Julie's Story - Chapter 2


Authors Note: This story has been written by alexispablo@yahoo. com.   I do not give permission for anyone to use this character yet, in any manner.   I would like to explore her life more before such permission is given.   Any comments should be directed to the above email address.
Disclaimer: This story depicts an underage teen in a nude scene.   It is not sexually explicit, but not for minors in their own area or those who do not like to read about a pubescent teen getting naked.   I guess it is kind of artistic.
Julie’s Story
After Julie’s short lived adventures in the school toilets after school, Julie settled down a little.   She did like to strip off completely before putting her pyjamas on at night, but aside from that, there was nowhere she could go without some large risk of getting caught.   As luck would have it, her parents went away for a romantic long weekend, leaving Julie at home by herself.   Julie had never told a serious lie, nor was she a troublesome child, so her parents felt confident enough leaving her at home with enough food to tide her over till Monday afternoon.
Saturday morning arrived, and Julie’s parents left after explaining everything to her so she knew what to do if something serious went wrong, and how reheat food.   Her parents hugged her and left, up the rather long driveway and onto their romantic getaway.   Julie went inside and sat online looking for someone to talk to.   Having no such luck early Saturday morning, she flicked through the various music video channels on her TV to find something worth while.

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    Fortunately, there are enough music video channels to flip through and always find something interesting, and Julie watched TV while eating her breakfast till about midday, where she grabbed lunch and kept watching TV.   It was about 4 in the afternoon when Julie realised she better get started on her homework, and so she went back into her room.   Her room was a simple room, there was a low dresser with a mirror on top, a tall bookshelf that mainly had trinkets on it against the wall to her right as she walked in, in the right corner against the right wall and the entrance wall was her computer, then against the back wall was her bed, with a window halfway down the bed.   If it was sunny in winter, it would warm her feet in the morning.   On her left wall, there was a wardrobe and a larger dresser, without a mirror.   Most of her clothes were in there, with her coats, shoes and robes in the wardrobe.   All of her jeans were in the wash, but they would usually find themselves back to the wardrobe once dry.   Julie grabbed her schoolbag, and picked out her homework.   She worked on it till about 7, when her stomach started rumbling.   Noticing the time, she went and prepared dinner, which was quite pleasant to eat.   After dinner, Julie went back into her room and finished off the last bit of her homework.  
With that completed, she went and hopped in the shower, which she had forgotten to do that morning.   Her shower was peaceful, and relaxing, the warm water washing over her had a soothing quality to it if she closed her eyes.   She washed her hair, as she did every Saturday, and Wednesday evening.   She usually took her showers in the morning, but she would be late for school if she washed her hair on a Wednesday morning.

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    Her shower finished, and she dried herself off with a towel and walked down the hallway and into her room.   Just as she was about to get dressed, the phone rang.   She was expecting a call from her parents.   She wrapped the towel around her, and quickly ran down the middle of the hallway to where the phone was.   It was her parents.   They had arrived safely, and Julie spent little time with them once she knew they arrived.   It was the middle of summer, so she was not feeling the least bit cold after her shower, though with the air conditioning on, it was a little cool.   Putting the phone down, Julie’s towel draped to the floor.   Julie quickly picked it up and wrapped it around her then went back into her room without thinking about it.   But what had happened is that Julie’s breasts felt a slight tingle being out in the open.   The rush didn’t hit her until she went into her room and had the door closed.   Julie looked into her mirror and dropped the towel, exposing her naked body to herself.   Her nipples were already hard in anticipation.   Julie had come to enjoy this brief moment, which was always short lived because of noise on the other side of her door.   But there was no noise tonight aside from the TV which was left on.

