late 30 year old tall, well built man. He had bright blue eyes and firey longish hair.

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   I couldn't take my eyes off him, what can I say he was hot.

He just sat there talking to us about our summers and how we were finding our course from the previous year, just as he asked me a question, the bell went for the end of school. Everyone had packed up and left, leaving me and my friend. I went to put my folder in my bag when EVERYTHING feel out I was so embarrassed. I told my friend to go on as she had to get a bus and didn't want her to miss it, we said goodbye and she left. 'Would you like a hand miss. . . ' I turned round and saw Mr Baker standing there. 'um. . Riley sir, Riley Spence. He bent down and started helping me pick up my things. We stood up and I finished packing up as he put on his very sexy coat. 'How are you getting home Miss Spence?' was what I heard behind me as I left.

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   'i drive myself home. ' I stammered. ' Well I'm headin that way aswell. ' as we walked not a word was said it was very awkward.

His car was park right beside mine. 'Well I guess this is where we go our seperate ways Miss Spence. ' ' Please call me Riley. I hate it when people call me by my last name' he smiled at him, I looked at my hands fidling with my keys. 'Good bye then Riley. See you tomorrow. ' I wouldn't even say good bye so I waved. I got in my car and drove off. All I could think anot the rest of the day was that moment when he smiled at me.

Months went past and we grew closer and closer. Christmas came and we exchanged gifts and went off for holidays.

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   All I could think about all over the holidays was Mr Baker his firey Ginger hair, his sexy ass and his bright blue eyes.

The first day we went back I did not had his class, but I saw him in the corridor and he smiled at me. But as he past me the corridor was packed so I accidently tounched his ass. The next day was very awkward in class. We were doing a test and everytime I looked at him he was staring at me. As I handed in my test his hand touched mine but I never looked at him.

I was at a school trip the next day so I didn't have his class again til Friday. As I was the only one who didn't get the test back I went to him after class and asked him for it. 'i don't have it here Riley, it's in my car. Come see me after school' the whole school day was quite boring after that and to top it all off I had an argument with my friend.

Last bell rang. I went to my locker the to Mr Baker to get my test. I knocked his door, 'Come in,' I opened the door walked in and sat in a chair opposite his desk.
'Well Riley, your test was some what dissapointing. You got 64%, when earlier this year you couldve got 80% or even 90%.

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   how come you got so low?' I sat there in silence looking at the floor. 'Is there any problems at home? Problems with friends? Boyfriends?' I shook my head and could feel myself becoming increasingly warm.

'Riley? , Riley are you ok?' I opened my eyes to see Mr Baker over me. ' What happened? Why am I on the floor?' I asked dazed and confused. ' You fainted Riley, here let me help you up'he helped me up onto a chair and he brought me a glass of water. ' So, why do you think you fainted?' 'I dunno I was just sitting there gettin emmbaressed then. . . ' realizing what I said I stopped and looked up at him. 'Why were you embarresed?' I couldn't think of a lie so I just told him the truth. 'You asked me was I distracted with boyfriends and I was but I felt really embarresed. ' 'Why? I don't mind if it is i just want what's best for you amd your grades. '

He said to me that he thought we should leave it for the weekend amd we walked out to the car park together. It was 6. 30 I didn't realize how late it was school got out at for I mustve been unconsious for q while.

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   We were about to leave when he said to me,'Riley. . Do you remember on our first day back we saw eache other in the corridor?' Oh my god this is it he felt me touch his ass. ' Well, you kind of touched my butt. And your always looking distracted in my class. Is that boy trouble your talking about me?' This was it I couldn't deny it I just stood there and said nothing.

He moved in close to me and whispered,'i am, aren't I ' I nodded. He brought his hand to my chin and lifted my head up and looked in my eyes. His eyes were so blue and deep, they were the best eyes I have ever seen. He lent in and held his face close to mine for a couple of seconds then kissed me. I stood there in shock but I soon started to kiss him back.

After he kissed me I said to him, 'My parents are on holiday til Wednesday. Do you want to come over tonight?'. 'Are you sure?'. I knodded.

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   'i'd love that. But can we go to my house while I get some clothes?'. I knodded again all this was so great and surprising I couldn't find any words to reply to him. We kissed for a few seconds then got in our cars. I follwed him out of school and down the road, and I couldn't believe this was happening. . . . . .

To Be Continued……