Me and My Boyfriend


Hello everyone my name is Amanda(not real name mind you) and ill start with a little intro about myself. Im 5 foot 6 inch. I have dirty blonde hair. I have 34 perky C-cup breasts. As for my ass well i like to think that is my best feature. It is big and round and i love showing it off. Im a little bit of a tease.
 So its the friday before vacation and i really want to get it off on the right foot. So after waking up, i shower, shave my pussy, and go to my room to change. I decide to be really sexy today. I pull out my favorite Victorias secret G-string and a matching black push-up bra to go along with it. Then i put on a tanktop about 2 sizes to small and my tightest pair of jeans that i can find.
So after going to school and through my classes it is lunch time. I decide to tease my boyfriend a little bit. I tell him to leave his lunch and follow me. I lead him to a deserted part of the school and find a bathroom with no one in it.

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   I push him into a stall and give him my sexiest lust filled look. I think get on my knees and slowly crawl to him. My boobs are basically falling out of my top and my nipples are erect with desire. I unzip his pants slowly and his cock pops out, he is not wearing any underwear. I smile and start licking the head, teasing him a bit. He moans softly and begs for me to suck his cock. I think quickly take all of his 9 inches into my mouth. He gasps with pleasure. I can feel my pussy starting to drip. God i love sucking cock. After a few minutes of this i can tell that he wants to come. So to make him enjoy it more i suddenly stop and leave him with blue balls. I am absolutely soaked and my g-string is completely wet.
So by the end of day i am going completely mad with lust. I just want a dick rammed into any of my holes i do not care which.

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   So i meet him after school and he drives me to his place. He then rips off my shirt. He starts biting and sucking my nipples. I let out a loud moan. He unzips my pants and i step out of them. I then say
"arent you going to fuck me now"
"yeah baby just get hear and finish sucking my cock"
I take of his shirt and pants. i grab him by his cock and lead him to a bedroom. I then dive straight into giving him head and after about 5 minutes of my deepthroating he cums. He lets out a guttural moan and i swallow every last drop. "Now its your turn baby"
He takes off my G-string. He is still hard. He doesnt even eat me out or any warm up. He just flips me on my stomach and plunges all 9 inches into me without warning. I gasp out in pain and pleasure. He just continues wiht this for i do not know how long.

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   i can feel my orgasm building up in my stomach. My pussy is on fire i can not take much more. I finially climax. My pussy shoots out cum at an alarming rate. I drench the sheets with my cum. I scream out in complete ectasy. My boyfriend is not finished however. He then pulls out. I whine in protest. Then without even asking me he plunges his cock into my virgin asshole.
The pain is unbeliavable. I did not think something can hurt as much as this. I scream out in pain and beg him to take it out. He takes no head to me plees and continues moving his thick cock in and out of my ass. I can hardly comprehend anything.

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   All i can think is about the huge cock moving in and out. He continue for mabee half an hour of this. Then i notice something strange. I doesnt hurt as much. I start to feel my orgasm coming back. This wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. HE is just pounding and pounding my ass. Then he spanks it hard. I cry out in pain and pleasure. The waves of pain transfer into my pussy into my building orgasm. He continesu to spank me and fuck me with no end in sight. I can feel my orgasm building it is about to come. I tell him to pull out i want to taste my ass.
He pulls out and i stick his cock right into my mouth. He starts moaning and groaning in pleasure.

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   The taste wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. He cums and cums into my mouth. I nearly gag with all of it. After he finishes i tell him to please eat me out. He then sticks 3 fingers into my pussy. Then with his tongue he starts likcing my clit. I can not stand much more of this. I finially climax and my eyes roll into the back of my head with pleasure. I shoot my cum all over his face and back. I cum the hardest i have my entire life. After i finially come down from the high i notice my sister watching us with her hands down her pants.