Matt and Susan part 3


     Susan's eyes fluttered, and she opened her eyes to look at the bedside clock. It was 9:30, and Matt was still asleep. Before reaching to shake him awake, she had an idea. His cock was semi-erect, and she reached out and lightly touched it. It jerked when she ran her fingers lightly up and down his big cock, it immediately throbbed to life, and she could feel her pussy juicing up rapidly. His cock was gorgeous, with a smooth shaft laced with veins, and a huge knob that looked like velvet. She leaned over him and kissed the cock head. It jerked again, as if reaching for her mouth. Susan started planting light kisses all over his shaft. Her pussy was aching, as she slid her mouth down over his big knob, sucking gently. She began to pump him gently as her mouth rose and fell on his cock. He groaned, and his cock released some pre-cum into her mouth. It tasted sweet, and she sucked harder, hoping for more.
     "Oh, yeah", he moaned, still in the land between sleep and waking, and put one of his hands on her head. He began a slow gentle thrusting. She formed a tight, sliding ring with her lips and used her tongue to tickle his cock as it slid slowly in and out of her sucking mouth.

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   Susan had one hand at her burning pussy, furiously stroking her clit. His cock was thumping steadily, about to explode. She took his balls in her hand, and gently squeezed them. Then, he suddenly grunted as the first stream of cum hit the roof of her mouth. The second and third coated her tongue. Susan was so busy swallowing, moaning around his cock, that she hardly realized he was stroking her head, murmuring softly to her.

     "Damn that was the best", Matt whispered. "Lie back baby, it's time for you to get the licking you deserve. "

     Susan sighed happily as she lay back, and spread her legs apart. She could see Matt gazing appreciatively at her crimson love flesh. He growled with approval as he saw her smooth shaven pussy, as bald and smooth as a billiard ball. His head moved forward, kissing all the smooth skin that was now free of pubic hair. Susan moaned from the exciting sizzles, and his tongue slid out, and glided up and down her pussy lips. She groaned, as her tender flesh felt the exciting touch of his tongue. His tongue slid inside, licking up her honey, and his fingers spread apart her tender folds.

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   His mouth went to work, and Susan gasped as his skilful tongue pushed and probed, licking her all over, nibbling gently, tasting her, making love to her with his mouth. His tongue slid back and forth over the hood of her clitoris. He drew her love bud gently from beneath it's covering, and Susan panted with desire, as he went to work on her. She felt completely naked and open to him, and her orgasm started to gather speed. Matt shoved two fingers deep inside her, and used his whole mouth on her slick, smooth pussy. Susan felt like she was being eaten alive as she exploded, cumming hard. Susan screamed and thrashed wildly as her whole body convulsed in ecstasy, and she exploded into his mouth, feeling her juices gush. When the last shuddering had died down he then rose up. Susan could see his cock, as hard as steel and fully erect.
     "Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!", she gasped, desperate to have that big shaft fuck her to the core.
     Matt rubbed his cock over her naked and soaking mound, teasing her, driving her totally crazy with lust. He suddenly shoved his cock inside, and Susan squealed with pleasure as his cock stretched the walls of her cunt apart. Matt shuddered as he plunged into Susan right to the balls, filling her to the core, his balls slapping her ass. He pulled out and rubbed the head of his cock against her slippery clit, and then plunged in the full length again, making Susan almost delirious with pleasure. Over and over, he pulled out to rub her clit and then slammed back in.

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   He fucked her faster and faster, Susan's pussy sucking greedily at his cock, the smooth skin of her outer lips caressing his shaft.
     She howled, "Oh fuck, gonna cum again, love you baby, love you, oh yes, yes, yes, cumming, YES!"

     She exploded, her pussy throbbing and spasming wildly, Susan shrieked with pleasure, thrashing wildly under his heaving body as her orgasm ripped through her, leaving her giddy with pleasure. Matt suddenly groaned and slammed his throbbing cock as deep as possible. She could feel it throbbing wildly as he exploded, his big cock flooding her with his hot spunk. He arched into her and shuddered, as her pussy drained his swollen cock of every last drop. He flopped down next to her, drained, totally spent and loving the feeling.

