Lesson in the shower


I was just approaching puberty.  I had a detention that day and was told to go to tidy the shower room of the school gym after school had finished for the day. There was a guy aged around seventeen showering. He spotted me and said Hi. I couldn't stop staring at his penis. It was so large compared to mine. Uncut and I guess slightly engorged from his washing it. "I was just about to masturbate" he said. . . "You know what that is don't you?" I stammered "of course". He asked me if I had ever masturbated and I told him that I hadn't. He grinned "You don't know what you are missing, let me show you". With that he pulled on his foreskin (I am cut) and it started to grow. When he had a full erection he asked me if I would like to touch it. I copied his jerking movement; it felt so big and very hard with a dark purple head and brownish stalk.

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   I guess it was about eight inches and rather thick but at that time when my cock was only about four inches and rather thin it seemed even more gigantic! He let me jerk it for a while but as my hands were small (I was a very little guy) I think I was making no progress for him so he said that he would continue himself. He started jerking again all the time staring at me. I was completely amazed by his movements and was watching very intently. He pulled his foreskin over the head and let it slip back, it seemed to me that he had a completely different sex organ to mine, large and powerful with this amazing foreskin. Finally his eyes glazed and he said "oh oh. . . here I come. " Great wads of spunk arched from his cock. . . I just couldn't believe it, I could see it pulsate. When he had finally stopped pumping he said "Try it yourself" he said. "I shall when I get home" I said. "Let me know how you get on.

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  . . you'll love it!" he said.  The first couple of times I tried I stopped out of fear when the feeling started but finally I carried right on and an incredible intense feeling overwhelmed me. I was standing by my bed at the time and as I came for the very first time in my life it literally bowled me over and I fell onto my back on the bed. The streams of cum shot out onto my tummy. I had never felt anything like it before, my heart was pumping and I was thrilled. After that I wanked at every opportunity, looking at skin mags or anything with a female form, cleavage, or even a sexy looking face. I always stood up to masturbate and would collapse onto my bed when I came as my legs gave way with the pleasure. After a while I found that the intensity wasn't so powerful and I could remain standing. This disappointed me somewhat as the feeling wasn't always so intense but I figured I was just getting used to coming. I decided now was the time to seek out the older guy in the school shower again. One afternoon I saw him leave the gym with his team and head for the showers, he saw me and smiled I waited by the lockers and finally everyone left but him. He was toweling off and asked me how I was. I told him I had learned from him.

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       He knew what I meant immediately and said "come with me and show me. " My heart raced as I followed him back into the shower room. "Well" he said, "what have you learned?" "This" I told him and pulled down my pants and my cock sprang out. I started to pump it and his eyes widened. I was really getting into it when he reached out and took my hand off. "Let me" he said and proceeded to jack me in a smooth long stroked rhythm. He pulled out his cock which was enormously hard and said "see what you have done to me, just touch it gently" I did and it throbbed on my hand. He was still pumping me and I suddenly felt the rush of a come on me. "I'm gonna come" I said and he slowed his pumping to the speed of my thrusts. My orgasm was almost as intense as my very first and it left me breathless as my last shots of sperm trickled down his hand. He smiled and said "Now you try me". He told me to lather up some soap on it and just glide up and down. The soap was a great lubricant and I watched his face as he closed his eyes in pleasure as I pumped that large hard cock that my hand barely encircled. "Mmmm. you are getting the hang of this aren't you?"As his hip movement gave me a sense the speed to go he started bucking harder.

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      "Ooohh here I come" he breathed. I felt his cock pulsate and throb in my palm as he shot out great ropes of cum on the floor and down my hand. "You are a fast learner" he smiled. Now for lesson two. .