Leapers Wood part one


I was a typical teenage boy of the 60's well so I considered myself, three days past my twelth birthday. I had recently found masterbation or wanking as it was called at school. Of course I was just getting the hang of it and played with my dick anytime I was on my own.
So here I was in the local woods not far from my home, I was supposed to be at school but a warm Autumn day made it easy to skip school. I was lying back on a secluded soft patch of ground in the middle of a thicket with my trousers undone and my cock in my hand. I was trying different ways of stroking my cock fast, slow, changing hands, spitting on my palms it all felt pretty good.
'There's a better way than that', I nearly shit myself some body was right behind me and I never heard a sound of them getting close. I had visions of it being a teacher who had found me and was about to drag me back to school to be caned by the headmaster. I looked round it was a man that had just moved into town a couple of weeks earlier, typical of a small town you knew everybody.
My cock had shrivelled at the sound of his voice and I was quickly trying to tuck it back into my trousers, ready to deny I was doing anything. 'There's nothing to worry about I wont tell anybody what you were doing, or that you were skipping school', well those words were good to hear. The guy sat down next to me, I noticed then that he had his cock out as well and to me it looked enormous. 'See' he said 'even grown men like to rub their cocks', he sat along side me and slowly ran his fingers up and down his shaft.

Well seeing as how he was doing it I thought it okay if I stroked mine at the same time being a typical teenager my cock could get hard anytime.
For a while we just sat there stroking our cocks, the man introduced himself as John he went on to say he been friends with some nice young men where he used to live and asked if we could be friends too. 'Wow' I thought he wants to be my friend what I nice man he was.

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   He then  went on to explain that friends often helped friends out, I agreed. He then told me his other friends liked it when he stroked their cocks, infact they used to do it too each other. Like I said I was a 13yr old in the early 60's, naive with it.
So now John was making himself comfortable next to me his fingers slowly stroking my cock, when asked I had to agree it felt nice it felt even nicer when he took my cock in his mouth. Before doing that he explained thats what friends did for each other, special friends that is. When John suggested that it would be nice if I took his cock in my mouth. Not wanting to offend him I was soon trying to take his monster of cock into my mouth, where he was able to take all my cock in his mouth I was just about able to take the head and the next inch or so in my mouth. He also explained to take care with my teeth I had to admit I was getting a hell of a lot of pleasure from his mouth, it was the best feeling I had ever had. To be honest I wasn't too sure about sucking on his cock but he seemed to be enjoying it. I was surprised how it tasted and felt in my mouth, I was getting a bit of a salty taste on my tongue as the tip was leaking. I suddenly felt my balls contract and new I was about to spurt my white stuff out of my cock. John just kept on sucking all the time so that he swallowed each spurt. Not to be out done I continued sucking on John's cock, I felt his shaft thicken then suddenley my mouth was flooded with a salty slimy liquid that I coughed and gagged on it felt like a bucket full, I swallowed some but the rest forced its way between my lips and Johns cock. I pulled my mouth away from his cock and it felt like ropes of his stuff hung from my chin a few gobs spurted even after I pulled away these hit me on my face before slowly sliding down to join the rest on my chin.
After helping me wipe the stuff of my face John told me that it was called semen but most guys called it cum.

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   He also said he had really enjoyed our meeting and would like us to stay friends but we would have to be secret friends. So I crossed my heart and promised that I wouldn't tell anybody what we did today, I said I had enjoyed myself as well and that I had a very nice feeling when he was sucking my cock. John said that he had very nice feelings as well and asked if I would like to visit his house at the weekend, he told me he had other nice things to show me. Of course I agreed, ater all I was the only boy I knew that had an adult as a special friend. So we solemly shook hands and went our seperate ways with a promise to meet again on Saturday after lunch.