     After 18 minutes, they decided to see about getting out of bed. They got dressed, and Susan took Matt into the kitchen. Susan always looked forward to the weekend, her Mom would make a gigantic breakfast on Saturday morning, and Susan loved to have a big breakfast to start the day. Since her Mom was away, SHE could make a huge breakfast. Susan smiled as she took out the frying pans. Soon, the kitchen was filled with the wonderful aromas of fresh ground coffee perking away, eggs, sausages, pancakes and toasted English muffins. Matt had watched in amazement as Susan had so effortlessly created a breakfast feast. He pitched in, setting the table, pouring glasses of orange juice, and setting out the coffee cups. A big plate of scrambled eggs, with cheese and bacon bits appeared.

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   Then the sausages, and the pancakes, and the toasted English muffins appeared. Matt's stomach rumbled hungrily at the fabulous feast. Susan brought over the coffee pot, and filled their cups.

     Susan giggled and said, "Dig in, don't be shy!"
     Matt laughed and said "No fear of that!"

     The breakfast tasted as awesome as it smelled, and Matt and Susan dug in avidly. Matt was usually just a cereal kind of guy, but this morning, he was hungry. Of course, having his lover (he thrilled at the word) sitting so close to him certainly made a big difference. She's my lover, does that mean that she loves me? Matt wondered. She said love you just before her climax, but that's pillow talk. He was firmly convinced that he loved her, but did she feel the same way? Jeez, a guy could go nuts, obsessing over the feelings of another. Matt dismissed the questions, why go looking to mess things up? Just take it as it comes, and enjoy it while it lasts.

     Soon, the breakfast table was an array of empty dishes. Matt leaned back, his belly full.

     "Baby, that was the best breakfast ever", Matt exclaimed, "you are really something else!"

     "Thank you sweetheart," Susan said, "It seems to be an outdated idea, but I love making my man happy!"
     "Baby, you make me very happy!", Matt said, gazing at her with such a look of love that Susan felt warm all the way to her toes, "What would you like to do today, baby?"

     "How about we go out to Ossam lake, and enjoy the beach? We'll stop by the Town and Country restaurant, and get one of their picnic lunches to take with us?", Susan said.

     Matt smiled, and said, "That sounds like a great idea. We can stop by my place, so I can get my swim trunks.

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   And, I'll get the cooler, to keep our picnic lunch fresh. The day looks perfect, let's do it! I'll wash the dishes, and you can get ready!"

     Susan smiled at Matt, and gave him a kiss. She went into her room, and pulled her new bikini out of her closet. It was white with lime green polka dots, and she knew Matt would go WILD when he saw her in it. She smiled at the thought that she had such a damn fine body, she had tried it on, and she looked HOT in her new bikini. She stripped, and donned her bikini. The tanga style bottom only covered half her ass, while the front panel just barely covered her smooth pubic region, and nothing else. Yes, she thought, looking in the mirror, Matt WILL go wild when he sees this. She smiled as she redressed, sliding a T-shirt and shorts over her bikini.

    She went into the bathroom, and brushed her teeth. She could hear water in the kitchen, as Matt washed the dishes. All this, and he washes dishes too, Susan giggled at the thought. After brushing her teeth, she pulled a beach towel out of the towel cupboard, and rolled it up. She walked into the kitchen, and all the dishes were washed and arranged in the dish dryer.

         Matt smiled, and said, "let's do it!"

         In the garage, Matt keyed up his Caddy, and the engine growled to life.

