Me and my Girl Friend, Renee.


This story is primarily 1st person, and is not based on a true story.

Me and my girl friend, Renee, have been dating now for about 2 months. I had been dying to do something with her for the past 2 months, and I was 100% sure she had been too.
We haven't done anything other than kiss, but every time I hang out with her, I give her more and more hints towards it. And we were right on the verge of doing something about 3 times now, and I'm sick of waiting.

It was about 1PM before I woke up that day, trying to get my full extent of rest for the day I had been looking forward to, for a long time. Renee was staying over at my house tonight, And I set up the scenario perfectly to make sure no one was home. I finally woke up and decided to call her. "Hey baby" I said in a tiresome voice. "Hey, I've been trying to call you for hours now, where have you been?". "Sorry, I slept in. did you get the permission from your parents to come over tonight?" I mumbled. "Yeah, but I told them I'm going to Rachel's house, So can you come pick me up from there? It was the only way they would let me go anywhere. ". "Sure baby. .

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   when are you going to be dropped off over there?". "Around 3, Is that okay with you?". "Yeah, I'll be there".

This gave me just enough time to get the whole house ready, and put away anything I didn't want her to lay her eyes on. It was about 2:30 before I heard my parents yell "Okay honey, We're leaving! Call us if you need anything!" my mom yelled from downstairs. "Okay bye!". I could hardly wait to go pick her up.

I arrived at around 3:10 and she was there standing. I got out and helped her into the car, and we drove back to my house. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans that perfectly outlined her ass. And a nice tank top that was way to small for her.

"Did you have to dress so slutty?" I said Giggling. "Shut up" She said laughing back. I lead her upstairs and we went into my room. This is the first time she'd ever been to my house and I was extremely nervous, for she didn't know what I had in mind.

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   "Nice room, a nice big bed" She winked. "Yeah" I said back as I jumped on the bed.
Sure enough seconds later she jumped on top of me. As we wrestled for a little bit, I turned her over on her side, with me on my side also, and i started feeling up her thighs, As I whispered into her ears. "Hey, remember how we've been trying to do something for a while now together?". "Yes" she whispered back, as I got closer to her vagina. "I think this might be the time" I whispered in her ear gently.

I started kissing her all around her neck and a few times on the lips. Until she said something, "Do you think we should do this. . ? I mean do you have a condom. . ? And are we ready?". "I've been ready since I first met you, and I have everything I need to make sure I don't do anything to harm you, Okay?" I whispered into her ear. "Alright.

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  . . "

I slowly took off her top, and left her bra on, that was perfectly squeezing her nice boobs. I continued down to her jeans and took them off. Leaving her in just her bra and thong. My god was she beautiful, one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. . She continued with me, tugging my shirt off, as we played with her other for a few moments. I continued by taking off her bra, leaving her nice perky boobs sitting right in my face, I kissed both of them, seeing her nipples slowly turn from soft to hard. She started unbuttoning my jeans, and taking them off. . I continued to kiss her whole body from her inner thighs to her boobs, over and over. I reached near her pussy and slowly started taking her thong off, and gasped as I started to rub around her pussy.

She then started to take my boxers off, revealing my dick that was so ready to be inside of her. She mumbled "put it in me".

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   I replied, "You don't want to be eaten out first. . ?" And she smiled back and allowed me to go in, as I went all around her tight fresh vagina, up and down her clit slowly. Making sure she didn't orgasm yet, I flipped her around and had her start to suck my dick. as we both went at each other in a 69 formation for the next 5 minutes, I got her right toward her orgasm, almost at climax, then I stopped. Leaving her gasping for air as she panted over and over.
    I then turned her around and put on my condom, and slowly started rubbing the outer edge of her pussy with mydick. I slowly went in as she gasped over and over for more air, and told me to slow down. I was only about 1 or 2 inches in before I felt the cherry right in front of my dick, "You ready? I'm going to pop your cherry. ". "Yeah I'm ready" She said whimpering, I slid my dick in further and got it over with, she was almost crying, as I rolled her over and took my dick out and started talking to her making her feel better.

    "You ready to go back to it? I promise you won't get hurt at all from now on, only pleasure. " She nodded her head slowly. I went right back to it, sliding my dick in and out, in and out, until I felt her orgasm start to rip through her whole body, she started trembling, as she came all over the place, her pussy gripped my dick in a lock that is almost un-breakable. and she went back to her normal state.

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       I kept on going until she went through about 2 more orgasm's, Then I went for mine, I pumped ferociously in and out of her, making my balls swell up as I could feel it coming, She was yelling, Gasping for air, as her moans and groans turned me on more and more making me want to cum more and more, I released my self. Remembering I had a condom on I guess it was okay, Until I noticed her body was warm, and she was going through another orgasm, telling me how good that just felt, I pulled my dick out to see that the condom had broke, and I just came inside of her. Probably getting her pregnant. Seeing that I did this. I figured to myself, that since she's already probably pregnant, why not just keep going. there's nothing to loose now. . As I kept pumping in and out of her body making her go through orgasm after orgasm, she told me to stop in a yelling voice. I slowed down and stopped. I turned her over and she was smiling, so happy she could loose her virginity to me. And then she said it, "Finish me off. Cum in my mouth. " I stood up and had her suck my dick for a minute, then right before climax, I pulled my dick out of her mouth and came all over her face, leaving nothing but white on her mouth, lips, and cheeks. She giggled as she swallowed every last drop of it. Me and her just lay there on my bed, kissing, then fell asleep with each other.

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