Jason and Katie


Jason awoke that Monday morning dreading the day. School, teachers, homework… they were getting old, and steadily more boring as he got older. But this Monday was going to be worse than the rest though, since he’d have to go through the day without his girlfriend, Cara. He broke up with Cara the previous Saturday after a 2 year relationship. It hurt and he struggled to shake thoughts of Cara out of his head as he got out of bed to take a shower.
He undressed, looking at himself in the mirror. He was your average 18 year old. 6’1’’, 170 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, somewhat muscular frame from years of athletics… not a half bad looking kid. He stepped under the warm water and a memory of him and Cara making love in that very shower washed over him… he immediately erased the image from his mind and refused to think about her for the rest of the day.
He finished his shower, got dressed, ate breakfast and was off to another exciting day of school. He arrived 18 minutes before class started and was surprised to see Katie standing by his locker. Katie was beautiful. No other word could describe her. 5’4’’, 110 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, perfect breasts, and an ass that every guy dreamed of having next to him. Katie greeted him with a wave and a sexy little smile,
“Hey there Jason, how’s it going? I heard the news about u and Cara… sorry. ”
“Thanks, its been kinda ruff but, I’ll live.

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  ” Jason replied with a little sigh.
Katie put her hand on his shoulder, “If you ever need someone to talk to… you know my number. ”
“Yeah, thanks… I might have to take u up on that offer. ” Jason said with a smile.
Katie giggled, “ Looking forward too it. See you later. ” And with that she walked away, her perfect ass hypnotizing him with each step. “Wow!” Jason thought “I’m definitely callin’ her!”
The day continued without much excitement. Until lunch came and he found himself in little situation. He and Cara had eaten lunch together everyday… he guessed that would have to change and he found a deserted table and began to eat his food in solitude. Soon after he sat down Katie sat down right across from him with that same sexy smile she’d flashed him that morning.
“Hey there big guy… how goes it?”
Jason was surprised. He’d talked to Katie in the past, but she never seemed to go out of her way to talk to him… but he liked the company and honestly couldn’t get enough of that body! “It’s goin’. ” Jason replied.
A very awkward silence followed… Katie was the one to break it.

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“So u ready for that Chemistry test tomorrow?”
“ Heck no! That stuff is like a different language to me!” Jason said.
“Well I could tutor you if you’d like that. ” Katie said with a devilish little grin.
Jason couldn’t believe his luck! “Sure, my parents work the swing shift every night so they’re always gone by 7. . . you can come by any time after that. ”
“Cool,” replied Katie, “It’s a date, I’ll see u at 7. ”
Jason spent the rest of the day waiting for 7 o’clock to come. After school he quickly took a shower, shaved, and got his parents to leave as soon as possible. At a little after 7 the doorbell rang. Jason opened the door and immediately felt that familiar sensation in his groin. Katie stood in front of him wearing a black mini skirt that showed off her tan legs, and a pink top that revealed just enough cleavage to make him want more. He stared at her in a daze until she finally snapped him out of it.
“Can I come in?” she asked.

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“Yeah sure,” Jason stammered still taken aback by her beauty, “Make yourself at home. ”
Katie sat on the couch and placed her books on the table. The 2 got right down to business working on Chemistry problems and after about 45 minutes of studying, Jason finally understood it all.
“Lets take a break,” Jason requested, “I’ll get you a soda. ”
Jason went into the kitchen and got them both a Pepsi. He handed her the soda and sat down next to her on the couch. They sat in silence sipping their drinks for a few minutes. Katie, was again the one to break the silence.
“Do you think I’m pretty?”
Jason froze… did he hear her right? “What?” he asked in surprise.
“Do you think I’m pretty?” she repeated with a sexy grin.
He couldn’t believe it. The most beautiful girl in school was well, making a move on him. He saw his opening and knew there wasn’t a better time to tell the truth.
“No, I don’t think you’re pretty…. I think you’re beautiful Katie.

