Just another first timer...


Topic: The first timeBefore the story starts, a little about me to brighten the picture. . .  
The name's Morgan. I'm a white caucasion who turned nineteen a couple of weeks ago (gratz to me). I'm 6"2, buzzcut dark brown hair; weigh 172lbs, brown eyes (like that matters); I body build daily and keep in good muscular shape; I've grown a pretty large dick around eight inches long, pretty thick, and from what girls have told me. . . yeah I've got a big package.  I'm athletic in sports, varsity lacrosse goalie as well as a line backer in football; got a 3. 5 average in the end of high school, and of course in personality I'm a nice guy as well as a friend. Through high school I encountered my share of sex. It wasn't until my senior I finally got a homerun. I was never the top dog of the school but I kept a reputation, helping those in need and when the shit hits the fan I'm not the one to run away (hell of a metaphor). Since I was a nice guy it wasn't until early junior year when I got into a serious relationship. In the future, I plan to go into the marines as a pilot (following grandpa's footsteps).

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. . . and now to the story-
It was Friday, right after lacrosse practice, while me and the rest of the boys showered off. Our coach would usually make us run two miles in the end and by the time we reached the showers, we were close as you can be to death. That practice we underwent more shooting drills than usual, and being the starter goalie of the varsity team I earned my share of bruises. To top that off it had rained in the morning and the fields were in the worse conditions. Undressing all the mud soaked gear was like ripping sticky sandpaper off your ass after running a mile with it. This of course was 'preparation' for the big annual county tourney happening in a week. Our ex-Marine coach was not about to let us slack off before the real training begins.
Another event worth looking forward to was a get together at the movie theater with a couple of friends.  Quarter-exams had just ended, and all our teachers were starting to become more easy-going. Although I was working on getting into the local military academy, I decided to take advantage of the free time.
After a bruise burning session in the showers, we all began to rejuvinate thanks to the warm air conditioning blocking out the chilling late Fall wind. Dressing back casually began to revive our senses, starting up numerous conversations about hang outs, girlfriends, bitchy teachers, etc.

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   While I continued to dress, Devin took to the bench opposite of mine.
"Hey, good practice man. " He spoke out while pulling on some sneakers.
I thanked him, "Thanks, dude. Keep up the good D and we'll win that tourney for sure. "
We talked a little about how the practice went until he brought up his seperate issues.
"This whole shit about Zoe hooking up with that asshole Jack," he began.
I felt some sympathy towards him. He had been dating Zoe for the past two years until they, mostly 'her', decided to break up. He wasn't taking easy to her hooking up with an old rival. "Hey," I assured, "it ain't gonna last, it never does. "
"Yeah," he still seamed rather low on hope.
While we both walked out of the school towards the parking lots, we stopped to joining the small group teammates flirting with some of the members of the female swim team who just had been let out of practice as well. Not in any rush, we both joined them as well.
After joking and chatting around , the group began to break up with everybody leaving for their rides.

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   While walking along with some other of my teammates discussing the get together at the movies, I heard my name get called out.
Turning to the voice's direction, beyond the fence along with some of the remaining swimmers there stood Diana Jewls.
"Aren't you gonna say hi to me?" She smiled with her white perfect teeth.
I laughed a little for the moment and greeted her. She was a junior who made friends with me one year back. She was a rather short girl, a good 5"8. She was tanned brunette with long straight hair and glistening green eyes. She was one of the top swimmers in the county talented enough to enter the olympics, giving a nice fit physique. Which people thought was amazing about her was how she still was one of the best even though she had large breasts weighing her back (another reason she was popular among the crowds).
"So," she stared out at the mud slick fields, "looks like practice was fun. "
"You have no idea. "
Seeing that I was caught up in a conversation, the rest of the group moved on sending goodbyes on their way out while we both began to share each other's stories. An occasional laugh was all I needed to shake away all the pains and bruises.
"So you doing anything tonight?" I asked her, "Me and some of the guys are headed up to the movies later on, wanna come?"
She gave stare towards the ground, "To be honest I wanted to ask you if you had any plans. "
"Whatchya' got in mind?"
She smiled.


