Me and Sams first fuck


I was a 9th grader when this happened. Sam was a student teacher helper in my math class. He was a 18 tan brown hair and had abs sinced he played water polo and soccer. I had a crush on since the very first time i saw him in math. My desk was right next to his desk were he helped the teacher grade the papers. one day oneof his freinds came up to me and said that he liked me and i was so happy. That night i went home and had to find something that was sexy to turn him on a little bit and get his heart going. I decided on a black tank top that was low cut and was thin so he could see my tits very well. And a short skirt with a black and pink lacey thong, When i walked into class he was already sitting down. Wheni sat down i spreaded my legs so he got a clear view of my thong but made it so no one else could. When i saw him looking at my pussy i sat a little down in my seat and put my backpack on my lap.

Out of the corner of my eye i could see him staring at me pussy so i slid my hand down and rubbed my pussy gently. I could see his eyes get bigger when i did this. I was getting so wet just thinking of him ramming his cock in and out of my tight pussy. I was super horny at this point and all i wanted to do was go up to him get on my knees and take his dick in my mouth. I had to walk up to the little desk he was sitting at and ask for a pencil for the test we were about to take.

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   When i asked i bent down infront of him so my boobs were in plain sight. He gave it to me with a lttle simle. As the bell rang i handed in my test and was walking out the door when i heard sam call my name. I turned around and he pulled me into the hallway. He told me that he could see my touching my pussy and wanted to know if i needed any help with it. Of course i almost screamed yes!! He lead me out to his truck in the parking lot and when we got there he pushed me up against it and shoved his tounge down my thoart. As we were making out i put my hand down his pants and he pulled away and said if i was a good little slut i would get in the back of his truck. He got in first then i did and shut the door. Right when it shut he pushed me against the door and pulled my panties and skirt off. Before i knew it he was sticking 2 fingers in me and licking my clit at the same time. I didnt take long before i was moaning and screaming. Then right as he stuck 3 fingers in me i feel my orgasm come and all i remeber is yelling fuckk babyy yess im coming. It was the best feeling in the world. After i finshed i pushed him back and pulled down his pants and boxers. I remember his dick spring out.

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   it was so big and it was so hard. I took it in my mouth and sucked the head while rubing my hand at the base. I tried taking it all in but i chocked. As i went on though i almost got it all in. It only took him minutes before he was saying things like ya suck my cock you little whore and ohh baby your going to make me cum. Before i knew it i felt his balls tensed up and he shot his hot load into my mouth.
    I thought i would taste nasty but it tasted so good. After i sawllowd i licked the head for the leftovers.

    I looked up and he had a smile on his face. I thought we were done until he pulled me until i was flat on my back and told me he was going to fuck me hard. Before i could say anything he rammed he rammed his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy. I had wanted his for so long and it was finally happening. He would go all the way in then all the way out. I wanted him to go faster and when i asked him he said ya little slut you want it faster?? he rammed his cock in so hard i screamed out and soon enough he was pupming his hard cock in and out of my pussy so hard and fast. Deeper deeper i would say and he would just push more in.

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       After about 6 minutes i stared saying yes sam oh fuck me sam HARDER YES SAM FUCK ME FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY. I guess this turned him on beacuse he went deeper and deeper. Soon enough i was ready to cumm and i told him. Right as i was about to cumm he grabbed my tit and squzzed them sending me into such a deep orgasm i couldnt even explain. All i remmber is i was screaming so loud and i lookd up and he was sucking my tit. Right when he stop sucking i hear him go YES BABY OHH FUCK IM CUMMING YES FUCK IM CUMMING. And he pounded me hard until he stopped cumming. After he was done we just lied in his truck for a while and waited for the bell to ring. We got dressed and went to class. we fucked alot after that and still doing now that im a sophmore and he is a senior