Just a Day At Work


I was 18 years old and it was the summer before my senior year of high school. Each summer I spent my days working for a trucking company hauling boxes, furniture, or what ever else was being shipped into the new homes they were building in my town. Most of the houses were moving people into were in the rich part. I mention this because all that were usually around were lonely housewives and their occasional pre-Madonna daughters. I did not complain much, they were usually a got sight to see.
Being running back on the varsity football team and running track in the spring kept in good physical shape for my summer job. I am not that built, but I am 6’1”, brown hair, green eyes, my body is pretty average-athletic. Not very muscular, toned torso and mid section with a somewhat revealed six-pack, and what some girls have come to call a rock-hard ass. All I can say is, I am the way I look and don’t usually exploit it for an easy score.
One day a few of us were moving some boxes out of a house into the truck when a few of us decided to take a lunch break. Me being the youngest I had to stay at the house with the truck for two hours while the others went out. I did not mind as much since I usually got to hang out by the pool.
I was over by the pool and sensing no one was around I got down to my boxers and just laid there with my sunglasses on. As I turned to look at the house I saw this older woman starring at me, by glasses were opaque so she could not tell I was awake. Next, she started to rub herself a little bit, but then immediately stopped.
She looked like a beautiful woman.

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   She was bout 5’11”, long black hair, brown eyes, 34E cup size, and some long slender legs. I got up off the deck chair and put my pants back on, leaving my torso exposed. I went into the house where she was in the kitchen at the sink. With her back to me I leaned up against her and said, “I saw you looking at me…. how would you like to see some more. ”
She tried to turn around but I didn’t let her. She was saying things like it would be wrong or somebody would find out. I told her I can keep a secret.
“Come on, don’t you want me?” I said as I pushed my hardening cock up against her ass.
“You want to know what its like to be young again?” As I moved my hand to her panties.
I then began to rub her clit softly through her panties. They were snug on her and made my soft circles around it give her a shiver.
“My husband hasn’t done this in months”
“Pretty girl like you…I have you every night. ”
At this point I was pushing myself up against her ass as I rubbed her clit and licking and kissing her ear lobe and neck. I then took my other hand and her suck on my fingers.

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   She couldn’t take it any more and turned around to see e there with my shirt off. As she left out a soft sigh she took my head in her hands and gave me a passionate kiss. I tongues entangled each others as we caressed one another’s bodies.
She moved the kissing down from my mouth to my neck, then my nipples, licking and kissing each one. As she moved her tongue down my abs she got to her knees and slowly undid my pants. They fell to the floor now making perfectly visible my 7” hard on. As she removed my boxers I was now standing in her Kitchen naked not knowing when the guys would com back, but I did not care.
She began stroking my cock slowly, then a little faster. She licked the head a few times giving me a sensation that I never felt. She began to such and use her tongue around my cock going deeper and onto it each time never taking the whole thing in.
“I can’t take the whole thing in, help me?”
Here I was about to fuck her face. As I was hesitant she took my hands and placed them on her head. As I was now thrusting her head on to my cock feeling a gentle caress of her teeth up and down my shaft. I told her I was about to cum, but just kept fucking her face. She tried to remove her head, but I didn’t let her and forced to swallow all of my cum.

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She swallowed it all and wanted more. She then began to start titty-fucking my cock. As she placed it between her gorgeous breasts she began to move it up and down. I took the back of her neck for extra support as I watched my dick move through those gorgeous orbs. I never got hard so fast, even after just bursting my load down her throat. A few more quick times and I shot a load all over her face and tits, she licked it up and said “Yum. ”
As the I heard a car pull up I got dressed. She told me that the stuff wouldn’t be out until tomorrow and that the bedroom wasn’t to be moved until then. She asked me to come by later so that we could finish where we left off. I was more than eager. As I walked out naked to the pool she slapped by ass and said… “Can’t wait till I get me some of that. ” By the way I am Karen she said…oh yeah, I am Mike.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
That night I came back wearing a tight shirt that showed off my body and khaki shorts.
As I rang the door she answered wearing a black silk robe.
“My don’t we look handsome…you won’t be wearing that for long.


We went up the stairs and went to her the master bedroom and a king size bed. I took her into my arms and began kissing and licking here entire body. As we did this, she managed to take off my shirt and pants (I wasn’t wearing any underwear). When  I got to her clit I began to return the favor from this afternoon. Gently I began licking her while my hands massaged her breasts. She shoved my head more into her crotch and I shoved my tongue down her love hole. I quickly began licking her clit faster and faster, pressing my tongue down her hard. As she cummed onto my mouth I began to lick up her juices. She then pulled me up and stuck her tongue down my throat to taster her own juices. I got really turned on by this.
As we got up she grabbed me by long hard shaft and took me into the adjacent shower room. It was one of those stand up stalls that had a lot of room with several different shower heads beating down on you. We got in and told me to get up against the wall and spread like I was ready to be frisked. The warm water pouring down my face. She took some lotion and rubbed it  over her hands.

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   She then got to her knees and began to lick my ass, I never thought it would feel this good. The feeling of her moist tongue filling my insides was incredible. To top it all of she took other hands and began to give me a reach around, gently stroking my cock as she moved her tongue around my asshole. I never thought anything could be this good. I had no control over the situation, but it felt great.
She later got up still holding my dick and had me lift her up against the walls and stark licking her again. When we got out we dried each other off and frolicked around a little bit. I carried her over to the bed and began to feverishly kiss her entire body. I got on top of her and began to gently make lover to her giving her the feeling of each sensation as I went back into her. Her legs wrapped around my ass to go in harder, but I didn’t until I wanted to after she began slapping my ass I started to pound her as hard as I could. We climaxed together. I thought we were done, but then she told me to fuck her ass and this time hold nothing back. She wanted me to treat her like whore.
She leaned over the bed I got in place to begin fucking her. She was talking dirty and hand me spank her a couple of times, I just kept ramming her and she didn’t want me to stop.

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   I grabbed her long hair and pulled her head back to do it cowboy style and this made her get more dirtier. I then took both my hands at her pelvis and began to pusher her into me as I rammed into her after several times she came when I pulled out my cum was dripping out of her ass.
We laid in bed for awhile and I snuck out the next morning before work.