Matt and Suze... and Kerry: Part 3


“Hey, we never went swimming!” said Kerry.   “Let’s go now!”
“I’m in,” said Suze.   “Matt got me all hot and sweaty.   A nice cool swim sounds great.   Matt?”
“Count me in, too,” I said.  
We all got up and wrapped towels around us, then walked towards the ocean.   Suze and I held hands.   We detoured around our friends, staying in the shadows.   Someone was playing a guitar, and I could smell the sweet scent of marijuana mingled with the smoke from the campfire.   Kerry ran ahead of us towards the water.
“You’re a good sport, Matt,” said Suze.   “Thanks for being nice to Kerry and letting her… play.   She’s been driving me crazy with questions about boys and sex, and I finally decided that if I had the chance I’d help her get some hands-on instruction, as it were.   I really didn’t mean for it to be tonight.   I wanted tonight to be romantic, and even if you and I wound up not making love, I was hoping that you’d want to be with me.   And I don’t mean just for tonight.

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  ”  She looked at me shyly, and it dawned on me that she was afraid that I might say no.   I stopped and put my arms around her.
“Suze…  I swear to God, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.   I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you.   I can’t believe you want to be with me.   I still don’t understand why. ”
She sighed and held me tight.   “Oh Matt, I don’t know where to begin.   You’re smart, you’re sweet, you’re a good friend to everyone, and you don’t have a raging ego like all the other jocks I know.   You’re cute and you have a totally hot body, but you act like you don’t know it.   And I’ve known you’ve had a crush on me.   I could feel you watching me during rehearsals.   It made me feel so sexy.   But you were so… proper that I figured I had to make the first move. ”  She looked down.

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    “I sort of threw myself at you tonight.   But it’s because I feel like I’ve known you and been close to you for so long.   I’ve only had sex… made love with one other guy.   I hope you don’t think I’m a slut. ”
I held her face in my hands and kissed her, then looked into her eyes.   “God, no, of course not.   Suze, listen to me.   I’m so happy that you want to be with me.   I want to be with you, too, for as long as you’ll have me.   You’re the best person I know. ” 
A little tear ran down her cheek, and her arms tightened around me and her lips sought mine.   As I kissed her again, I worked my hands up under her towel and onto the firm cheeks of her ass.   “But,” I said, “If you want to be a little slutty now and then, I’ll definitely support that. ”
Suze laughed and snaked her hand under my towel.   “I think that can be arranged, my dear…  Jesus, you’re hard again!  Do you take vitamin supplements or something?”  She started stroking me and leaned in for another kiss.

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    I pushed her down into the sand and opened her towel.   I heard splashing sounds from the direction of the surf.
“Shit!” said Kerry.   “Cold!!!”
I kissed Suze with a passion I didn’t know I had.   She ran her hands through my hair and returned my kiss with frenzy, her tongue battling with mine.   I cupped a breast in each hand and played with her nipples.   Her breath came in little pants and gasps.
“Right now, Matt” she said.   “In me… please… right now!”
I moved onto her and pushed with my hips and, in that perfect way that I’ve since learned almost never happens, we joined.   I started moving inside her.
“Where are you guys?” said Kerry
“Oh yeah!” said Suze.   “Ungh, oh Matt, oh baby, ahh, don’t stop, yeah, oh yeah!”  She was wet and so very tight, but I’d already climaxed three times that night and it felt as if I could last forever.   I rammed myself into her hard and fast, wanting to please her, wanting to fill every bit of her.   Her orgasm started almost immediately.
“Ahhhh… Matt, you’re making me come!  I’m getting it, baby… Ahhh… OH… AHHH!! Yes!! YES!!  Oh, Matt, AAHHHHH GOD!!!”  I kept slamming into her as her body went wild beneath me.

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    Her head whipped from side to side and she yelled out her release.
“What’s going on?” Kerry yelled from somewhere in the darkness.   “Where are you guys?  Susan, are you okay?”
Inspired, I briefly pulled out of Suze and flipped her over as she continued to shudder from her climax.   I moved my erection against her outer lips until I found the sweet spot and pushed, held her by the shoulders, and began slamming into her once more.   She pushed up onto her hands and knees.   I reached around her and grabbed her breasts and pulled her into me as I pistoned into her.   I delighted in the new sensation of screwing a girl from behind, pounding myself into the taut cushion of her firm teenaged ass.
Suze was making a loud, unintelligible mix of nonsense sounds, moving from one orgasm to the next.   Intermixed into this was a steady, “Ungh… ungh… ungh” from both of us, uttered in time with the rhythmic slap-slap-slap of our bodies ramming together.   I moved one hand down onto her mound and started playing with her clitoris, and she began to scream.
Suddenly Kerry was next to me.   “What’s wrong?  Susan, are you all right?  Say something!”
“AHHH!” said Suze.   “Oh God oh God OH GOD!!  Kerry… Uhhng… Mmmm…  You wanted… OHH!  To know the difference… OHHH!!  Oh, Matt…  Between making love and fucking… THIS IS FUCKING!!  OH, SHIT, I’M COMING AGAIN!!!  AAAHHHHH, YEAH!!”
“Wow,” said Kerry.
Finally I sensed my own orgasm beginning, not in my impossibly hard erection, or my balls, but seemingly in my very soul.   It spread over my entire body, down my legs and into my toes, and deep into my chest.

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    And, as I came into my beautiful, wonderful new lover, my lips began to tingle and my vision clouded, and I may have lost consciousness for a moment.
When I regained my senses, I was slumped over Suze, my penis buried deep within her, my arms still around her.   We were both gasping in deep, ragged, breaths.   I gave her a hard, desperate squeeze, and kissed the back of her neck.
“I love you, Suze,” I whispered.
She twisted around until her mouth could find mine and she kissed me, gently.   Tears were streaming down her face.   “Oh, Matt, I love you too,” she said.
Suddenly, there was the sound of loud applause and scattered hooting.   I looked to my right and saw all of our friends from the play sitting on the dunes and looking down at us.   Shit!  I covered Suze’s nude body as best I could.  
“Come on guys,” I yelled, “Jesus, how about some privacy?” 
Connie Tyler, a senior, walked down to us and ruffled my hair.   “Hey, Matt, we had to check out who was doing all that grunting and screaming.   If you want privacy, you guys are gonna have to find a soundproofed room!”
Suze was crying.   “Oh my God, my reputation is shot.

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    We’re going to be the talk of the school, Matt!”
Connie laughed.   She bent down and smoothed out Suze’s hair.   “Hey babe, look around,” she said.   Only then did I realize that Connie was naked, too.   Suze and I took another look at the group.
Some of them were still in their underwear, but most were nude.   There was a lot of kissing and fondling going on.   My friend Ty Parker and his girlfriend Marie were obviously and noisily making love, as were a few other couples scattered across the beach.
“What happens here stays here,” Connie said.   “We’ve been wondering when you two would get together.   Nice night for it. ”  She patted me on the ass and walked back to her boyfriend.
I hugged Suze.   “Well, babe… what do you say we take that swim now?”  I carefully pulled out of her, got up onto shaky legs, and helped her stand.   We stood there for a moment, taking in all the kissing, moaning, sucking, and fucking that was going on.

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“I can’t wait until I’m in high school,” said.