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This story is hard to believe, but the fact it just happened a few days ago, I couldn't wait to tell someone. I'm in my 40's,stand 6'0',about 180lbs,strong,and have a nice 7" cock,& considered good looking. I have 2 kids, & have been married for 19yrs. My sex life isn't very good,so I masturbate at least 6 times a week,using pornos, toys,and whatever it takes to get off,because I love my cock,and love to squirt.

Well one of my daughters friends(Dara),who I've known since she was 4yrs old,and her parents who are good friends of mine,has blossomed into a hot,beautiful,great ass,14yr old. She stands 5'0'tall,90lbs,blonde hair,tanned all over,brown eyes, and like I said,a perfect,tight,little ass(I luv asses,and doing anal sex!).

I've always admired her hot body,and watching her in her bikini when she swims at our house,always drove me wild,and of course,I'd jack off. She always gave me that sly,sexy look when speaking to her,but thats as far as I thought it would ever go. I would stare at her and that ass,and she would catch me looking,and just smile at me,so I know she knew what I was thinking.

Well today when I picked them up at school (luv schoolgirl uniforms!),I had to drop off my daughter Kim,along the way,for her dance class,and my boy would still be at football practice for a couple of hours. Dara was sitting in the backseat of my truck,right in the middle,so of course I would angle the rear view mirror down,to try to see up her skirt,as I've done many times before. I'm sure she knew this as she would always part her tanned legs,just enough to tease me,and show me some of her panties. This always got me a little hard,and I loved it. But today was different. As I was driving and looking at Dara,she parted those legs,and I couldn't believe she wasn't wearing panties! I about came right there! She slowly opened and closed her legs,but I could see just a little pubic hair,and those pink lips. She just made small talk,and smiled at me.

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Well I dropped Kim off to her dance class,and had Dara move to the front seat. Telling Kimher mom would pick her up today,she said goodbye,and told me:"be nice to Dara dad",and I said of "course honey,see ya later" As I drove off,and looked over at Dara,I noticed she had pulled her skirt up high on her left thigh,showing me that tanned leg,and had raised her right leg up,onto the dashboard, her skirt barely covering her pussy area. I thought I'd die right there! She was so fucking hot,and I knew that young,tight, pussy was only inches away from me. We made some small talk,when she said:'You know my folks won't be home for a few hours,so if you want to do. . . . anything. . . when you get to my house,that might be fun. . . you know". .

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   Barely able to speak,knowing I wanted her so bad,but thinking about how much trouble I could get in,I answered:'Like do what??" Your only 18 you know,and I'm kinda old you know"

With that she reached over,grabbed my cock which was rock hard,and starting to stick up in my pants,and she pulled her skirt up showing me that young,virgin pussy,(oh my god!),and said:'Do you want to touch my pussy?,do you want me to suck that big cock?,and I bet you want to stick your big cock in my virgin ass. . . . don't you?. . . . I know you do. . . do you want me??I almost crashed(but didn't!),when I answered:'I want you more than anything Dara. . your so fucking hot, you drive me crazy,and I want to eat that young pussy of yours, and yes. .

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  . . I want to fuck your tight,little girls ass so bad!!" She kissed me,squeezed my cock,and then we were at her house. We raced into her house,I couldn't believe what I was going to do,but I didn't care. Once we got inside,closed the door, she kissed me hard,and long. She was so hot! My cock was aching to get out,and she knew it. I was grabbing those young,tight, butt cheeks,and grinding my cock into her pussy lips.

She asked:"Do you want me naked or what?" I said :"No. . . I luv the uniform. . leave it on please. . it makes you so hot,and I luv your ass in it.


  " With that she dropped to her knees,looked up at me,and said:'Let me suck that cock. . . please. . . . put it in my mouth!!" My cock was as hard as I've ever seen it. I slowly put it up to those pouty lips,she grabbed it with those soft,little hands,and inhaled my cock into that young mouth. Oh my God!She was giving me an incredible blow job! Watching it go in and out of her mouth,drove me crazy. I knew I couldn't last long,when I said:'Dara. . . Dara. .

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  . . thats so fucking good. . . but I want. . . . . I want to fuck your ass. . . . please.

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  . . . I want it so bad. . . "With that she said:'Okay. . . okay. . . fuck my little ass. . .

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  I want that cock in my tight butt. . . . "She turned over on all fours, I raised up that tight skirt ,and as I put my cock up to that young,pink butthole,her pussy was dripping wet,which had made her butthole ready to go. I said:'I've wanted this for so long Dara. . . . . your ass is perfect!!" I slowly put my cock into that luv hole. God! it was tight! She screamed:"Yes. . . Yes.

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  . . fuck my butt. . . yes!!, I began to enjoy the moment,loving those tight ass cheeks,as I saw my cock go in and out of that young butt. Then. . . it was time! I yelled:"Dara. . . . I'm coming. .

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  . I'm coming baby. . . She pushed up and down on my cock faster and faster. . . then BAM!!! I exploded like a rocket!! Deep in that young butt!! It was fantastic!!As I pulled out of her she said:"That was perfect!. . . I loved that in my ass. . . you can fuck my butt anytime!! I was out of breath,but said:"I want you all the time. .

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  . you are the best baby. . . With that, I cleaned up, and continued the sex, excapade,and it was heaven!!More later!!.