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    She stood there a little longer, looking over her body.   Maybe she could open her door and look around?  No-one was home, and she could do something like turn the TV off.   But not feeling safe enough, she wrapped the towel around her once more, and opened her door.   She looked around, then checked all the rooms in her house.   Her house wasn’t large, but the property was.   She lived on a small acreage in the outskirts of a populated town.   Her street was almost always empty, and with an abandoned property one side, and a market farm the other, neighbours were minimal.   Making sure the house was clear, she went back into her room and stood inside the doorway.   She unwrapped her towel, and left it on the floor in her room.   Quickly and excitedly, she went and turned the TV off, and went back into her room.   She felt safe with the house to herself.   What else could she do like this?  It was almost bed time, so there was little to be done.   She picked up her towel, and put it back in the bathroom, making sure to take her time this time around.   Her air conditioned house felt relaxing and cool against her naked skin, her heart was beating faster, and her nipples were pretty hard.   Once her towel was hung up, she looked into her bathroom mirror.

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    It was larger than the mirror on her dresser, and she could see down to her knees when she got close enough.   She looked at herself again in the mirror, her hair was still wrapped up and drying in her towel, but her shoulders were now bare, and looked different without hair around them.   The bones were more prominent, and she looked stronger.   Her breasts were their usual selves, the pink nipples now relaxing a little, getting used to this naked state.   Her breasts stood out more when she stood straighter.   Looking down, her stomach had always been flat, but with the rigorous workout of recent hockey practise, it looked a little firm.   And her pubic hair, dark brown and recently cleaned had its usual small curl in it.   Her legs were recently shaved, 2 days ago to be more precise.   The hair on her legs wasn’t going to come back for at least a week.   Staring at herself for a minute, she left the bathroom and went back into her room, looking for her pyjamas.  
Since it was summer, her sleep attire consisted of a nightie that covered down to her thighs.   It used to come down to her knees, but that was a few years ago when she first got it.   Because of that, she wore boxers to bed, plain red ones.   She had a blue pair that swirled in and out of light blue and royal blue, but they were in the wash as well.   She always wore underpants under her boxers, it felt more comfortable that way.

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    She had her nightie on, and as she was picking out a pair of underwear, she felt a little adventurous and put the boxers on over her bare bottom.   She still had to brush her hair.   Feeling a little disappointed she didn’t do it naked, she tied her hair back and went to bed.   She felt a little uneasy at first, but warmed into the boxers and soon fell asleep.
She slept in on Sunday morning.   It was about midday when she woke up, the warmth outside was too much for her, even though the air conditioning was on.   She wandered out of her room, forgetting she had no underwear on and made herself breakfast, which was now her lunch.   She had nothing to do today, and there was little to watch on TV, so she decided to go for a swim.   Just out the back of her place was an in-ground pool, which was heated.   But since it was summer, the heating was only used to regulate a reasonable temperature, not making the pool too warm.   Julie finished her breakfast and went in her room to get changed.   Seizing the moment, Julie took her boxers off and realised she didn’t wear any underwear.   Lifting the nightie, Julie’s nipples hardened in anticipation, and she lifted it above her head, leaving it for a second so she could see herself, then took it off and grabbed her bikini.   Being self-conscious about her body, Julie didn’t wear it out much, only around friends and at home.   She didn’t feel comfortable wearing it when her extended family was over either.

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    She had a modest one-piece for that.   But her bikini was a nice shade of light blue, and fit comfortably around her body.   Checking herself out in her bikini, she grabbed a towel and went out to the pool.   The pool was pretty much always on, so it was always a comfortable temperature.   If it was too cold, Julie knew how to change it anyway.   Julie hopped in, and slowly swam to back and forth down the pool for a little while.   It was relaxing, and on a warm day like this, the cool water was welcome.   Feeling the elastic in her bikini had become uncomfortable down the front of her right breast, Julie lifted the top of her bikini out, and adjusted herself.   It was common, the bikini itself had seen a summer, and was getting a little worn out.  As she adjusted herself, a cool gush of water ran over her breast, and hardened her nipple.   A rush ran over Julie as her nipple tingled.   Julie looked around.   Could she?  She swam to the deep end of the pool, and sat in the corner seat there.   No-one was around.   Only the sound of the water hitting the edges, making a soft dripping sound caught Julie’s attention.

