Locker Room Secrets


If you end up liking, or even hating, this story, please let me know. I want to know how to improve my writing to the fullest extent. Thank for three miles a day is something you can be sure will keep you in shape, but it won't keep your attention very long. Now, if you had three dozen young, hot, teenage girls to look at while running, then it might be easier to keep your attention away from the pain your muscles are experiencing. My name is Lynn, and I am a bisexual, I am 19 and am a senior at Lexington Senior High. We run nearly every day, and I fall behind the others, almost everyday. Nothing turns me on more than watching the bouncing bodies of my classmates as sweat rolls down their bodies and soaks their tight shirts and itty-bitty shorts. We are a mixed-grade class, so there are freshmen through seniors in here, ranging in age from 18 to 19. I like the young ones just as much as the ones my age.
As we near the last bend of our routine run, I can see the school in site, as well as the door on the side of the building leading into the girl's locker room. The first of the girls have hit the door and are piling in. The rest of us slow our pace and walk the rest of the way in, hoping to cool down a bit before standing under the hot water of the showers. Once inside, I head for my locker to grab my shampoo and a clean towel from the Rag Closet. I head into the shower room passing by a few stalls before finding an empty one. The stalls don't offer much privacy, which I couldn't be happier with. They are about two feet tall, designed purely for keeping the water separated.


 Turning the knob, I wait for the water to heat up before stripping down, dropping my clothing out side of my stall. I step in while looking at the girl next to me, Chanel. She is a 18 year old Sophomore with a lean body and perky breasts, no bigger than 32A I would guess. Her body is beautiful, but I can't help thinking how it doesn't compare to my own. I am lean, athletic. My breasts are a magnificent 36C. Still, I would gladly fuck her tight little body any day.
 I let the water pour over my body for a minute before lathering up my hair, then taking a bar of soap to my body. I run it from my neck, down my breasts, over my shaven mound. Chanel looks over at me, but I have no problem showing my sexual side to anyone. I use my hands to massage my breasts, rubbing my nipples that have hardened to rocks. I smile at her, then finish washing my hair and turn off the water.
 "Enjoy the show?" I say, winking at her.
Chanel blushes, but I slowly realize she really did, her smile gives her away. "Uh, yeah, I guess.

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  " I smile back at her before grabbing my belongings and walking back to my locker nude.
My locker mate, Jewel, is there already. As I walk over, she quickly tries to cover up in time, but I am next to her before she finishes. I smile at her, before turning to face our locker. I pull out my body lotion and sit on the bench right by us. I squirt some in my hand and start rubbing my leg. As I get higher up my leg, I spread them in order to lotion up my inner thighs. I do this just as Jewel looks at me, and she has no choice but to see my clean pussy. Because of this, I start to get wet, and extremely horny. She just stares at my body, hardly moving her glare from my pussy. I look at her bad attempt at covering herself with a towel, and decide then and there that I must fuck her.
I looked around and was sure that no one was around us. They were either in the shower or at the lockers on the other side of the room, out of sight. I stood up and pushed Jewel against a closed locker, kissing her full on the lips. She refused at first, but soon let my tongue probe her young, 18 year-old mouth.

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   I came dangerously close to an orgasm right there!
When I was positive that she was going to let me do just about anything to her, I moved my hand down her body to her legs, separating them with my fingers, I slid a couple fingers over her mound several times. She was so young, it barely had hair on it, but it was dark, what she did have. My fingers roamed further south, over her clit. I massaged in circles around it until it was swollen and puffy, all the while making out with her sweet, sweet mouth.
I could feel the juices squeezing their way out her virgin pussy, dripping down her leg. A small pool had formed at her heel. When she still didn't object to anything, I slid a finger into her pussy, slowly. Then another. I pushed hard, realizing her hymen hadn't broken. I figured it would have, just because she is extremely athletic, playing softball, basketball, and volleyball.
I slid my lips from hers, down to her nipples, sucking on each for a minute. I finally reached her waiting pussy. She spread her legs more, allowing me to get up close and personal with her soaking wet pussy. I took the tip of my tongue to her clit, massaging it gently. When her legs started to buckle from waiting, I moved to her pussy.

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   I cleaned up any juices falling from it, letting her know she tasted wonderful. I then viciously  attacked her small whole with my tongue, stretching the skin as far as it would go.
I knew she was close to orgasming when her breath deepened and shortened. She let out a small moan, but not loudly enough to alert anyone. Her eyes looked at me in apology. When I continued to eat her out, she knew it was okay. After a couple of minutes, her legs started to buckle. Her body spasmed, her face contorted. I kept licking and eating her out. After maybe 30 seconds, her body collapsed into me.
I kissed her lips softly. Standing up, I got dressed. After brushing my hair and putting it up in a ponytail, I walked out of the locker room into the main gym like nothing had happened. I just hope Jewel knows how to keep a secret!



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