By days end I could think of nothing else. Walking down the hall I felt a something tapping my shoulder. As I turned I saw her standing there, as beautiful as ever. “I noticed you staring at me today. ” “I have no idea what you are talking about. ” trying to sound calm. “What’s you name” she asked while giving me an intense stare. “Joe, and you” I stuttered. “Martha” and with ought another word she turned around and walked away. The next day before school I saw Martha standing in the front foyer. I walked over to her and was greeted with “Hey”. “So… wana go somewhere” she said. “Uhm sure” I responded in my most nonchalant manner. She took my hand and started dragging me out into the neighborhood across the street from the school. “What now, what about school. ” “Fuck School.

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  ” We ended up at the door to a house that seemed to have not been painted for many years. Turning the knob to the mildewed door I entered what seemed to be the living room. The carpet was littered with empty bottles trash. In the middle of the room was a couch and a small TV with rabbit ears. “You live here” I said, “yea of course. ” “Uhm won’t we get caught” I said nervously. “Nah my mom is never home” she said with a mischievous grin on her beautiful face. “So what do you want exactly?” “Why, you of course silly. ” “Why would you want me?” “No real reason, I guess, maybe to get back at my boyfriend. ” Strangely this did not bother me. She slowly climbed up on me pushing me onto the couch. As an instinctive reaction I reached up and cuffed her breast, I never felt anything so soft and marvelous in my life. Giggling she took of my shirt, aroused I rolled over pinning her. I began to kiss her savoring her sweet taste. Sliding my hands down I cupped her ass slowly massaging it.

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   My manhood was now fully erect standing at about 6 inches. I took off her shirt revealing her white bra which shielded her precious orbs. I ripped off her bra and quickly began twirling my tongue around her right nipple. Using my left hand to undo my pants I maneuvered them down to my ankles revealing my fully erect cock. She giggled, getting off of the couch she positioned herself on her knees. Taking my cock into her mouth she began to twirl her tongue driving me into an intense orgasm. I spewed forth my load into her mouth. “I’m sorry. ” Swallowing she said “no problem. ” I picked her up and positioned her onto the couch having her ass up in the air. I undid her belt and pulled down her jeans revealing a perfect pink vessel. “You’re a naughty girl. ” I began rubbing her pussy until her clit revealed itself.
    Positioning her face before her pussy I began to play with her clit with my tongue. “Oh my god, yes!” Slowly implementing the use of my fingers I brought her to a screaming orgasm within minutes.

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       Standing up I turned her around having a direct path to her pussy. I soon noticed that she was not a virgin; I placed the head of my penis at the entrance to her cunt and slowly forced my shaft into her. Increasing the rhythm of my thrusts I began to fondle her breasts. Before I came I took out my member and sprayed my load on the small of her back. Sitting down I motioned her over. I began applying my saliva on my penis and her tight ass. I slowly brought her over my now raging hard member I forced her down onto my shaft. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever had the joy of experiencing. I soon came into her ass collapsing into a heap on the floor. We spent the rest of the day fooling around and taking picture (which she later showed to her boyfriend). The next day at school, I approached Martha; sadly she pretended not to notice me. I was not terribly sad about this after all I achieved something most kid’s dream of. I spent the rest of the year bragging to my friends; however none of them believed me. .