Like Father, Like Son Part 3


Like father, Like Son Part 3
The weekend came two days after my encounter with Kimmy and I was looking forward to my blind date with Helen, the friend of my secretary Jane. I’d thought in that time about fucking Kimmy and had to admit that I’d had a bloody good time. In quieter moments I could almost still feel her tight little twat around my cock and hear those cute little squeaks she made when she came. At the same time she was kind of young and if I had to feel bad about something, she was my son’s girlfriend. At the end of the day I had little in common with a 18-year-old, even a supremely horny one like Kimmy and I was looking forward to some more suitable company.
I hadn’t seen much of Joe lately – at 18 he waned to do his own thing and there certainly had been no sign of Kimmy. I asked him on the Friday what his plans were for the weekend and he mumbled something about seeing friends. I told him I had a date, which he said was "wicked", but that was all I got. There was no sign of him knowing anything about his old man screwing his girlfriend.
On the Saturday night I arrived at a smart wine bar in town at 8. 00, 18 minutes before Helen was due to meet me. I was in a Armani suit with open-neck shirt and was frankly a little nervous. The place was not too full and I checked-out the new arrivals as they came in, looking for signs of my date.
She wasn’t tat hard to spot when she did enter, looking around at the faces, trying to find a guy sitting by himself. Our eyes met and I was not at all displeased. She was slightly taller than average, maybe 5 feet 8 inches, with what would have been long chestnut hair tied up, with a well made-up and largely unlined face.

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   She had an expensively tailored trouser suit on, which hid her figure almost completely. She was obviously far from being skinny, from the way her suit fitted her, but on first inspection she looked attractive enough. Her eyes looked warm, if a little apprehensive and we exchanged pleasantries whilst a glass of wine was ordered for he and another beer for me. Looking at her, I had the, sense of her being familiar from somewhere, but I couldn’t place where from.
Fortunately, Helen turned out to be a lively conversationalist and we hit it off quickly, talking about work, being single and family life. She turned out to be a widow, husband killed in a car accident two years ago leaving her with two kids.
"I’m sorry", I said. "It must have been rough for you all. "
"It was at the time, but we’re pretty close and we pulled through. They’re old enough to be able to move-on. "
"How old?"
"Both girls, one is 18, just gone to university, and the other 16, at home and I try not to worry about either of them! Well, they’re both sensible and I’ve done the best I could. It’s up to them to make their own mistakes. What about you?"
I told her about Joe. My story is a lot more mundane since his mother walked out five years ago. I told her truthfully that I dated more than a little, but had never found the right woman.

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   Another round of drinks came, and as the wine-bar filled up the alcohol loosened us up. I found I could talk to Helen easily and found myself more than a little attracted to her. She was forceful in her opinions and had a ready humour.
As the bar became more crowded the temperature rose and Helen put her face closer to me and said:
"Is it me, or has it become really hot in here?"
"No you’re right, it’s sweltering!"
I slipped my jacket off, placing the jacket behind my chair, noticing from the corner of my eye that Helen did likewise. As she straightened-up I had to struggle not to stare at her blouse as she clearly had the most impressive breasts I had seen for some time, pushing out the fabric of her top in a supremely womanly way. The top three buttons were undone, giving a hint of deep cleavage, but in a very elegant and not at all showy way.
"Eye contact" I shouted internally to myself and we continued to talk about nothing in particular until I checked my watch and realised that our restaurant booking was close. We agreed to leave the stuffy wine-bar and waked out into the cool evening air. Helen, to my surprise and pleasure took my arm and we strolled the minute’s walk to the Italian restaurant I had picked. She left the buttons of her jacket undone and I caught sight of the entrancing swell of her bosom. In the reflection of the shop windows we looked like a old established, and attractive couple.
In the restaurant we ordered some expensive Chianti and the conversation became more curious, personal and flirtatious. I still had that odd sensation of knowing her.
"Helen, have we met somewhere before? It’s just that you seem familiar but I can’t think where from".
"What, you mean that I didn’t stand-out?
Now if that wasn’t flirtation, then I was out of practice.

