Jack in the Library


He was sitting at his desk with little to do. He had finished his nightly list of tasks and still had two more hours until the shift would end. The reference librarian had gone home an hour before due to not feeling so well. She often took early nights off after a busy morning, she was getting old. So here Jack was, a young college student stuck at work on a Friday night, in a library none the less! His friends always gave him shit for it. What was a 22 year old male doing working at the front desk at his University library? The answer was simple; he was sort of a nerd and loved books! Though Jack loved books he was slightly embarrassed of this and hid it behind other more masculine hobbies like taking on reckless drinking events on the weekend and seducing half drunk party girls. This lifestyle kept his friends of his back about being a male librarian and so Jack was quite content in his life.

Lately though his job was starting to lose interest and jack was getting bored and always tried to finish early while sweeping at the guests toward the door before closing. It was this particular night the jack was a bit more anxious to get home. He knew there was going to be some crazy drinking going on a house party where his friend lived and could not wait for this shift to end. When there was about an hour left in his shift everybody had left and there library was empty, besides his presence. Then as Jack was getting ready to close early, a person ran up to the door just as he had locked it. He looked up to shake his head at the library being closed but as he saw who it was he mind suddenly stopped and shifted towards another whole thought process.

She was in a hurry and couldn’t believe she had forgotten to stop and get that book for her final project.
So upset with herself she made herself go all the way back to the school, determined to obtain the book. She was not going to fail that class! She was not the most studious of girls but enjoyed school, except for when due dates came up so quickly.

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   She had completely procrastinated the project and was now paying for it. She could be at home right now with a few chill friends smoking out and watching a random movie while all wound up in a warm perfect high, but instead was going to be stuck talking to a creepy old librarian for pointers on how to write this damn paper in the right format. So she ran to the door and just her luck the door was being locked, but she wasn’t about to give up and knocked.

She could barely see him but she could tell he was not old, but rather pretty young, he age in fact, maybe a couple years older. He hesitated for a second but then quickly opened the door back up and asked, “Can I help you?” She was taken back for a second. Before her stood this six foot male, with inviting blue eyes and a fit body whose arms looked toned and muscular. He really was an attractive man and she felt her cheeks flush with warmth, before remembering to answer his question. “Oh. . umm, I need a book that is somewhere in the library. ” He invited her in and asked her was book it was and she said it was some book of essays about the psychology of impulsive behavior. As she followed him to the desk she could see the walk he walked and the shape of his really nice ass. She couldn’t believe what she was thinking and tried to stop. Boys were off limits for her since Ryan, fuck him. She noticed his gaze as she caught herself looking at his now turned body, with her focus on his crotch.

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   She looked up quickly, “Sorry, I was spacing off. ” She hoped he didn’t notice.

As he asked her a few selective questions about the book he typed the important info into the computer but he couldn’t keep his mind off of this girl. Jack knew she had been starring at his crotch and that excited him. Jack knew he was attractive, but he always loved when he caught a girl checking him out. But beyond that he kept having to look up at her as she leaned over the desk counter. She didn’t seem to notice but she was showing so much cleavage, that Jack felt himself aroused at the thought of this girl without any clothes. She was about 5 foot 7 inches with a little waste and shoulder length light brown hair and such beautiful green eyes. She really was a sight and Jack was enjoying every minute of it. It was too often a gorgeous college chick walked into his library late at night. In fact he’s pretty sure he’s had fantasies that started out like this. Too bad those sort of things never happened in real life. “I found the call number for you. If you just take this you can find the book you’re looking for towards the back. ” He hesitated, thinking maybe he should go help her but didn’t.

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She hesitated as well and when she saw he wasn’t going to come she slowly turned around, disappointed but suddenly remembering her focus. As she turned he could see her perfect body shape. Her slim waste complemented the shape of your ass and the shape of her breasts had still caused his slight erection to grow even harder, that must have been the reason he didn’t go back with her. He noticed she was wearing a little spring skirt with colorful designs made to look like an artistic landscape or something of the sort, he wasn’t quite sure. But what he did know what how sexy it made her look, until she turned the corner and he could no longer see her anymore. Jack calmed down for a minute and then decided he would go check on her and off he went, fighting his urges so as not to embarrass himself, but as he turned he saw her and stopped.

This girl… no, young woman was on her tippy toes trying to reach a book from the top shelf but couldn’t quite reach. She hadn’t noticed him and so he just starred at her outstretched shape. Jack could really see her legs now and they were slightly tan long legs that flowed easily into her shapely ass. She must not had known that her skirt had folded up a little and so one of her cheeks could be seen and that drove Jack wild, as he tried to rearrange his package to something not so obvious. He could also see part of her stomach where her shirt lifted due to her stretched arms that left her breasts hanging down from her body. She looked like a helpless angel; a beautiful temptation.

