Me and Kaylee- Part Two


Well, I am now pretty much in pure bliss because the goddess that was always apart of my masturbation sessions was now my girlfriend. She had talked to Josh earlier this week and let him know that she wanted to break up with him. I mean. . you know. . if that hot of a girl wanted to break up with you, you wouldn't let her go without a fight. But man. . Josh was peristant in the wrong way. She called me on my cell today and what she told me just really set me off. .
"Jupitar. . [sobbs going through her line]," she said
". .

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  yes Kaylee?" I replied
"J. . J. . Josh j. . ju. . just. . " she said, unable to fully say her sentence
"Kaylee. . what did Josh do to you?!?!" I asked, calmly but with a little bit of anger in my voice
"He. . just raped me.

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  . " she said
Shock. My best friend just greedily raped my girlfriend. First thought in my mind was. . kill him. But that would ultimately get me put out away from my girlfriend. Silence was filled throughout the phone. . at least thats what I heard. . I later found out she was screaming and crying in the phone. I blacked out. I woke up to me standing over Josh, blood all over his face and me with bloody fists. Oh shit.

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"Pl. . plea. . please don't hurt me anymore, Jupitar," he said, with a plentiful amount of fear in his voice.
. . what had I done. . ?
I walked away. No car. Must have ran to his house. I reached around my waist to get my cell phone from my clip. Not there either. Damn.

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I ran back to my house and called Kaylee from my home phone. I explained to her what happened and she explained to me what happened when I blacked out. I was terrified. Fear overcame me quickly like a dark mass from Hell. She explained to me that she would be comin' over to spend some time with me. About an hour later, Kaylee showed up, coming through my door. I looked her over and saw a tear stained face with small traces of blood and bruises and cuts all over. I put my arm around her and brought her in. I told her to sit down and that I'd bring us some beers and put on some music.   I brought us some Coronas and put on a Crossfade song. I popped open our beers and put my arm around her. She snuggled up to my chest, taking me as comfort and just began sobbing in my chest. It was breaking my heart. She reached up to kiss my lips and it was by far the best kiss I have ever had. I kissed her deeply, my tongue wrapping around hers and I whispered in her ear, " I love you so much.

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  . "
"Kaylee, stay at my house tonight," I told her
She nodded in agreement.
"I'm gonna go take a shower if you don't mind," she told me
"Yea, sure babe. I'll get ya a towel and a t-shirt to put on of mine. I'll run by your house and get some clothes for ya," I replied
She thanked me graciously and was off to the bathroom. I got in my Corvette and drove to her house. As I walked closer to the house, I saw through the windows. . 4 guys. I walked slowly back to my 'Vette and took out a . 45 that I kept in there at all times. I took about 5 extra magazine clips with me just in case I would have to do some heavy duty shooting. I went through the back door, to pick them off while they were off guard. I slowly approached the living room and then I had another black out. I woke up to being on the ground.

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   I looked around, all four guys, one of them being Josh, on the ground with lots of gunshot wounds. I had one in my leg. I reached down and pulled out the bullet. Didn't really hurt that bad. I cleaned the wound and put some bandages around it to keep from bleeding to death. I got on Kaylee's home phone and called 911. They got down to Kaylee's house about 20 minutes later and I explained what happened. They took me to the hospital and got my wound fixed up and [the police] questioned me. I told them that I had a blackout like I did earlier that day. I made a phone call to the freaked out Kaylee and explained to her that I had to take care of a few other things, not wanting her to know about Josh and those guys. The police weren't too happy with the fact that they had 2 fatally injured and 2 dead men on their hands. They looked under the titles of the newly bought house and came to find that Kaylee had put the house under MY name. Wow. So I had every right to shoot them. They let me go and I dropped by a store and got a fine bottle of red wine.

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   Before I forgot, I went by Kaylee's house and got some clothes of hers and took a quick shower to clean myself up.
    I went back home and found her there with mascara running down her face. She was still sitting there, in one of my long button down shirts and some of my boxer briefs. She came running to me, embracing me. I kissed her deeply again, carrying her to my bedroom and laying her down on my bed. I pulled off my black ribbed tank top, revealing my very toned chest. I took off my jeans and boxer briefs as well, revealing my very large cock. She took it between those little lips of hers and began sucking on it. I groaned and moaned at how good she sucked my cock. I began bucking my hips, fucking her sweet mouth with my cock. She deep throated me, taking in about 8 inches of my 18 inch cock. She hummed while deep throating me and I blew my load all in her mouth. She swallowed it all. God she was my good little slut. She serviced me for the remainder of the night, sucking on my balls, riding my cock and making me food and bringing me drinks.

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       I woke up to her being in my arms, her breasts against my chest.
    This is a requested sequel. More constructive criticism is wanted and an upcoming sequel is going to be posted. The first and previous story had a picture of me up there, but on this sequel, I will post a picture of Kaylee. Thanks, Jupitar Yager



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