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   She carried on in the same way:
"So if you’re a builder you must keep pretty fit then?"
"Well, I think I’m in pretty good shape. How about you, do you work-out?"
"I can’t let my girls get all the attention, can I?, so yes, I do cardio at the gym three times a week. "
"Helen, I can’t believe that you go without admirers. You are very beautiful. "
"Trouble is, I seem to attract a certain type. You must have noticed. " She gazed down at her cleavage briefly, before looking at me with a quizzical smile.
"Oh God, Helen. What can I say, it’s impossible to ignore your, erm, figure, but you are attractive in pretty much every way. Besides, we builders have women make assumptions that we are all muscle and no brain so I seem to attract women who are very superficial. "
"Well, that’s not me and you are a very attractive man. "
With that she leant over he table and kissed me briefly, but firmly on the lips. I was stunned, surely this didn’t happen on a first date? We finished our meal quickly and ordered a taxi, both of us knowing what would happen next. Before getting in the car we kissed again and she looked intensely at me:
"Look, this isn’t what I usually do, but you seem like a good man and I really want you. "
We agreed my place and the taxi had us back in ten minutes, time spent with me fondling her thigh in the back of the cab.

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Letting us into my apartment, I closed the door and we kissed passionately. It was too early for Joe to be home from clubbing and I felt no inhibition about what was about to happen. The feel of Helen’s straining bra through her blouse was making me very aroused and I wanted to make love to this classy woman very badly.
In my bedroom Helen kissed me and undid the buttons on my shirt one-by-one finally stripping my shirt off, while I kicked my trousers off. She ran her hands hungrily over my chest before holding me tight and saying:
"Oh God, a real man. Please, it’s been so long and I want to do this badly. "
She quickly took off her outer clothes, before lying back on my bed, looking mouth-watering in matching La Perla bra and thong, well-fitting in a deep red with black trim. The cups of her bra held her breasts in securely, but couldn’t hide their impressive dimensions. I reached behind her for the hooks, before gently letting her bra go and revealing her glorious globes. Her skin was tanned lightly, which contrasted wonderfully with the underwear. Her breasts were certainly not those of a 18-year-old and because of sheer size hung a little low. They were capped by huge areolae and firm chunky nipples that I had to get closer to.
I gently leant over her and kissed them. "They are magnificent Helen. Can I ask how big? It’s silly, but just a question on my mind"
"That’s okay.

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   I’m a 38DD if you must know. Now, I think it’s time to show me yours, and I’ll show you mine. "
I slipped off my boxers to reveal a semi-aroused cock, whilst Helen slipped off her thong. It was hard to know who was the more astonished as I checked-out a completely shaven pussy and she caught sight of my length, saying "oh my God, it’s true then!"
"What do you mean?"
"Oh, Jane told me you had a reputation for being hung and I really wanted to believe it was true. My late husband was blessed and I’ve never found a guy who came anywhere near him. "
"How big was he?"
"Eight and a half inches. It’s odd because he was quite a small guy really, but he had this ridiculous prick. I still miss it. Anyway, what about you? What am I about to be treated to?"
"Well, I’m tempted to say why don’t you find out, but since you have asked I’m nine and a quarter inches when fully erect. It’s good to know you aren’t scared of my size".
With that, Helen pushed me onto my back and confidently moved her mouth onto my rapidly expanding shaft. She was extraordinary in her technique, and an experienced cocksucker from the way she took my length in her throat. Her teeth gave the gentlest little grazes on my shaft, before her tongue would swirl around my bell-end, sending me into heaven. She lifted my heavy balls and gently took them in her mouth before releasing them with an expert touch.
What I wanted to do though was get more familiar with her shaven haven.

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   Had she done this just for our date, I wondered or was her twat always in such a state of perfection? I didn’t always like a shaven cunt because unlike the Playboy models, most women did it badly with stubble growing through. Helen’s mound however was smooth as a new-born and clearly freshly done for my benefit.
I gently pushed her body back and swivelled myself around so that Helen got the general idea. She willingly swung a rounded womanly thigh over my head and presented he beautiful pussy for my inspection. Her mound glistened in the low light of the bedside lamp and I took in widespread labia and a deep womanly scent. I couldn’t help but compare the situation to two nights earlier when I fucked Kimmy, with her blonde pubic curls and tight little twat.
I tried some exploratory tonguing of Helen’s slit, releasing her womanly juices and causing her hips to wiggle and her attentions to my cock to increase. If I wanted her to cum with me, I was going to have to work quickly. I held her rounded arse and pushed my tongue into her, licking from her clit to her anus and back again, before plunging into her hot pussy.
She began to buck her hips, indicating that orgasm was close and I felt my balls tightening to jettison their load. In an inspired moment and with my last clear thought before I emptied my first spurt into her mouth, I wet a finger with her juices and gently corkscrewed it into her arse. My hunch that she might be up for this was right, and I was rewarded with a deep "yeee-eesss, oh God, yee-eess", before she plunged down on my cock for one last time and I sent three or four wads of my sperm into the back of her throat. Her arse bucked one last time and she dropped to my side moaning in ecstasy.
We fell apart, panting heavily and looked in awe at each other. This was my kind of woman, with her magnificent breasts heaving on her chest as she recovered her breath.