She had noticed him when he first came to check on her but since he had stopped to stare she thought she would pretend not to notice him and put on a little show. She reached as far as her body could, making sure to emphasize all the curves of her body. She loved the attention she was getting from him and she felt herself getting aroused by it.

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   She felt herself getting moist and hoped he wouldn’t notice, yet she couldn’t stop teasing him.

Jack finally decided he would move in and see if he could help. “Did you need help getting that?” She turned as if she hadn’t known of him being there before and shyly pulled her shirt down and putted her butt down, pretending to look presentable. “I just can’t reach the book I need,” she pouted, “can you help me?” At this point she tried reaching again for it. “Yes, let me help you. ” And instead of grabbing the step stool at the end of the isle, or simply grabbing the book for her, he had decided to lift her up and allow her to make the feat. So he walked up to her and as she stretched further for him, he kneeled down and placed but hands around her left thigh and started to lift. Jack was so nervous, but he could feel her smooth skin and sense that light sexy womanly scent that turned him on so bad. He felt his hands begin to sweat and knew she needed to hurry.

She had no idea how to react, she never thought he would actually come pick her up to get the book, and when he touched her thigh she wanted to melt. Though he was just lending a helping hand she knew she hadn’t been touched like that or right there for a long time and she wanted it. Before she knew what was happening she had begun to get wetter, she was so turned on. She tried to focus but it felt as if she was having a light orgasm from his touch and she could not focus, but managed to grab the book, she as it felt like she lost balance.

As Jack held her up he felt her starting to slip, was it really his hands or was she getting wet? He was confused, he was projecting too much of his feelings onto her, there was no way. But nevertheless if she didn’t hurry his hands might slip and drop her and as she finally grabbed the book he felt his hand slip upward and she fell down.

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   He reacted fast to try to catch her and no sooner did he realize that he had caught her with his hand yes, but it was up her skirt and his hand was placing much wanted pressure on her moist vagina; her tiny panties hadn’t done much to hide the liquid desire she had for him.

Though he had caught her, she had no balance and fell forward, face to face with him on the ground. She didn’t know what had happened but as she came to she saw she was cheek to cheek with him and quickly lifted her head up. She hadn’t noticed it but because of the pressure on her pleasure spot she had started to rock back and forth, slightly. He noticed, but said nothing. He started to gain confidence and he moved his fingers enough to get around the light cotton barrier to her treasure trove of desire and pleasure. He penetrated with one… and then two fingers and he could feel the tight sexual grip of her pussy around him, she was getting wetter and wetter.

She couldn’t believe what she was doing but she wanted it and so she didn’t stop. He moved his fingers like a god, making her his goddess. She could feel his cock growing harder as she dry humped him right above it. Knowing she was turning him on turned her on even more, feeling that his now rock hard penis was trying to escape the confines of his still fastened jeans made her start to feel the buildup of an orgasm from being fingered. He now had that perfect rhythm and speed that she liked and she knew she was about to cum. She was moaning, quietly but louder as it was about to happen. She grabbed his free hand and placed it on her right book and as soon as he grabbed it her hands fell to his chest, she could feel the muscle, and that’s when she screamed. “Ahhaaammhmmm!!!”

He felt it building up in her and he knew she liked and Jack wanted nothing more than to be free to feel the same pleasure as she did.

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   She forced him to grab her tit and that made everything clear to him, she had wanted him the whole time and now he had his chance to give it all to her and so he worked his hand felt her cum. The scent and feeling of the intense passion happening under that shirt of hers drove him wild and he felt her collapse on his chest, with his fingers still within her flower. He was so hard but just let her lie down on top of him. As he pulled his fingers out slowly he could feel her chest compress against his as she slightly moaned and was breathing heavily. After just a moment from letting his fingers drip her juices she shot back up and scooted down quickly before he had a chance to think.

She couldn’t think straight, usually she was done for after an orgasm that intense but for some reason she was determined to have more. She wanted more! So she shot up and moved down so that her delicate hands could find the lock that hid the key to her desire. She unbuttoned his jeans so quickly that his hard cock was out of his pants before he realized she was off of him. She saw his penis and it was just perfect. He was slightly bigger than average and not huge. She had often thought about this and knew that guys talking about huge dicks turned her off; she didn’t want a huge dick, but small wouldn’t do either. She wanted a perfect shaped 7 inches of pure sexual pleasure to release the tension that was still burning in her loins. She clasped her hand around his girthy gift for her and started to stroke it. It felt like it was growing in her hand and noticed the faces he was making. His eyes were closed and his mouth kept twitching slightly, she knew he was in heaven, yet she wasn’t even close to through with him.