   "Just a hang out back at my place. "
"Who else is coming?"
"No one," she answered, "just you, me, and Spark. " She was refering to her dog.
Although I wanted to think of it as only a 'hang out', my mind wouldn't stop thinking of the opposite (go figure). "Uh," I said a little slow in thinking, "yeah, sure. I mean if it's alright with your parents. "
"Yeah," she answered, "no problem with them. Just tell them you're my lab partner, you know how gullable they are. "
"Yeah," I laughed a little still uncertain about the decision. "But I'll have to come by later. Work for me is in an hour. "
She smiled. "Cool, I'll see you at. . .

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"Perfect! See ya' then. " With one final goodbye, she left to her car.
Once she was out of my sight, I finally snapped out of a trance, noticing I had been smiling the entire time as she walked away. 'Wow. ' I thought to myself. With a final deep breath, I regained focus and made my way to my Harley. The ride back I felt a little uneven, remembering how big of a hard on I had back there.
That night while working landscaping at a local farm food drive in, I got a call from Devin asking me about the movies.
"I can't bro," I explained, "something's come up. "
"It's not another 'working overtime' shit is it?"
"Nah," I asnwered, "it's Diana Jewls, that junior girl I'm friends with. "
There was an akward silence.
"Dev? You still there?"
After a short silent pause, his voice returned. "Hm? Oh, sorry dude. Just got finished telling the group you've gotta fuck date. "
I sighed.

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   "Dude, it's only a hangout. "
"Anyone else going?"
"No. "
"Parent's gonna be there?"
"No, well maybe. I'm not sure. "
He laughed over the line. "Then gratz dude! You gotta date with a nice piece of ass!"
"Nothings going on, save it. "
His tone calmed. "Yeah, if you say so. "
I was about to hang up before he dashed in another line. "Oh, yea bro. Just in case it does happen, make sure to let me know how it went, later!" With blurting out the last few words he hung up, giving him the last word.
Although I was rather pissed off, I couldn't help but think 'What if he's right?'
That night I pulled into Diana's driveway. Before I only heard about how she had two elevators and three floors to her house. But when I parked off to the side of the round-about driveway, I couldn't help but feel amazed at how stupid I was to reject those rumors. Strapping my helmet onto my seat, I walked up to the large two way doors and rang the bell.

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   In no time, I saw Diana behind the glass windows next to the doors.  She wore a pink T shirt and grey sweatpants as she greeted me while opening up the door.
"Whassup? Took you long enough. " Her bright smile looking onto me.
I chuckled. "A simple hello would of been nice. "
"Oh, I'm sorry. Did that hurt your feelings?"
I sighed. "Yeah. . . jerk. "
She laughed and began leading me into the house. I gave a hello to both of her parents who were in the kitchen. It wasn't the first time meeting them.


   Before I used to do lawn work for them so my reputation was a good level.
The two of us then went on to watching TV in her large family room. While watching her favorite comedy show, I heard her parents yell out to them. "We're headed down to the Barlows for a drink. We'll be back in a couple of hours. "
With that they shut the door leaving only the sound of the TV to fill the silence of the huge house. There was a short silence between both of us until she spoke out.
"About time they left. They'll probably be back in the morning. "
"So I guess one hour to your parents seem like one day. "
She chuckled. "Hey, come up to my room. I wanna show you something. "
With little room to deny, I followed her up the stairs. I tried to keep my cool, but I knew this was leading to something more than a hang out.

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   "What do you wanna show?"
"Just wait," she answered back, "you'll see. "
When we entered her room I was amazed at how it looked as if it were as big as the family room downstairs. "Damn," he felt myself say, "even have your own bathroom. "
"Cool, huh?"
I nodded slowly in agreement.
"Come over here," she said, "you're gonna love this. "
As I walked over to her, in almost an instant she turned around and I felt her lips meet mine. Slowly I felt her tongue slide into my mouth as I began to give in and do the same. I felt her hands slide up and rest on my chest as I felt my own hands move down her sides and rest on her ass. She got even closer to me squishing her big tits against me. We made out for another minute until we stopped and backed away from eachother.
I sat down on her bead rather shocked from the quick moment. When I looked up to her, she had already taken both her shirt and sweats off standing only in her white and pink underwear. She came over, her hair dangling freely behind her, while her tits bounced a little with each step. When she stopped in front of me starting to pull my T shirt off, she spoke, "Told ya' it was a surprise, you like?"
"I like. " I said pulling off a faint smile.