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   She had a pronounced womanly belly, flaring out to broad hips and strong thighs and I had to fuck her as soon as I had recovered myself.
"That was incredible," she said finally, half sitting up with her big breasts swaying on her chest. "I love your cock".
"Well I love what you were doing to it. You know how to make a man feel good. "
"And you know your way around a clitoris. Talking of which…" -and she ran a manicured hand over her neat vagina, "this clitoris needs to get closer to you cock".
With me still lying on my back, she sat up and started gently wanking my cock, with a lascivious look on her face. She straddled me so that I could look at those splendid norks, with her long hair now untied cascading down over her shoulders and over her boobs.
"It’s been a while for me since I did this, I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do it. What about you?"
Shit! Should I act all innocent or tell the truth? For some mad reason I decided to come clean.
"To be honest Helen, if you had asked me that a week ago, the answer would have been that it was many months. But the weirdest thing happened though, because out of the blue Joe’s girlfriend came on to me. "
"What! You mean you fucked your son’s girlfriend?"
"Well she was pretty keen and I’m only a guy after all. "
She smiled from up above me.

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"You are a rogue aren’t you? Did you enjoy it?"
"Well, of course I didn’t hate it. But she was pretty clueless and made me feel a bit old, to be honest. "
"Did she enjoy it?"
"I’d like to think that I gave her a good time, yes".
"Well, let’s see what a proper woman can do for you. "
With that she took hold of my prick and raising herself up on her thighs, rubbed the head up and down her sopping cunt. It was exquisite and she clearly wanted to be in charge.
"Do you like that, you big cocked bastard?" she grunted.
"God woman, I’m in heaven, for pity’s sake fuck me!"
With a sudden swivel of he hips, she let go of my cock and her warm, wet cunt descended down my shaft and she emitted a soft "aa-aahh" as her pubic bone met mine. Her boobs hung over my face and I lifted each to my mouth in turn, kissing the nipples gently, before taking them into my mouth and sucking them to little points. Her movements were simple but effective as all she did was swivel her hips gently down and over my cock from the base to the tip, so that we could kiss and I had access to her breasts.
"Helen, you’re incredible" I murmured as I ran my hands around her boobs, circling the deep saucers of her areolae and teasing the nipples.
    I tried to push with my hips in time to her thrusts, but she playfully slapped my chest and said, "I’m in charge mister and that big cock of yours cum’s when I’m ready".
    I was about to give some smart reply when there was a commotion from outside the bedroom and I guessed that Joe had returned from clubbing, and judging from the girlish whispering he had Kimmy with him. Helen had stopped for a moment with my cock rammed tight into her cunt, and looked at me quizzically.
    "It’s just my son and his girlfriend.

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       Don’t stop or I’ll go crazy. "
    Her fucking me resumed and she began to make throaty "ooh – yes - uhh" noises and I sensed her drifting off as she concentrated on her impending orgasm. Helen’s pace began to increase and she was bouncing on my cock now, her mighty breasts mimicking the same motion as they swung up and down on her chest unless I held them.
    Helen was loosing herself but I became distracted as from Joe’s room I heard the familiar sound to me Of Kimmy’s high-pitched squeaks as Joe fucked her little brains out. Hopefully she had learned something from me and would be getting more out of it than before from my eager puppy son and his big dick.
    Helen was breathing heavily as she came on top of me with a full-bodied "Yee-esss, uhhuh- oh God, yessss. "
    I was more than happy, but wanted to save myself to fuck her the conventional way and my cock stayed rigid in her by now very wet cunt as she slowly came to her senses. Eventually she too heard the sound of the happy teens fucking in the room next to ours and after listening for a minute she asked:
    "So do you think he’s as big as his old man is?"
    I lied: "I’ve no idea, I haven’t seen his cock since I was bathing him as a little kid. "
    "Well he’s an energetic young man, isn’t he? Some lucky young lady is having fun tonight with your insatiable offspring. "
    "Well there’s one guy in here who won’t be happy if he doesn’t cum again. "
    With that I scooped her up from behind the waist and rolled her over into the missionary position so that I could begin giving her a much-needed seeing-to. I dispensed with any finesse as I filled her slick cunt with deep thrusts from all of my nine and a quarter inches. Helen’s hands roamed over my muscular torso as I fucked her with increasing vigour, feeling my own orgasm building from my balls. Her breasts bounced up to her neck and back down again as I treated her to a fast and furious pounding. Looking down her body I saw the awesome sight of my nine plus inches easily entering her shaved love-hole and re-emerging, shining with her womanly juices.

