Lauren's Adventures Part I


Topic: Lauren's Adventures Part I It was early March; the smell of spring had just arrived in the air. All the girls in Johnsons High School loved the warm weather. The guys didn’t mind it either, for it meant short shorts and flimsy skirts.
But one girl who didn’t notice the change in season was a girl named Lauren. Lauren was 18 and in the middle of grade 18 She had medium length blonde hair, and a perfectly shaped body. She was a gymnast, competing at national events across the country, so her body was lean and well toned. She had small breasts, but made up for it with a perfect ass, made all the better by her wearing spandex pants that showed every detail except skin.
One day, as Lauren walked into school to see her best friend Hannah hurrying towards her. It was obvious to tell that she had something to tell just by the look on her face. Lauren wasn’t sure what it was about, but she secretly hoped it had something to do with Hannah’s date with Kevin, the local hunk.
“I have to tell you something!” whispered Hannah.
“What?” replied Lauren.
“Not here, there are too many people around,” answered Hannah, “follow me. ” Intrigued, Lauren followed without hesitation. This had to be good. They went down the hall and out the side door, where they knew no one would be because the only people who used the door were students who needed to smoke, and the girls were there an hour before school started, so none of them were around.


Hannah stopped around the corner, and it was the first time Lauren got a good look at her. She was about five and a half feet tall with waist length brown hair that made an already gorgeous face even more attractive. She wore a blue polo with the front unbuttoned right open, so anyone taller than her got a great view of her C-cup breasts in a bright pink push-up bra. The sight turned even Lauren on. She wondered how many guys had to walk with their binders held at an awkward angle to block a slight bulge already this morning.
“So what is it you wanted to tell me?” stuttered Lauren as she tore her eyes away from the bright pink bra.
With a quick glance around to see if anyone was near, Hannah began to tell her story. . .
“It was on Saturday night, and Kevin always has football practice. But it rained and rained, so they cancelled the practice. With nothing to do, he gave me a call and asked if I wanted to come over. I asked if he minded if i didn’t wear a lot of make-up, and he said sure, and told me to be there asap. So i through on an old skirt and a t-shirt (Lauren rolled her eyes at this, as Hannah didn’t own an item of clothing worth under $50) and drove over. When I got there, he met me at the door in only a towel, and said he hadn’t expected me so soon.

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   He let me in and showed me to the living room, saying to wait just a second for him to get dressed. Needless to say I almost melted at the sight of him in nothing but towel. Thank god he didn’t get a good look at my legs, because I must have been soaking wet. ” Lauren could imagine, and was getting a little damp herself at the thought of the 6’ 2” blonde with a muscled body in nothing but a towel.  
“As he got dressed I snuck into the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel, just in case i needed it, and stuck it in my purse. He came out a moment later in a white t shirt and jean shorts. For all i cared he could have worn rags and still been knee-wobbling. He sat down on the couch next to me, and we chatted for a bit. He mentioned that his parents were out of town until Tuesday, and his brother was at a friend’s house for the night. We were right up next to each other, his arm around my shoulder, when he offered to show me his room, because he just got a new T. V. We walked over and I began snooping around his room, just out of curiosity, when I noticed a DVD lying under a pair of jeans. I picked it up and looked at it. It had no label on the front or back. That was when Kevin, who had his back turned explaining why this television was better than his old one, turned around and saw me about to open the DVD.

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   He ran over to me and tried to take it from me, but I spun around and asked him why he didn’t want me to see it. He seemed at a loss of words, so i shrugged and opened it. Inside was a DVD with the picture of a girl with her back turned and wearing nothing but a skimpy little g-string. ‘uh. . . that’s not mine!’ he said quickly, ‘My brother must have been watching it while I was away. ’ I rolled my eyes and walked over to the DVD player and stuck it in, hitting play before he could stop me. There was a quick blur of girls flashing their thongs and panties for the camera. I turned to face him and asked him if he liked it. I already knew the answer was yes, because there was a clearly defined bulge in his shorts. The site of it nearly made me faint, but I wanted to keep up the act that I was angry, when really I was turned on by it. I had never seen a porno before, but I knew this wasn’t anything hardcore.  
I questioned him quite seriously, until I asked, ‘if I were to do what those girls on screen are doing, would you be able to jerk off?’ His faced flushed and mumbled a quiet ‘Yes. ’ I pushed him onto his bed and walked a few feet away from him.

