Me and Nicole


Well me and my buddies like to throw little parties with  3-4 guys and 2-3 girls. It usally was the same people. Me, Jd, Steven, Elliot, and Mondo. And the girls would be Sydney, Ariana, and Nicole.
    Well Nicole was the girl that I found the hottest and we had alot of fun without having to even drink. Nicole was 5'8 with 32DD Tits. (Thats wat she told me cause i still have problems with the measurments). She has a nice plump ass not to big but just right. She had short black hair, cute innocent face and lips to die for.
     Well it was getting late and the girls would stay the night uselly in Jds room or Mondos room. Well I went in Mondos room and laid down in his bed since he was crashed on the floor. Well it was like 1-2 in the morning when i feel someone getting in with me. I look over my shoulder and its Nicole. So i scoot over to make some room and she hops next to me.
"Nicole, Its a bit late to be waking me up" I said.

" Well sorry but Ari just kicked me off the couch.

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Well after awhile she started to get up close to me and I let her hand over me and we layed there for a bit. Well I fell asleep again but woke up a little bit later to feel here rubbing my crotch and I turned to her and kissed her.
"Lonny, Im sorry Its just. . . I thought you were asleep and Jd said you were big" She said.
"Im not that big im only 6 inches fully" I said.
"Well Ive never seen one. And I hate all the other girls telling me about there boyfriends cocks and I wanted to feel one. "
At this point I was hard so i pulled down the covers and pulled down my pajama pants. Now there was a huge tent in the middle of my boxers, she took her hand and unbuttoned the front of my boxers, and took out my erect cock. She started to stroke the shaft and use her thumb to play under the head. I lifted my head back and rolled my eyes and sighed.
"Let me play with you" I said. She shifted on her side and slid her short shorts down a little.

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   I moved her thong to the side and rubbed her pussy lips and then slipped a finger in. She shuddered, not expecting this. I pushed my finger in and out of her pussy and she rocked her hips.
       The pressure in my balls was growing. I could hear her breathing heavy to my finger. She had her eyes closed and started to hold my cock alittle hard.  
"Nicole, Do you want to do a 69?". She looked at me but said nothing and got up. She put her ass in my face and sat on my face her pussy on my mouth. I used my fingers to open her pussy lips and I felt her mouth on my cock. She was pumping my shaft and using her tounge on he head. I was drilling her pussy and licking her G-Spot. She was moaning and getting really wet. My chin was drench and I was about to explode.
"Ooooo Lonny Imm CUMMING" she yelled a bit too loud.

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   She bucked her hips and cummed all in my mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down untill i sighed and blew my load in her mouth. She started swallowing, as she got up i could see some on her chin.
     She layed next to me for a while. I was fondaling her tits, and she was rubbing my cock. We sat and talked for a while.
"Lonny. . . Do you want to stick that in me? I mean im a virgin and I heard you had sex already and I would rather you do it than some idiot. " She said.
"Alright, But tell me if it hurts. I really don't want to hurt you. ".
     Well she got up and put the covers over us.

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   She mounted her pussy over me, and i held my cock with one hand up to her virgin pussy over my dick. She slipped it into me and I got about 3 inches in before i felt her resistants. She held my hand and pushed down hard. She put all 6 inches in her and I felt her dig her nails into my skin. I heard her whimper.
      "Lonny. . . . That hurt but lets sit here for a few to let me get use to the size". She whispered. I layed there for a while. She then started pumping my dick in and out of her pussy. She sat all the way on my dick and layed forward. I grabbed her ass and helped her pump my dick.

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   I started doing this faster. Then the bedroom door opened. . . . .
To be Continued. . . . . .
If i get enough good reviews ill make part 2.