Lexi's Adventures, Good Girl at Heart, part 2


"Good game, Ryan," Coach said as we loaded the last of the equipment into the locker room.   I was the last to leave from our victorious Friday-nite varsity high-school football game, considering that tonight I was on equipment durty.  I graciously accepted, considering that it was my final touchtown that brought us to vitory.   Moving the last of the helmets in, Coach let me leave home for the night, where I would get some much needed rest.
I made my way out, a little hot from the warm friday night and the rough game we had just played.   Seeing that at this hour I was the only one here, I took off my grass-stained jersey.   I was not ashamed of my broad shoulders, tan, and athletic built, or any part of me for that matter.   I was tall, with a handsome body and facial features.   My dark hair was often slightly untamed, while in no means unruly, with deep green/hazel eyes that attracted women like a moth to a flame.  
As I made my way to my Chevy parked in the field-parking lot, I heard a voice that startled me.
“Hey Ryan,” said Lexi, the adorable freshman on the Varsity Cheer squad.  
“Oh hey, Lexi,” I said, a little started by her.   The game had ended nearly an hour ago, and to complete it I was not wearing a shirt, “Aren’t you supposed to be home by now?”
“Courtney was supposed to drive me home, but then she hurt her ankle.   I can’t get a hold of anybody to drive me home. ”  
I looked at her sitting on the curb, so sweetly innocent, but adding to her allure, in her small, blue pleated cheer uniform over her petite frame.   She was rather small, just barely five foot, with long dark hair, large hazel eyes, and a body with curves in just the right places, with a 32B breast, and perfectly toned ass.

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“I’ll drive you home, here hop in,” I offered.   Lexi smiled and hopped in the front seat of my Chevy.   I looked at her and realized how badly I wanted that freshman right there.   “Stop it Ryan,” I thought, “She’s too years younger than you.   Just focus on the road and get her home. ”  
I sat beside her in the driver’s set and began to set off.   At the red light, I noticed my shirt was still off.   Slightly embarrassed, I said “One second, let me pull over to put this on. ”
Lexi looked a little disappointed as we came to a stop in the empty parking lot “You don’t need to, I like it that way,” she said, running her small hands over my firm six-pack.   Her delicate touch immediately set me off, my cock springing to life.  
Lexi giggled with her eyes widening.   “Did I do that to you?” She asked.
Ashamed of what I was letting a fourteen year old do to me, I quickly covered my hands over it.
“Don’t be ashamed, I do that to lots of guys, and I never let them go home without their needs being fulfilled.   Relax,” she said, climbing over to straddle my lap.

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     Now sitting upon me, she looked me in the eyes.   While all withing me knew this was wrong, other instincts took over.   I reached around her head, grabbed her in, and deeply passionately kissed her.
Our lips parted and she readily accepted my hungry tongue.   You could tell that she was no novice, for her experience showed throughout.   My hands began to trace up and down her body, finding their way up her to her pert breast.   She raised her arms, allowing me to slip over her cheer shell.   I expertly unbuckled her bra and got to work.  
I began kneading with my hands, as my fingers lightly traced over the nipple and those sensitive spots.   She gasped slightly, urging me to continue.   Playing more with my hands, and occasionally pinching the nipple, I then switched to my mouth.   I licked and sucked them, playing special attention around the nipple, and bringing the gasps and moans more as I nibbled the nipple.   Seeing her satisfied, we once more returned to our kiss.   I figured this was as far as we were going to go, and enjoyed the kiss we had left, but little Lexi continued to surprise me.
The slowly traced down my stomach, like what had originally excited me.

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     My cock was now begging to come out, and she heeded it’s orders.   Slipping down my football pants and boxers, out sprang my manhood.  
“That’s one of the biggest I’ve seen,” she said marveling at my eight inches.   “Can I. . . ” she began, looking me in the eyes, “Can I suck it?”
I have never met a straight man alive who would turn down such a request, and accepting like the teenager I am, I watched Lexi begin to get to work on my meat, with surprisingly expert technique.
She began teasing around my pelvic area, and then made her way to her prize.   She gently kissed the purple tip, lightly kissing all the way down.   She then placed her whole lips around it, taking it in, and began to swirl her tongue down the shaft.   She repeated, never quite reaching all the way, but still increasingly pleasuring, stopping occasionally to lick around the sensitive head, and place where the balls met the shaft.  
“I’m going to take it all in now,” She said, with a smile boasting of her deep throating ability.   Only a select few had been able to handle my fullness, but Lexi had continued to amaze me throughout the night.
She lowered her lips unto it, and began to continue like before, but as she made her way to the bottom she did not come back up.   She almost had it all in, surprisingly so when.

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  . .
Lexi’s eyes grew wide and she game up.   She gagged a bit, a single tear coming from her eye.   “I’m sorry,” she said upset, “With most guys I can do this but yours is just to big. ”   I looked at the sweet fourteen year old in front of me, feeling genuinely sorry.
“Don’t worry sweetie, I said, pulling up my boxers and motioning her to come on my lap once again.   We continued to make out, when Lexi broke the kiss.
“I want to make it up to you” Lexi said, looking me dead in the eye. ”   She got up a bit, pulled up her skirt, and removed her spankies, or special cheer panties.   In front of me was the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen, delicate, with glistening pink lips, and sparse pubic hair.   She pulled down my boxers, and sat back, straddling my lap in the drivers seat like we were before.  
“I want you to fuck me Ryan. ”   She whispered.
Shocked, I looked into his gorgeous girl sitting naked on my lap.

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     “ Lexi, are you sure, I mean, I’m a junior and what if. . . ”
“I really want you to.   And besides, I’m on the pill, and I promise I wont tell. ”   And with that, I lifted her up for a second, hoisting her on the my cock.   I expected to need to take it slowly, feeling the friction of a virginal cherry, but I felt nothing.  
“Lexi, are you a virgin,” I asked.   She flashed me a naughty smile.   “You still think I’m a prude, don’t you,” she giggled.   She then began to move herself up and down, riding my cock.   She began slowly, and then picked up pace more and more.   I exhaled quickly, soft moans escaping as Lexi did the same.   Her tight pussy walls felt so good on my cock, virgin or not.   We picked up pace, entering a frenzied fucking.

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     My hands gripped her body, my right guiding her by the ass to my cock, and my left squeezing her tit.   She rolled her head back as her body began to shake.  
“I’m cumming she yelled!” as the pleasure over took her.   Her walls tightened, being just enough to send me over the edge.   She collapsed in my arms, breathing in looking up at me.   “That was fun, she said. ”   Catching my breath, I nodded.  
We quickly gathered our belonging and I began to pull out of the parking lot.   She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone and began texting.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
Texting Courtney that she doesn’t need to come pick me up.  
“What?” I asked, bewildered.
“You still think after all this I’m a sweet, innocent freshman do you?   I told Courtney I’d find a ride, and have my fun with you, knowing you’d be heading home late tonight.   I told her if it didn’t work to stop by and pick me up. ”
I looked at Lexi, looking so sexy with her hair slightly tossled, slipping back on her cheer skirt.

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     Clever for a freshman, I have to say, and a great fuck.



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