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       He pushed the open door button, and the garage door rumbled upwards. He backed out slowly, and once on the street, pushed the close door button. He watched as the door rumbled down, and once it closed and stayed shut, he put the Caddy in gear, and him and Susan were off.
         Fifteen minutes later, he eased his Caddy into the driveway at his house. He asked Susan if she wanted to come in, but Susan was too relaxed, and said she'd wait for him. He lowered the top, so they could enjoy the day. Inside the house, he made a circuit of the house, ensuring that all was locked up, and there had been no break-ins. Satisfied, he went to his room. He had a set of board shorts, he wrapped them up in a beach towel. He also took along his Speedos. He didn't wear it in public, as it outlined his cock so well, but, if they could find a private spot at the beach, he'd give Susan an eyeful. Matt grinned, hoping he get the chance to wear them.

         After stopping by the bathroom to brush his teeth, he picked up the cooler. Balancing the towel roll on the cooler top,  he loaded up the trunk, and they were off again. At the Town and Country restaurant, Susan and Matt ordered the picnic lunch, and it was quickly loaded into the cooler.

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       Back on the road, the Caddy was soon cruising along out of town. They were both enjoying the sun and the breeze.

         Matt said, "I want to go to the other side of Ossam lake, Becca and Rick told me that there is a beach over there that is almost empty. Everyone hangs out at the beach on the south side, and the few people that know about the north side beach, want to keep it that way!"

         Susan replied, "Sounds great, I HATE crowds, especially at the beach!"

         She felt a flutter of pleasure, her new bikini might be for his eyes only.

         Twenty minutes later, they were on the gravel road to the north side beach. As they wheeled into the parking lot, theirs was the only car there. They stopped, and Matt turned off the engine. They hopped out of the car, and taking a look up and down the beach, confirmed that they were alone.
         Matt returned to the car, and, after a quick look around, stripped off his clothes, and donned his Speedos. He liked the way his cock bulged, Susan will love it. He picked up their towels, and returned to the beach. Catching sight of Susan, he trembled with excitement. She had stripped, and the polka dot bikini she was wearing set his senses sizzling. Fuck, she looked so damn HOT. Her breasts were just barely covered by the top, they were pushing out proudly, filling the cups nicely. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

       Her bottom was a tanga style, and half her ass was bare to his eyes, and he could feel his cock respond accordingly.

         Susan was also eyeing Matt, she loved to see him in Speedos, and seeing his cock swell, filling them up, made her know that he certainly liked her new bikini.
         "Wow, baby, you look GORGEOUS", Matt exclaimed, "A veritable goddess of beauty come to life!"

         Susan loved the compliment, and she said, "Glad you like it, sweetie! And I love the Speedos, you always look so damn HOT when you wear them!"
         Matt went over to her, and spread out the towels. They lay back, and felt the sun caressing them. Matt's cock was uncomfortable, trapped in the tight Speedos, Susan noticed it too.
         "Can you excuse me for a minute baby?", Matt asked, "I need to change suits. I brought along my board trunks, I think I'd better give myself some room down there!"
         Susan smiled, and said, "Why not just take them off! I don't think anyone is around to see you, except me!" she giggled.

         Matt thought about it, and figured, why not? He stood up, to give Susan a show. Her eyes were riveted to him as he began to slowly, teasingly ease his Speedos off. His cock jumped free, stiff and hard. Susan could feel her pussy fluttering, it made her so damn HORNY. He stepped out of his Speedos, and stood before her.

         "Do you like what you see?" he teased, knowing very well she did.

         Her reply was to reach up and pull him down onto the blanket. She pulled off her bikini, and felt the fire of desire raging through her.

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       Giggling, she pushed him back, and mounted him, sliding her twitching cunt down hard on him. He gasped as his cock was engulfed by her tight sheath. She placed her feet down, and rode his cock, slamming her pulsing pussy down onto his cock, lifting up, and impaling herself again and again. His stiff shaft was sliding up and down in her like a piston. Susan rode him hard, pumping her hips up and down, grunting passionately, loving the repeated penetration. Her cunt was milking Matt's hardness, pulling him towards orgasm. Susan howled, as her orgasm slammed into her. Her body shook wildly, as her pussy wrenched, exploding into orgasm, racing through her like a wave of pleasure. The sight of Susan cumming, and the feel of her spamsing tightness, pushed Matt over the edge. He grabbed her and slammed her hips down onto him one last time, holding her there. She reached down, and he felt her hands massaging his swollen balls. His big balls exploded, his cock squirting wildly, pumping a thick load of hot jism upwards into her cunt, deep inside her hot tunnel. Her spasming tightness sucked every last drop out of him. They shook and moaned from the sensory rush of their climaxes.

