Ken and Christine - A sex novel


I’m happily married to a wonderful woman, but every once in a while Ithink back to some of my ex girlfriends. The one I’ve been thinking ofmost was a girl from high school – Christine.

She went by Chris, and we met a few weeks before she turned 16. I was a few months away from turning 17.

She was a tiny thing, about 5’2”. Maybe 95#. Short (not butch) blondehair, blue eyes, small tits (which I didn’t mind – I prefer small andsensitive as opposed to big and boring) a flat tummy and a tight ass.

I was playing baseball with her brother for the 2nd year when she showedup at one of our games. She played softball the year before, so thatis why she never was at any of our games the previous year. She wasn’tplaying softball any more because the coach had started doing it theyear before that if you weren’t one of the starters for one of the highschool teams in town, you wouldn’t start for her. Chris was a good ballplayer, but not great. So, instead of busting her ass at practice justto sit the bench, she didn’t bother playing.

As we were warming up before the game, all of the guys were ogling hersitting on the bleachers. Being the sneaky bastard that I am, Ipurposely let a warm-up throw get by me, so I could go over and get acloser look. Chris hopped off of the bleachers, scooped up the ball,and made a strong throw back to me.

I smiled and said, “Nice throw.

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She smiled back, “Thanks. ”

Walking up to her I introduced myself, “I’m Ken.

“Chris. Mike’s my older brother. ”

“Sorry to hear that. ”She chuckled at that.

At that point I could here the whistles and catcalls, so I told her I’dtalk to her later and jogged back to where we were warming up.

When I got there, Mike said in a stern voice, “That’s my sister. ”Everyone got quiet. I replied, “Look, it isn’t like I want to marryher…”Before he could get any more pissed at me, everyone else on theteam busted up laughing because they knew the rest of the joke – “…Ijust want to fuck her. ”

After the game, I made sure to say goodbye to Chris. Mike shot me another dirty look.

We had another game a couple days later, and as I was stretching, Chriscame up to me to say ‘hi. ’We chatted for a few minutes, then she saidshe had something for me, and handed me a piece of paper with her phonenumber and address on it. “Call me anytime,” she cooed as she walkedback to the bleachers.

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I made that call the next day. We talked for a couple of hours gettingto know each other, and I asked her out on a date. She agreed, and wedecided to go see a movie the following night. On the night of thedate, I got to her house to meet her parents. They told me they onlyreason they were letting her go out with me was because they knew mefrom the baseball team and figured that Mike could keep an eye on me.

Chris put her arm around my waist and snuggled her head to my chest andsaid, “Oh, he’d never do anything to hurt me. ”She later told me thatwhen she got home her parents said that they were very uncomfortablewith her doing that. I wonder how they would have felt if they knewwhat we did after the movie.

We got to the theater, bought the tickets, went inside and chatted inthe lobby for a few minutes when I announced, “Well, we might as wellget this over with. ”

She asked, “Get ‘what’ over with?”

I smiled, leaned in and said, “Our first kiss. ”She agreed.

I don’t remember what movie we saw – I just remember turning to kiss herabout 18 minutes into the movie, and her shoving her tongue into mymouth.
    The next thing I remember, the lights were coming up, the moviewas over and we had to stop kissing.

    We headed to the car without saying much. When we got in, I asked ifshe wanted to go driving around for a while and maybe get a soda before Itook her home.

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      She said she’d rather go park somewhere. Two minuteslater we were at a park

    This was 1986, and the car that I was driving was a 1970’s clunker thathad a nice, big bench front seat. Within minutes of turning off thecar, I had her blouse and bra off, and her lying on the front seat. As Isaid before, her tits were small(the one time I asked what size brashe wore she “proudly” said she was a full “A” cup. )but sensitive. Before I had my lips on them they were hard. And, as I sucked them theygot even harder. They were dark pink to start, and got even darkerpink when they were hard. Plus, when I say “hard nipples” I mean HARD. I didn’t try squeezing them too hard because I didn’t want to hurt her,but there was very little give when I did squeeze them.

    I had to get her home soon, so our make out session only lasted about ahalf our – it seemed like we were only going at it for a few minutes.

    I got her home with 5 minutes to spare, walked her to the door, gave hera kiss goodnight, and she grabbed my crotch and said, “Your turn nexttime. ”She turned and went into the house. I went home and beat thehell out of my dick. .

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