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She looked into his eyes and knew he was telling the truth. She too found it the perfect opportunity to tell him the truth too.
“Jason, I’ve liked you for so long… I can’t even remember a time I didn’t think about you. ”
Jason looked into her eyes. They were locked in a trance. Katie felt that familiar wetness between her legs and longed for him to be inside her. She’d wanted him for so long, and now, she just needed one sign that would give her the guarantee of letting her passion go. Jason made the first move… he slowing brushed his hand against her cheek and that was all she needed. She tackled Jason, forcing him to lie on the couch with her on top of him, feeling his hard cock pressing against her stomach as they kissed passionately. Seconds seemed like hours as they stayed locked in a kiss neither had ever experience before. Soon, Katie lost control and reached her hand down to the cock she ached to feel inside her. She unbuttoned the fly of Jason’s jeans and ripped them off as quickly as she could. She then stared at the large bulge in Jason’s boxers and began breathing heavier as the reality of having his manhood just behind the thin layer of cloth. She reached her hand to the elastic of his boxers and ripped them off, letting his cock spring to life in front of her. She gasped in surprise at the sight in front of her.

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   He was bigger than any guy she’d ever been with. By her judgment, at least 9 inches long… she almost passed out from excitement. She had never been so wet in her life… she wanted this cock more than anything in the world… and she had it! Without a single word she took every inch of him into her mouth. Jason cocked his head back and let out a low moan. He couldn’t believe it. Cara had never been able to take that much of his cock, and this girl had taken every last inch… no questions asked. Katie soon picked up a good rhythm, bobbing her head up and down on his massive cock. She began to hum with each bob… which drove Jason crazy! She could sense he was close and contemplated taking his load in her mouth… but that’s not what she came here for. She wanted to feel that monster cock in her tight little pussy! She wanted to ride it and feel him cum inside her. She stopped her oral attack on his cock, and looked into his eyes. They both new what was next. He undressed her with ease and soon the naked body of a goddess stood before him. The look in her eyes said all the words she couldn’t say and the urges they both felt left nothing to doubt. He held her close and kissed her lips, but she already had her mind on other things. She loved him, there was no doubt… she always had, and now she wanted to show him… even if she couldn’t say it.

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   He still lay on the couch with his cock standing strait in the air… she could feel her wetness dripping down her leg, something that had never happened to her, and she knew this was right. She positioned her shaved pussy above his waiting cock. She looked into his eyes, the love was there, they both felt it… and without a word she let herself fall onto his rod. They both let out a gasp as he felt his entire length slip easily into her pussy. She sat on his cock for several seconds, savoring the feeling of being completely full. She soon began to rock back and forth slowing loosening up her pussy and relieving the tension, preparing her pussy for the fucking of a lifetime. After a few minutes she began to move up and down on his rod, feeling every inch go in and out of her tight box every time. She moaned with pleasure as the pace quickened. He tilted his head back and joined in with her moaning, moving his hips up and down do meet her wonderful pussy. She screamed and moaned in pleasure and the silence that had been shared between the 2 since the beginning of their experience was broken as Katie let out a moan and screamed, “Fuck me Jason! Fuck my little pussy!” This was all Jason could take… it was time for him to take control! He quickly stopped Katie, and stood up. She stood up next to him wondering what he had in mind… hoping he would put his wonderful dick back into her throbbing cunt. “Turn around sweetheart. ” Jason whispered in her ear. The feel of his breath on her ear make her tremble and she obeyed his order. She spun around and with a little bit of force Jason bent her over for the ramming of the century! He thrust his cock inside her and she came almost immediately… making her entire body shake! “FUCK!!!” screamed Katie in a state of complete pleasure.

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   Jason seemed to ignore her earth shattering orgasm and continued to ram the fuck out of her pussy. She loved every second of it and let him know it!
Her screams only made him go faster, and she loved it! She seemed to be cumming constantly. He had never fucked a girl so hard in his life, and the fact that she wanted more only made it hotter. She moaned and screamed for more, “HARDER BABY! GIVE ME THAT COCK JASON! FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME! OH SHIT! GIVE IT TO ME!” He loved it… and didn’t want it to end, but soon he could hold back no more… he started fucking her harder and faster than either of them thought possible, and Katie could sense his urgency to cum.
With that Jason was brought over the edge. She shot a load into her that seemed to fill her up almost instantly. She felt his hot seed flow into her and came seconds after him, finally feeling what she’d wanted to so many years. He pulled out still spraying cum on her ass and back. Finally he stopped. Katie turned around and was more than happy to clean off his cock by sucking every last drop of cum off his dick. They were both exhausted… completely drained of all energy they fell asleep on Jason’s couch in each others arms. The last words they spoke being “I love you. ”



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