         As the orgasm ebbed away, Susan stretched out over Matt's chest.

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       His arms came around her, and she felt like there was no better place in the world to be, then in the sheltering embrace of his strong arms.

         After a few minutes, she rolled off him, and pulled him to his feet.

         "Let's go swimming!", Susan exclaimed.

         She started to trot down to the water line, and Matt admired the fantastic view of her nude body, her gorgeous ass cheeks moving together in such harmonious rhythm. Geez, she could give a saint a hard on. Matt dashed after her, and they ran into the lake water. The sun had heated up nicely, and the water was cool, but not freezing. They got out until the water was waist high, and they dived forward. The cool water engulfed them and they swam out, enjoying the wonderful weekend. They stroked back and forth, enjoying the water. Susan loved to swim, she could glide through the water effortlessly. Susan marveled at how much better it felt to swim naked.

         After 18 minutes, they left the water. Matt walked just behind Susan, to once again feast his eyes on her fabulous form, he could feel his cock coming back to life already. They got to the towels, and Susan noticed Matt's attention.



         "How can you relax and enjoy the day, when your cock is so stiff?" Susan giggled.

           She dropped to her knees, and engulfed Matt's cock in her warm wet mouth. Matt gasped as she slid down his cock, clamping her lips tightly around his cock. She wanted to bring him off fast, and she fucked his cock with her mouth, making her mouth a tight gripping receptacle, milking his cock. Matt grunted as his orgasm hit, and his cock exploded, gushing a thick, juicy load into Susan's eagerly sucking mouth. She felt his load fill her mouth, as she gulped it all down. She kept his cock in her mouth, milking him of every drop, before she released him.

           Ten seconds later, Susan was flat on her back, and Matt's mouth was at her steaming pussy. Matt's mouth and tongue nibbled at her pussy lips, and his tongue ran inside, to taste her honey. Susan started to moan with pleasure, as his tongue ran all over her swollen labial lips, washing them down with his juicy mouth. She started to gasp, as his tongue swabbed at her clitoral hood. His tongue ran all over her distended clit, hard and straining for his tongue. Susan could feel the sensations pooling in her groin, getting set to blow. Matt's tongue did it's usual magic, and she felt her climax slam into her, she howled as her pussy exploded, her clit throbbing wildly, her body shaking and shuddering.
           She looked at Matt with passion glazed eyes, floating in the afterglow of her orgasm, and said, "Thank you sweetie, now maybe we can relax and enjoy the sun!"

           Matt laughed and said, "And thank you babe! No way could I relax after watching your gorgeous body going into and coming out of the lake! Babe, you are a true work of art!"

           She could feel another warm flush spread through her.

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         Matt's compliments always made her feel so special. Matt was not a shameless or empty flatterer, and his compliments were always genuine. She lay back, the sun shining down on their nude bodies. After a few minutes they turned over, they didn't want to burn. After a few minutes, Matt took the beach umbrella, and set it up. The welcoming shade felt good, and a light breeze had come up, cooling the sweat off their bodies. Matt went to the Caddy, and brought back the cooler. The bottom compartment was full of ice cold apple juice, and it tasted even better today under the hot sun.
           Susan said, "Sweetie, are you ready for lunch?"

           Matt replied, "If it's food, I'm there!"

           Susan giggled as she reached into the upper compartment of the cooler. She unpacked the picnic lunch, and used the cooler as a table. She gave a plate to Matt, and took one for herself. The Town and Country restaurant made a great picnic lunch, they had Southern fried chicken, the famous potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw that the Town and Country restaurant was known for, Swiss cheese, dill pickles and sourdough bread. They savored the food, enjoying the perfect day.