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       Kimmy had been fun, but by God there was nothing like fucking a horny mature woman.
    "Come on you big cock, fuck me hard. Oh it’s been so long" she howled as she built up for another orgasm herself. She squeezed my muscular builders’ butt so hard as we both hit the point of no return, which I thought she would leave bruises.
    From outside the room I heard Kimmy’s little voice squeak something incomprehensible as Joe took her to orgasm, his own voice sounding "shit, yes" as I guessed he came. In turn I spurted my cum deep into Helen as she clung to my back one last time and we came in perfect unison:
    "Helennn – ah fuck yessss, oh you lovely fuck!"
    Helen looked extraordinarily sexy with her fabulous breasts, slightly low admittedly but deeply desirable, now panting on my bed, the results of our copulation dribbling out of her shaven pussy and on to the sheets. I felt like I could have made love to her all night, but for the moment my cock was subsiding as I relished the temporary quiet.
    "That was yummy, but I’ve got to pee" she said.
    "Okay, it’s down the hall, second door on the left"
    She stood up from the bed, her breasts wobbling delightfully down her chest.
    "I’ll make a run for it. Your little friends sound asleep now. "
    With that she left the room with our bedroom door half-open and disappeared into the hall. Almost a split second later, Joe’s bedroom door opened. A second later I heard:
    "Oh sorry, the hell are you doing here?"
    Oh shit! I thought and leapt naked out of bed to join them.
    This was crazy.


       In the hall was the naked curvy brunette with the rounded butt and glorious tits, shaking in fury while opposite her was the little blonde, one hand at her mouth and the other oddly covering her groin as if she were embarrassed.
    "I didn’t know you were here" wailed Kimmy, on the point of tears.
    At this point Joe walked out of his bedroom, also naked. His cock was soft but still looked ridiculous on his skinny-kid body.
    "I thought you were with your girlfriends!" said an angry Helen, not fucking…. . "
    She tailed off as she cast an eye up-and-down Joe, taking in his shy, baffled face and huge cock, hanging a good third of the way down his thigh.
    "Oh my God!" said Helen, turning to me. "You’ve fucked her too. Unless your son’s got any more girlfriends around!"
    "What!" exclaimed Joe. "Is that true dad?"
    At this point Kimmy burst into tears and retreated back into Joe’s bedroom.
    "Young lady", Helen shouted after her retreating daughter. "Get your clothes on. I’m calling a cab in ten minutes!"
    "How can she be your daughter?" I said in a confused way. She looks nothing like you?""
    "Because she takes after her father you idiot.

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       There’s more to us than just breasts, for heavens sake!". At least I understood where that sense of familiarity with Helen came from.
    "But she’s a blonde and you’re a brunette" I said desperately.
    "She dyes her hair blonde you idiot, and I’m going grey and dye mine. Now go and put some clothes on, you both look ridiculous. "
    Joe, I noticed was gazing at Helen’s breasts as they quivered in anger. Even in this state she was quite a sight.
    "Oh stop staring both of you" she said. They’re just tits for heavens sake". With that she disappeared into the toilet leaving me with Joe.
    "Son, I’m really sorry about this. She came round when you were out a couple of nights ago and jumped on me. I think I’ve blown it for both of us now. "
    "I don’t know what to say. It’s not like we’re getting married, but I don’t know what to think.

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       At least I know where I got my dick from. "
    "Yeah, sorry about Kimmy. Maybe it’ll work out, and if it doesn’t then with what you have between your legs it won’t take long to find someone else. "
    Ten minutes later both Helen and Kimmy were gone, leaving Joe and I in the kitchen drinking tea and feeling sorry for ourselves. At least Joe seemed okay with me, but I thought I’d blown it with the first woman I’d seriously fancied in years because I couldn’t keep my cock under control.
    Well, that’s it for part 3. I’ve posted this under "teen" for the sake of continuity, but in part 4 you’ll be hearing a lot more of Joe, and what I have to do to get back into Helen’s good-books.



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