The teacher, aware of her impact on her charges sitting quietly in front of her, slowly reached down and undid her top button. She felt, rather than heard, a boy gasp as she carried on methodically undoing her blouse. The heat she was feeling was tempered by the cool breeze coming in from the window, and she loved the way it tingled on her nipples as she slip her top over her shoulders and exposed her comely figure to the stupified classroom.
She was glad she had not worn a bra this morning, as she momentarily concentrated on the effect she was having on her students, as they fidgeted in the chairs and made valiant attempts to hide the bulges in their pants. Casting her blouse on the chair beside her, she turned a brief pirouette, fanning her long brunette hair around her shoulders.
She moved forward, aware of their eyes following her, and strode gracefully through the class to the rear of the room. She heard the scrape of the chairs as they turned in their seats and feasted their eyes on her naked back. Covering her breasts with her hands, she whirled around and giggled as they drew back in surprise. She even caught Tom, a handsome senior student, adjusting the sizeable bulge in his shorts. She stepped towards him, feeling his eyes move from her breasts up to her smiling face, then down past her hands to her taut stomach, and then towards her groin. He looked up, almost seeming to ask for permission, and she nodded, imperceptably.
Taking his heart in his hands, Tom lifted his shaking hands and reached out towards her. He could hardly contain his nervousness as he got closer and closer to touching her body, a thought that had consumed him over the last two terms. Many nights he had tossed and turned in bed, his young body hard with the thought of her, glimpses of her inner thigh when she twirled her skirt or the rise and fall of her bosum when she was talking racing through his mind as he climaxed, hands shaking as he gently wiped his juices from his stomach and chest.
At the last moment she skipped away, not noticing as his face fell and his hands dropped onto the desk. None of the class noticed his embarassment as they watched their pretty teacher, wondering what she would do next.

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Resuming her place at the front, she dropped her hands from in front of her breasts, and again felt her nipples stir with the breeze. She reached back up and cupped her full breasts, enjoying the feeling of warm hands on cooling flesh. Looking out she marvelled in the effect she was having on her charges, with every eye upon her, urging her on, to go further, to fulfill their wildest dreams.
Twirling around she faced the blackboard, reached behind her, and started undoing the button at the top of her skirt. She unzipped her dress and gently began lowering it over her hips, past her panty line and onto her thighs. She knew from the reactions behind her that they were mesmerised by the sight of her lacy underwear, cupping her buttocks as she stood, teasing, holding the pose.
From the corner of her eye she could see movement, and knew that one of her students could resist her charms no more. Smiling, she turned her head and caught a glimpse of Anthony, in the front row, with his shorts undone, gently stroking his erect penis. Sitting next to him was Wayne, who was torn between the vision of loveliness in front of the class, and the equally exciting spectacle of his best friend touching himself. He licked his lips, feeling his heart beat strong in his chest as his gaze flickered from womanly curves to manly strength; from tanlines and grace to raw energy and movement.
Lifting her hands the skirt fell to the floor, and she turned again to face the class. Anthony was not the only one with his hand in his lap, as the boys` unwavering attention was fixed on her body, moving from her smiling face to her excited breasts down to her womanly essence hidden only by her flimsy panties. Underwear that by now was begining to show the effects of how turned on she was, and was half transparent with the heat and wetness that she had created with her daring transformation from a proper school-maam to an almost naked goddess.
Glancing at the clock she saw that she had plenty of time to continue her "lesson". Taking a deep breath she touched her breasts again, feeling her erect nipples pressing into her palms as she gently kneaded herself, feeling a flush return again between her legs.

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   She licked her lips, gazing around the class enjoying the effect she was having on all the boys.
Tom had recovered from his momentary rejection, and was overcome by the feeling her felt for his teacher. He shuffled in his seat to relieve the tightness of his shorts pressing on his erect member. He too could see that Anthony had taken matters into his own hands, and worked hard to maintain his self control. Gulping, he could feel the sweat trickling down his back as he fought the urge to free his throbbing penis. God, he had never even thought about another guy before, never mind actually watching someone playing with himself, stroking his uncircumcised shaft, lightly touching his balls, eyes closing momentarily as he caught his breath. . .
Stop it. Watch the teacher. The voice in his head urged him to return his attention to the nubile temptress parading herself in front of them. His breath almost stopped as she gently slipped a finger inside the waistband of her flimsy underwear, and started sliding them down. The soft hair, trimmed into a beautiful landing strip above her pubic bone, seemed to shimmer in the afternoon sun streaming in through the window, highlighting her womanly figure in a radiant stream of dust particles, sparkling like stars. Tom rubbed the outside of his shorts, feeling the slight damp patch as his pre-cum moistened the end of his rod.
The teacher stopped with the waistband resting on her clit.