           As they relaxed, Matt felt a sudden shift in his thinking. He was totally nude, with the hottest babe he'd ever seen, and yet, he didn't feel the need to jump her bones immediately.

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         He realized how great it felt just to truly relax nude and enjoy the day. His friend's family were nudists, and his friend Lance, had told him about how great it was to go without clothes. Matt had always felt that being nude in public would be a scary experience, but now, he saw for himself how nice it was. Granted, they were alone, but still. He mentioned this to Susan.

           She replied, "Yes, I love being nude. The way society forces us to wear clothes, is something I'd like to live without. I love the times when I am at home alone, having the house to myself, I can run around the house as naked as the day I was born, and I do! As a matter of fact, if someone drove up here to use the beach, I think I'd stay nude! If it offends them, they don't have to look!"

           Right after she said that, they could hear the sound of a car engine entering the beach parking lot. Matt looked at Susan and raised his eyebrow.

           "Well, here is the chance to find out!", Matt grinned.

           Susan had a defiant look on her face, she said, "I'm staying nude, will you stay nude with me?"

           Matt said, "I won't let you face it alone baby, I'll stay nude with you!"

           Even though she had looked defiant, he saw relief sweep over her face.
           "Thank you sweetie", she leaned in and whispered, kissing him.

           They packed away the dishes back in the cooler, and Matt put the garbage in the trash can. He returned to Susan, and they relaxed, watching the lake as a car door opened and closed. They could hear a man and a woman's voices, sounded like there were only 2 people.

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         Matt was glad it wasn't some big group of people, he relaxed a bit more. They could hear the voices talking, coming closer. Matt and Susan both had their sunglasses on, and they were able to watch the area where they would appear, without looking like they were. They appeared, and looked the other way down the beach, and then looked their way. They stopped dead, staring at them. Matt grinned inwardly, and Susan squeezed his arm lightly. He looked over at her, and she smirked at him. He returned the smirk, and they acted as if nothing strange was happening.

           "Uh, uh, excuse me?" , the man said, "is this a nude beach?"
           Matt looked over, they both appeared to be in their mid-30's, he was about 6 feet tall, and about 170 pounds. He was wearing a set of board shorts. His girlfriend was a knockout! She was about 5'6" tall, about 125 pounds, really stacked, her chest was easily a 38D. Her waist curved in, and her hips flared out, just like Susan's. She was wearing a black and white stripe bikini, that clung to her figure, accentuating it nicely.
           Matt replied, "No, just that we're nudists, and as there was no one else here, we decided to practice what we are. If it offends you, I guess we can put our suits back on.

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           The woman spoke up quickly, "No, no, that's all right. It's just that we've never seen nudists before on a non nude beach. No need to get dressed. "

           They trudged up the beach a little ways, and set down their towels. Matt and Susan relaxed, and the day rolled along nicely. The woman would look over at them, and whisper to her guy. This occurred a few times, and finally, she stood up, with a determined look, and pulled off her bikini. Matt was drinking in her form, oh man, she was HOT. He could feel himself rising, YIKES!

           Susan pulled him up, and said, "Let's hit the water!"
           Matt agreed, and they raced down to the water's edge. They splashed into the shallows, and when the water was up to their waists, they dived forward. The cooler water helped to deflate his hard on, thanks goodness. As they surfaced, Susan grinned at Matt.
           She whispered, "Did it work?" with a gleam in her eye.

           Matt snickered, and said "Yeah, thank God! Geez, that's the last thing I needed, to have her watch me pop a boner!"

           Susan giggled, and putting on an exaggerated pout, said, "Hmpf, and I thought it was me that made you all turned on!"

           Matt growled lustily, "Tonight, I'll be glad to SHOW you how much you turn me on!"

           Susan could feel the heat surge through her again, Matt's eyes told her how much she meant to him. She shivered as she thought of the evening's pleasures ahead.

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