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Once my shirt was off, she began pulling at my belt. I helped her by unbuckeling it while she pulled the jeans clear. Soon we were both half naked with only our underwear on. We began making out again, with her sitting on my lap faced towards me. I reached around her and began sliding my fingers under her panties and begin rubbing on her smooth ass. In only a moments notice, she removed her bra while getting up to take off her panties. She stood bare in front of me and I felt my cock begin to grow. She got back onto me as we continued making out on the side of her queen sized bed.  Seconds later I felt her hand slide into my boxers. She stopped as she felt around me squeezing softly at my shaft.
"Feels big. " She said softly while still feeling me
Once she spoke I felt her hands slide my boxers free off me, releasing my rock hard cock. She laughed a little and I could see how she was impressed at my size.
"You wanna hear something funny?" She asked. "This is my first time.


"Me to. " I said. And we both chuckled.
She kneeled between my legs, took a hold of my shaft and began stroking it up and down. I felt my cock become even more harder from her stroke. The sight of her tiny hand rub my penis up and down. I felt my eyes close as I began to slump back still sitting up. While enjoying her strokes, I felt my senses all of the sudden go berzerk. Instead of the rubbing sensation, a warm wet feeling came about. Looking down I could see her head move back and forth as the top half of my penis slid in and out of her mouth. I could feel her tongue begin licking around the underbelly and sides. I had never felt better in my whole life.
I took a deep breath as she continued to suck down on me. For her first time, I was amazed she could fit that much of my cock down her throat. Watching her blow me was almost to much to take, although the sight was amazing.

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   After twenty seconds of head, we laid back on the bed with me behind her. She was on all fours with her legs spread and I could see what she was expecting.
I got behind her on my knees placing my hand on her hips. "You sure you wanna do this?" I had to ask, "What if. . . "
She began tapping on a bottle filled with pills. I figured what she was saying, so I continued on.
When my cock was touching her buns, I slowly picked it up pushing it into her wet shaved pussy. I heard her let out a gasp as I plunged even deeper into her. She was definently a virgin. The sides of her hole were so tight that I felt myself move slower than before making sure I wouldn't hurt her. Once I began on my second thrust, I felt she wasn't as tight as before. I moved a little faster as she continued to loosen up. I felt better and better as I fucked her in and out.

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   Occasionally she would moan only convincing me to move deeper. As we fucked we moved to different positions, from the side up, until we ended up with her ontop riding my cock deeper than before.
She started moaning louder. I could tell she was close to her orgasm, and so was I. But before I could, she beat me to it. I felt her juices slide down my cock. She fell forward onto me exausted with my dick still inside her. Although she had just gone through her climax she continued to rub on my cock. She looked up to me breathing deeply. "That felt amazing. "
"Yeah," I answered back gasping myself.
"Guess I should return the favor, right?"
With that she pulled out and moved down towards my cock. Once again I felt her warm lips take in my cock. She began moving in a slow deeper fashion. It was too much handle.

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   In seconds, I shot my huge load into mouth. Looking down I saw some begin to slide out of her mouth down my shaft. Once I felt the last bit of cum ooze out of me, I saw her sit up and grab a close by cup letting all of my cum drop out into it.
"Sorry," she said, "first time tasting that stuff. "
"Sorry I didn't warn you. "
"Nah," she answered back, "here, let me clean that up. "
Bending down again she began licking up all the cum she missed. Although I just cummed, it still felt amazing having her suck the juice off my balls.
Afterwards we laid down together, exausted and worn out. Although I protested that it was better if I left in case her parents came back early, I soon gave in. That night we slept with covers off, still hot from our previous intercourse.  The next morning I woke up to the feeling of her lips around my shaft. Before I got out of bed to leave, she gave me a goodbye blowjob. Leaving back to my house was the dizziest experience I ever had.
The entire first time with that girl was the best experience I ever had.


Comments please, this is my first story and would love some kick ass comments. If you guys like this one I'll post part 2 up.
And yes, we did turn into a couple and sleep with eachother until the end of highschool.  Homerun baby!