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   A groan rose from the assorted students as they waited with open mouths for the next step in this sexy parade.
It was now or never, Wayne felt, as he focussed his attention on the erect member pulsating next to him. Hands shaking, he reached out, as if in a dream, and placed his hand on Anthony`s thigh, only inches away from the slow-moving hand sliding up and down the hard shaft. He felt his friend flinch, almost stop, before resuming his stroking movements. He looked up to see his friend smiling, almost mocking him, inviting him to move further, take the next step, give in to his darkest desires. . . His own cock felt like it was going to erupt, he was so turned on. He had never felt this hard before, and as he unzipped his own pants he reached out and touched the hairy testicles that taunted him with their ripeness.
Meanwhile the teacher had moved forward again, to stand in front of Tom. She saw the damp spot at the end of the bulge in his pants, and she reached out to touch his arm. He jumped as if electrocuted, but she ran her fingers down his arm until she reached his strong, tanned fingers. Lifting up his hand, she felt the heat eminating from his young body as she placed his hand upon her taut stomach. She flinched as she felt him try to retract his hand, but she held on and felt him relax. Looking into his eyes she slowly dragged his hand down until he felt the soft spring of her pubic hair beneath his fingers.

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   A moan escaped his lips as she saw the bulge in his pants jerk, then relax.
Herself, she felt like she was on fire as she used his hand to lower her panties and disclose her womanly secrets to the young stud in front of her. God, how many times had she sat in front of the class, her groin burning with desire as she watched the young men in front of her, saw the way they looked at her, the way they reacted when she stood close and talked in a whisper to avoid disturbing the rest of the class.
Fate had drawn her to this moment, and she was not about to escape her destiny. . . .
her knees shook as she felt the cool air caress her pubic hair, felt his hand continue to pull her panties down, felt rather than heard the reaction from the rest of the class as she disclosed her secrets to the afternoon sun. Opening her eyes she glanced down at Tom, smiling when she saw his erect member sticking out from his shorts, glistening, throbbing, yearning for her.
Her panties slid down her thighs and landed on the floor. Stepping gracefully out, she picked them up with one foot and offered them to the young man, speechless and statue-like in front of her. He took them, almost overcome with the smell of her excitement as he raised them to his face and drank in her scent.
"Enough was enough" she thought, as she swept the books of his desk and pulled Tom up off his chair, displaying his hard shaft and shining head to the other students. Roughly almost, she undid his belt and ripped the buttons from the top of his shorts to display his jockeys and free up his hanging testicles. She turned him around and sat him on his desk, his pants swinging at his ankles as she sat before him and viewed the prize that was on offer.

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   Smiling up at him, she saw his penis jerk with anticipation as she licked her lips and gently stroked his thigh.
All around students stood, most with hands in pants or pants undone, as she lowered her head and licked the purple head that stood in front of her. Across the room Wayne followed her movements as he lowered his head and licked the moisture from Anthony`s turgid head, feeling his heart skip a beat as he tasted a penis for the first time.
Tom was in seventh heaven as his teacher nibbled on his aching member, gently stroked his throbbing balls, licked up and down his shaft and sucked efficiently upon his young cock. He could feel his excitement rising, even though he wanted this moment to last for ever. Across the room it was already too late for Anthony as he grunted, lifted his hips and shot his hearty load all over Wayne`schest. Wayne, alerted just before the moment of climax, watched in awe as the come flew out and landed across his chest and arms. A stray drop landed on his hands and he rubbed it upon his own head as he continued to stroke himself, harder and harder, excited beyond belief by the softening penis next to him and the semen seeping through his shirt onto his manly chest.
The teacher momentarily halted, her flow interupted by the climaxing couple seated at the front of the class. Tom`s seat was wet with her juices as she returned to sucking his manhood, one hand between her thighs feeling herself moving closer to the point of no return. She could sense that Tom was ready to climax as he struggled to mantain control, jerking his hips and muttering incoherantly. Releasing his shaft from between her lips, she gazed up at him as she stroked his foreskin, quicker and quicker, seeking to release the passion within.
She felt him give one last gigantic jerk as his hips left the desk and his penis exploded infront of her. His juices shot as if jet propelled, wet and warm on her breasts as she milked him for all she was worth, lifting her other hand, wet with her own juices, to cup his balls and massage the last drops from inside him.
That was it for many of the watching students, as she heard the groans of a dozen climaxes and felt the splatter of flying sperm on her arm and on the floor.

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   She felt his thickening juices drip down her breats, and rubbed her finger down her erect nipples, coated in his essence, before relaxing back in her chair to finish what she had started.
The room could have exploded for all she knew as she touched herself in all the right places, felt her button jerk beneath her fingers as she continued to tweak her own nipples. She felt the feelings begin to overcome her as her fingers moved faster and faster over her private parts, exposing herself to the class as they watched her close her eyes and begin the journey to the forbidden palace.
"Uuurgh" jolted from her lips as she started to come, feeling her body swallow her finger as she continued to stroke her cliterous whilest the other hand was forced inside her pulsating opening, wet with mixed juices and overdue for satisfaction. She continued to scream as she came hard, like never before, like the release of so many demons inside her as she collapsed in a heap on the school chair, replete and exhausted.
Those of her students that had not already climaxed had done so then, overcome with the emotion and excitement of seeing their teacher finish herself off in front of them. For many it was their first time seeing a naked woman, let alone one that performed a sexual act, and they too were exhausted.
She opened her eyes, gazing upon the boys clustered around her, in varying stages of dress and composure, and smiled. Life was good, she thought, and she could see the rest of the term getting a whole lot better. . . . . .

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