Just Another Day in Paradise, Pt. 2


"Fuck you Tana!  If you're getting laid tonight, then I am too. "  With that being said, Addie began to undress right then and there. "Addie, you can't!  This is something special that Randy and I are trying to do.   Please, just leave. ""No tana," said Addie, "I am just as horny as you are.   Randy can have a lot of fun with two of us.   Right Randy?""Well, it is every man's dream, but I want Tana tonight, not a threesome, but eventually!" he said with a laugh. "NO NO NO!  You're gonna fuck Tana and me!  NOW!"  Addie, now completely undressed runs to the couch and begins to kiss Tana.   Tana, having a secret confession, being bi kisses back to this hottie.   Tana breaks the kiss to finish sucking off her stud.   Randy, as any man would do, just sits back and lets her suck him dry.   Addie leans forward and begins to eat out the shaven pussy of her best friend.

  A little stunned, Tana gags on the 8 inch cock in her mouth.   "OK girls, why don't you BOTH suck my dick?" Randy asked his two fuck buddies.   The girl begin to lick the shaft and balls of this star football player.   "I am about to blow my load.

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  "  Randy pushed their heads back to where they can catch all the cum that is flowing from his purple head. I know this is short, but I'll add soon, I promise. .