Me, Jessica and Kate Pt 2


Another year had come and gone and throughout it I had tried my best to drop very subtle hints to Jessica and Kate about their personal adventure to raise awareness that I knew what they did that night. But even so I could be sure that they weren’t both lesbians because I knew at least Jessica was into guys a bit as well. I had noticed that both Jessica and Kate had started to grow two very nice pairs of breasts which encouraged their clothing to move along with it.
It came around to New Years again and I was getting excited because I wanted to involve myself in their fun if I could. I’d been really nice to Jessica all year and she seemed to notice a bit and she was now 18 and I was 18 so it didn’t seem too awkward. I decided to go for a quick swim before anyone else got there and after about 18 minutes Jessica came in as well. I’d been peacefully lying on a board and hadn’t noticed her arrive as my eyes were shut. I had drifted to the edge of the pool and I was woken by a kiss from Jessica.
I was startled and fell off into the refreshing water. After surfacing she was lying on the edge of the pool laughing and apologising for surprising me.

I said there was no need to worry and asked why she chose then to kiss me. “I’ve wanted to for so long and it seemed like a good moment – you seemed so peaceful” she replied. “You should have said so earlier” I ventured “I’ve felt the same as well. ” She then slid into the pool and we kissed for what seemed like forever, but never going further.
After that we chose to stop ourselves as guests had begun to arrive and Matt had decided to come for a swim as well. Fortunately that wasn’t the end of our fun.

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   A few hours later I saw Jessica whispering to Kate and it seemed like she was retelling what happened. Kate seemed a bit shocked, obviously with last year still in mind. After Kate left to go and get changed into her swimmers, I approached Jessica.
“What were you telling Kate?” I asked innocently
“Oh nothing you should worry about” she said with a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her face. She looked so cute I almost kissed her again in front of all of those people but I refrained.
Later on in the pool after many others had arrived it seemed as if both Jessica and Kate were fighting for my attention without making it obvious. I couldn’t have been happier and at one point where only Jessica and Kate could hear me I told them that they should learn to share. They both looked at each other excitedly then back at me. I smiled to them and then left to go and have a shower.
I’d just turned the water on when I heard the door open then shut again. I knew who it was so I waited until both Jessica and Kate stepped into the rather spacious shower, and both completely naked. They hugged the sides of my body and began kissing my neck and arms and chest, both working their way down to my now fully erect penis. Jessica began to tease the head with the tip of her tongue and Kate took my balls in her mouth and began sucking them.
I held on to the shower rail as they blew me off and at the same time kissing my cock and each other at the same time. This continued for a while then Kate started taking in all 6½ inches while Jessica began stroking my anus.

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   I wouldn’t have thought it would be sensitive but as she began to slide her finger in and out slowly with Kate sucking furiously in front, I was nearing orgasm.
“Oh Tim, just fuck me now. . . . . . take me all the way” Kate exclaimed.
I looked at Jessica and she seemed happy so I spun Kate around so she was facing away from me, towards Jessica, and started fucking her virgin cunt from behind. Jessica stood in front of Kate’s face and got her to eat her out while Jessica had her back to one side of the shower and mine to the other. I came shortly after, along with a few cries from Kate as a bit of blood began to drip down her leg. Jessica came not long after and we all hugged and kissed for a few minutes before getting out and drying off. And with that both me and Kate lost our virginity but Jessica wouldn’t have to wait long.
That new year saw Mat and I drift apart but Jessica and Kate both kept in contact and we saw movies and went to the beach with many other sexual adventures entwined.
Well these 2 parts are all I’ve written and they are my first entry so comments are very welcome.

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   Plz write to me with feedback or if you would like a sequal:.