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    Slowly, she undid the back of her bikini, looking around.   No-one could see in, unless they were standing nearby.   And her house was locked, she hadn’t used the front door since her parents left.   She slowly moved the bikini away from her chest, the cool water rushing over her nipples felt exciting.   She took it off completely, and let it sit beside her.   At first, it floated, then it started to fall to the seat she was on.   Julie covered herself once more and checked it was clear.   Feeling comfortable it was, Julie dropped her arms and slowly swam to the shallow end and back.   Once she was back, she felt a little more comfortable.   Maybe she should take her bikini bottoms off.   She slowly dipped her hands inside the sides, and drew them down her thighs.   She stopped for a split second, then let them fall down to her ankles.   She collected them and put them beside her with her bikini top.   The feeling was great!  She felt so light in the water, even though the bikini didn’t weigh anything.   She felt excited that she was doing this, and swam to the other side of the pool and back.

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    She looked up and noticed the cloud cover coming over her now.   It looked like it was going to cool down.   A breeze ran through the trees nearby.   Julie decided it was time to get out.   She grabbed her bikini, but decided to put it on in the shallow end.   Looking around at the shallow end, she thought to go one step further and step out of the pool naked and get dressed inside.   She covered herself as she got out, and picked up her towel with the hand that was covering her chest.   As she wrapped the towel around her with both hands, a cool breeze blew past again, chilling her wet naked body.   She felt a little conscious of herself after that, and went inside and had a warm shower.   She didn’t feel like looking at herself in the shower mirror, or her dresser, she dressed normally, and found some friends online she could talk to.
Time passed and eventually Julie got around to making herself something to eat.   It was getting late, she had been online longer than she thought.   But seeing as there was nothing else to do, she sat online a little longer after eating, and wasted the rest of the evening.   When it was time for bed, Julie took her clothes off, and looked at herself in the mirror, as she usually did now.   She put her nightie on, and remembering earlier that day, she lifted the nightie slowly.

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    She raised it to her thighs and stopped for a second, then raised it to just below her chest and stopped again.   She paused a little longer this time, then raised it to just above her shoulders, exposing all of her, except for a band of nightie that was covering her neck.   She felt excited this way, and she looked at herself a little longer, then dropped the nightie so it fell to her thighs.   She nervously made the decision to go to bed without any bottoms on tonight.   She hopped in bed, and tried to go to sleep.   Half an hour passed, and Julie, who would usually be asleep was still awake.   She felt uncomfortable sleeping like this, but was adamant that she would.   Feeling a little restless, Julie decided to get herself a drink from the kitchen.   She stepped out of her room, and feeling confident no-one was home, she went into the kitchen and got herself a drink.   Even with the air conditioning on, it was a warm night.   She didn’t really notice that she wasn’t wearing any pants until she ducked down in the fridge to put the bottle of coke away.   A cool breeze rushed over Julie’s inner thighs and pubic hair.   Her nipples stiffened again.   A rush of blood to the head made Julie wonder what she could do while only in her nightie.   She walked around the house, but it didn’t do much for her, because she had done it in a towel before, and turned off the TV naked.

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    As she walked passed the front door, a thought crossed her mind.   Should she go outside?  This time of night, not many people would be awake, but the lights outside were on.   If she went outside, no-one would know she was naked under her nightie unless she lifted it.   Maybe if she just stood outside for a moment, to soak in the warmth of the night.   Feeling this was a good enough reason to stand outside, Julie opened the door and peered out.   No-one was around.   She stood outside the door and closed it, making sure it was unlocked.   She found her thongs just outside the door and put them on, maybe she could go for a walk.   It was safe enough, she had done a walk up the driveway heaps of times, but she was wearing more than just a nightie and thongs when she did it.   She walked up to the top of the driveway, slowly and quietly.   It was a calm night, and a warm one too.   Julie was feeling a little nervous at the top of the driveway.   There was still ten metres between the gate and the road, so she was a reasonable distance from the road.   She heard a car coming, quickly, she darted back 20 metres and ducked down, making sure her nightie covered her knees.   The car passed without incident.