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   ‘Well it just so happens I am wearing a thong,’ (again, Lauren rolled her eyes, because she knew from countless sleepovers that all Hannah wore were tiny thongs. She had even convinced Lauren to start wearing them) ‘But I think its only fair that you have to take out your member before I begin the show,’ He didn’t need telling twice. In a flash he had an 8 inch hardon out of his shorts. I nearly fell over from the fact he complied, but the fact it was so big made me fall to my knees. I had only seen Jasons before, and he only had one that was six inches long. I Rubbed the inside of his thighs and worked my way a little higher until he reminded me to hold up my end of the bargain. I stood up and began teasing a bit, revealing a shoulder here, a bit of skin high up on my leg there. He began pumping is hand up and down his member, and I was so turned on I removed my shirt, wearing nothing but a small white lace bra. Kevin began working faster, never taking his eyes off me. I slid my skirt off in what must have seemed like hours to him, to show a matching white lace thong. He got one good look at it and tilted his head back, pumping his fist at a really high pace. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I stepped over to him and kneeled infront of his open legs. I watched as he seemed to be just about let his load shoot, when I stopped him. He moaned as i took away his hand and replaced it with my own, rubbing it up and down at a slow pace, to give him a chance to wind down so I could have some fun with him. I worked my hand slowly, then a little faster, slowly picking up pace.

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   It seemed to be the right technique, because he was worked up in no time. Soon I was going as fast as i could, and he had his head on his pillow. Then i stopped cold, and he looked up, confused as to why i stopped.
I gave him a seductive smile and slowly took him in my mouth, starting slowly, only with the tip past my lips. All the while this was going on, the DVD still played on. I was able to fit all of Jason’s cock in my mouth, but Kevins was longer and thicker, and i only got ¾ of the way down. Soon he was bucking and thrusting his hips each time i went down, then all of a sudden his body tensed up and i tasted something salty. I began to stop, but he told me to keep going. His cum kept pouring into my mouth, and i liked the taste, until at last he slowed down, and I attempted to swallow, but a lot spilled out of my mouth onto his cock. I rubbed it in and gave it a cleaning with my tongue. He sat up and we made out for awhile. I went over yesterday, but his brother was home, so anything we did we had to do quietly and quickly, since he was always running around the house. So it never got past him having his hand up my skirt and fooling around up there,” finished Hannah.
 Lauren just stood there; jaw dropped and just stared in amazement at her best friend.
“What, haven’t you ever done anything with a guy before?” asked Hannah, confused.

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“Nothing that far,” mumbled Lauren.
“Well how far did you and Curtis go?” quizzed Hannah. But before Lauren could reply, the bell rang to tell the students to hurry up and get to class.
“Sleepover, my house, Friday. Just the girls and we can continue this discussion. ” Hannah turned away and walked back inside. Just as she was about to turn the corner she dropped her bag. As she bent over to pick it up, Lauren could clearly see a pink g-string that matched her push-up bra ride right up into clear view for everyone to see, including a few guys who happened to be walking by, and continued to walk with their book bags at an odd angle.
Try as she might, Lauren could not get shake the scene her friend had told, and daydreamed all through the day about the scenario, changing things here and there, like Kevin was naked with a hardon when he answered the door or his brother was home and they both worked on her. The excitement got so high that during history class that afternoon, she looked around to see if anyone was watching her. Most of the kids were asleep, and those who weren’t were keeners and were paying close attention to the lecture at hand. Slowly, so that no one noticed the motion, she slid her hand down the front of her pants and slowly began to massage her drenched pussy through her moist panties. She started slowly, imagining just making out with Kevin, and then it progressively got firmer as thoughts turned to him running his hands all over her body. She closed her eyes shut as thoughts turned to him putting his hand down her pants, rubbing her clit. She slid her panties out of the way and began to mimic what Kevin was doing to her in her daydream.

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   Then she imagined him taking out his massive cock and it was enough to send her over the edge. She let out a half moan that she turned into a cough. She pulled her hand away and noticed it was soaking wet, and so were her panties! She had never masturbated before, and she wasnt sure if letting off that much fluid after was normal. Sexual excitement satisfied for the moment, Lauren paid attention to the rest of the lecture and let thoughts of Kevin drift out of her mind. . .
First story, please comment. Part II is almost finished and I plan to add more 


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