Just A Day For Fun


I was in the same city that I was doing the dog sitting in Alabama and I was not really horny but I never turn down something nice. Yes, a teen and one that had an adult body, what the fuck. Anyway, I walked to twn one Saturday and was just going in shops and when I did it seemed people were talking about me, you know the feeling you get. If they were then I was going to give them a litle show and so I went to a rest room and took off my bra and slipped it into my back pack. My skirt was a little past being a mini skirt and so the thong came off too. I unbuttoned my shirt two buttons that puts it open to the top of my cleavage and walked out. The people in the store saw the difference and some looked and some tuned away. It was lunch and I stopped at a dinner that had a reputation of being, well, the waitresses had side jobs it was said and so I set to find out. I sat at a booth and the waitress, in her 40s came over and looked at me like she might be bi at least. I order a BLT and drink and she said, "Is that all Hunny?" and I looked at her. "can you suggest something for desert?" and she smiled, "Depends on what you might like. " and I said "well, can you suggest something?" "I could but I am not sure what you might like. " she said and was very close to me. She shifted her legs and stood very close and her legs were now apart but not too much. I moved my hand to the inside of her thigh and went up until I felt that she had no panties on and my fingers found a nice wet pussy, shaved and sweet. I took my fingers out and sucked the juices off them.

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   "More of that would be great. " and she said. "can dersert wait till three? I get off then. " and I said Sure, if I get an all I can eat desert desert bar. " and she said I could.

I ate and she told me to be out front at 3 and so I walked around and went to other stores. Again and again I got stares and looks and some offers. I was walking past some guys and they all whistled and asked if I was for real and how much it would cost. I stopped and walked towards them, the 6 of them stood there but did not seem so confident now. THey stood outside of a garage and were working on a car. I stepped up and let my back pack fall off my shoulder and then opened my blouse and invited them to see if they were real. They stepped up looking out at the street and one by one massagged my tits making me hotter than I already was. "Well, any other questions?" I said and was waiting for them to ask "how much" and I looked at them. "Thos are the nicest tits I have ever seen. " one guys said.

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   "Thanks, for you it is free then. " I said and pushed him back inside the garage. THe rest of you it will be $5. 00. " I undid his pants and was on my knees in front of him and they said, "Five for a blowjob?" and I said, "There are three places it can go, mouth, pusy or ass, take your pick. " and I swallowed the cock in my hands. He was ready cause he filled my throat with his load quick and I swallowed it down. I stepped inside now and pulled up my skirt. "Okay, pay first them play. " and the 5 of them gave me $5 each. I bent over for one to fuck my pussy from behind and another said he needed a blow job so I did that for him. The other guys wanted to fuck my ass so I gave them what they had paid for and they all filled up my pussy, ass and mouth. I said "Thanks guys. " and left, shirt back on and cum dripping down my legs.

I walked past houses and two women in their 50s stood in the way and so I started to go around them when one grabbed my arm.

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   "Yopu are a little slut. " she saidand I said "Yes, I am. " and walked on then I remembered them in a car the week before kissing each other like crazy outside town at a park. I stopped and walked back and undid my blouse some, "So, you two are going to take caer of this little slut or I will let everyone know that the two lesbians live next to each other and are married. " and they stood there looking at me. "Well?" I said and one said, "Come on in for some tea. " and I followed them in and as we got inside I walked to one and kissed her deep and she kissed me back. My clothes were off on the floor (again) and I was undressing her when her friend objected and I grabed her and kissed her deep. She resisted at first but her friend was behind her undressing her. Now all three stodd there naked and there was still cum flowing down my legs. "Ladys, I have a little insident earlier and was raped by some guys, I need you to clean me up some. " I said and laid on a day couch and spread my legs. "Or everyone will know about your meetings at the park. The looked at each other and one got down licking me. "Swallow it to.

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  " I said and she did. After a little the other took her turn on my ass and she licked me clean. "Lay down now, let me take care of you. " I said and they did and we began eating and sucking each other like crazy. I made sure to leave love marks on them in places that they would have to cover up. I got up, al hot and sweaty and they were too. "Well, I have a 3 o'clock appointment so see you two later. " I said and left.
    I got to the dinner and she was there and we walked to a car behind the building. We got in and she indid her blouse and her 38DD tits were there fore me. I sucked them as she drove to the country and up to a house. "The only thing is that I have some guys waiting for me today, regular customers, and maybe we can put on a little show for them, what do you think?" she said and I said "as long as I get the desert. " and she pulled in laughing.

    We went in and she said "Hey" to everyone and then told them, "I owe this young lady desert and was wondering if you guys would mond watching before we get to what you paid for?" and they all said yeah in various ways. A mattress was put in the middle of the living room and we stripped and began kissing and sucking and licking until we were eating each other out and orgasms soaked her face.

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       She had nice ones too and I ate them all up. We both laid back and she said, "Now guys, she is a customer of mine so not part of the deal you paid for. " and one asked me, "Are you wiling to make some money lady?" and he pulled a wad of bills from his pocket as did the others. "Sure, I need the cash to pay for school supplies next year. " and they all laughed. "What college you going to hun?" one said and I said, "I have to finish Middel School first. " I said and they all got quiet. "Shit, fucking jail bait. " one said and they all started to back off. "She is shitting us, no one has a bod like that in midle school. " and I pulled out my ID. "Pass it around. " I said and they all were now not interested. "Tell ya what, how much can I make if I rape each of you?" and they laughed. "Really guys, how much to rape you all.

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      " and they started at %50 and so I said, "Okay, "Oficer, I don't knowwhat happened and please don't lock me up for raping these men. " and they laughed and I pushed one down and opened his pants and mounted his cock. The waitress was now busy too and so we had men al over us. The sun was going down and she and I were kissing the last one good bye out the door. "Damn Hun, you are god. " she said and we kissed, and then I said, "Well, either give me a ride to home or I will have to stay the night. " she got dressed and I did too and she drove me home. "Maggie was at the dor and as we walked up she ran and hugged Grace and they kissed (full tongue kiss) and we al walked in. They were old friends and so Grace stayed the night with us at out house.

    Grace was always a great friend and more. And that small hick town let some of it's prudery go after that.