    Julie took a deep breath, and stood up.   She was shaking, but at the same time, wanted the same rush.   She decided to stand closer to the gate and not duck this time, and see what happened.   Fortunately, another car soon passed, and passed Julie without hesitating.   What a rush!  Julie went right up to the gate this time and waited.   Another car wasn’t coming.   She felt a little disappointed and wondered what she could do now.   Without thinking much about it, Julie unlocked the gate and opened it slightly.   She took a small step out of the gate, towards the road.   She kept walking slowly, toward the road.   Once she was at the road, she took her thongs off and stepped barefoot onto the road.   It was rough, but tarred over so it wasn’t too rough on her feet.  She felt excited doing this, but before she got too far on the road, she saw a shadow cast by lights in the distance that she couldn’t see yet.   A car was coming.   Quickly, she went back to the gate, and stood inside her property by the gate.

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    The car ignored her.   She walked back to the road.   She wanted to walk all the way across it.   She did so, quickly and excitedly, and then put her thongs on and stood in the middle of the road.   No-one was coming from either direction.   Feeling silly, Julie sat down on the road, making sure to cover her bottom with her thin nightie.   No cars were coming.   She was feeling curious now.   How would the road feel against her bare bottom?  She lifted up the back of her nightie and sat crossed legged, pushing the front of her nightie over her, so she wasn’t exposing herself.   It felt intriguing at first, then average.   It was cool, and poked into her bottom here and there.   She stood up, and looked around.   No cars were coming still.   It was a pretty empty street anyway.   Feeling adventurous, Julie lifted up her nightie a little.

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    She didn’t expose anything, but a little higher and she would have.   This was exciting.   She took it a little further, lifting her nightie to her waist.   It was a little nerve-racking but the rush of blood told her it was ok.   She continued, now her nightie was just below her breasts, exposing half of her naked body.   She looked around.   Nothing was coming from either direction, and no-one was around.   Quickly she lifted it above her breasts, then to her shoulders.   She stood there for a second in that pose, then turned around and made the same pose facing the other direction.   She put her nightie down, and walked to the side of the road near her gate.   She took off her thongs, and in one swift movement, her nightie was off.   She walked to the middle of the road, covering her naked body with her bunched up nightie in her hands.   Once there, she dropped her hands, and stood there for a moment, then faced the other direction.   She walked back to her thongs and let go of her nightie.   Confidently, she walked to the middle of the road, naked.

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    She looked around, certain no-one was there.   She looked in one direction and closed her eyes for a second, then opened them again.   No-one was coming in either direction.   She closed her eyes and counted to five.   She was all alone.   She did the same facing the other way.   No-one was coming when her eyes opened.   She felt safe out here too, the loneliness giving her strength and confidence.   But she had spoken too soon.   A car was creating shadows with their lights.   She would be able to see it soon.   She quickly grabbed her nightie and put on her thongs, then rushed for the gate.   Impulsively, she stood at the gate, covering her breasts with her nightie when the car passed.   She was naked from the stomach down.   The car passed as if nothing had happened.

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    Julie felt shaken from doing it, but it gave her a huge rush of excitement.   She put her nightie on, and walked back down the driveway without incident.   She went inside, locked the door behind her and fell straight asleep when she went to bed.   What a night!
The next morning, Julie woke early, and had her shower.   As she looked at herself before she got changed, she remembered the night before.   How exciting!  She didn’t want to be caught, but being naked was great.   She got dressed, and had her breakfast.   Her parents walked through the door, they had come home early.   She had lost her time to herself, but she won’t forget it.   What’s in store for Julie next?  Wait and see.





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