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   As she started to stroke harder and faster she knew she would need some lubricant and so she used to the best thing she had and bent down and put the tip of his penis in her mouth. “Oh my god” she thought, this was perfect. It fit just fine and he tasted so much better than any guy before him. She loved it and sucked harder and got into the rhythm of putting more and more into her mouth at a time and was really getting into, she no longer noticed the moans and facial expressions of him. She no longer cared, this was her toy and she was enjoying every second of it.

The moment his shaft entered her sweet, innocent looking mouth Jack shot up and leaned up to get full view of this angel of pleasure with her head in his lap.
    He watched her in ecstasy as she devoured his cock, filling her mouth to the brim. He was getting close to cumming and he wanted to let her know. “I’m gonna cum soon…!” she loved it. She wanted to taste his cum and she worked harder for it at this point. She even used her hand to find his, which she then placed on her head. With his hand now on her head and about to the point of bursting he used his strength to push her up and down on his hard cock, pumping faster and until the moment came, and it did pretty quick. He felt the release of his milk into her mouth and he fell on his back as she took over again, sucking it all down. She thought to herself, that this was all too perfect. He was the right size, he tasted good, oh and looked good and felt amazing! She loved that he didn’t force her into anything and that though he could take control at times, its what she wanted.

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       She wanted to share the control and so far the night was perfect. She was no longer in the library book shelves but rather had been transported to anywhere and everywhere and she was perfectly content. She smiled.

    He pulled his torso back up so he could get another good look at her, he had just came in her mouth and now she was smiling back at him. No girl had ever done that for him. He didn’t know what to think so he just looked at her. She was determined to take this night all the way through, no more playing. She wanted to get down to business. And so she kept stroking his cock, keeping it hard for her next trick. She slowly pulled his pants off as she slid her panties to the floor and then sat on top of his manly tool, letting it slide perfectly into her. She started to ride it, slow at first but building the flow as she went. He took control from his side and matched her rhythm with his own. He then pulled her down to him and kissed her. They kissed for a long moment, just as they parted they stopped a cm from each other and just looked into each other’s eyes. She saw the strength and desire in them, while he saw beauty and will power in hers.

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       He then quickly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and thrust it over her head to remove it. She was wearing a yellow, lacey bra… but not for long due to the finger in the back that had just unhooked it and tossed it to the side. He peeled his shirt off as he starred at her now exposed breasts. They were large B’s… or small C’s, he couldn’t tell at the moment, but what he did know what how amazing they looked there hanging down, inviting him to explore them.

    At this time she felt completely free from everything, there was only her and this man that lay beneath her. She was his muse, she was giving him more than she could give and she could tell he was thankful. They were rocking together pretty heavily by now and both were moaning pretty frequent and loudly; she let out a short scream every now and then, but they both could sense that the climax was about to happen, they felt each other’s body change the pace, as if racing for first prize and both of them wanted it. As they neared the end both her and Jack came together, her drowning his penis in her juices as he filled her up with his. They both collapsed her on top of him. They just lay there, not thinking. It was their nirvana.

    He woke up and saw they she was still sleeping, her head on his chest. He smiled, but felt sore. He saw her cell phone by some books that had fallen to the ground and he reached for it, seeing that it was now 2:36 am. The night had kept going even though his world had stopped.


       Jack thought it best to probably wake her up and so he shook her. She looked shocked at first, but the entire night came back to her really quickly. She started to laugh, and that made him start to laugh. She sat up, with her chest still bare, though she hadn’t realized yet. “What happened?!?!” She was so surprised with everything. ‘Well, a lot did I guess. ” They both laughed and decided they needed to get out of there. She was still in shock and wondered if she would regret this later, she felt as if there was no way she could. They slowly got dressed, both of them peeking at each other, shyly, still hoping the other wouldn’t notice.

    Jack said he could clean up because she looked like she was now in a hurry. He walked her up to the front desk to check out the book to her and then he handed it to her. She went in for a kiss and they embraced into a prolonged kiss; she loved the feel of his tongue against hers and soaked up everything part of his kiss. All of a sudden he felt her grab his once again aroused package and play with it. He just then realized this night wasn’t over just yet. He grabbed her little waste and turned her around, now kissing her neck, right below the ear and slowly further down and around, as his hands found their way to her breast and one the other to mound and slit that made them both feel so good.



    Jack undid his pants and freed his hard cock and sent it to its destination within her blossoming bud. He bent her onto the desk further and she was waiting for it. She wanted him, even though she didn’t normally like this position, she wanted it from him. He stood there, not being able to think from the pleasure he was feeling, from penetrating her and feeling her tight pussy around him. He sped up and she moaned louder and this went on until she had felt another orgasm tickle her body, she couldn’t feel her hands. “I’m going to cum, babe!” “Give it to me!” She said. He was about to burst and wasn’t sure where so he pulled out and turned her around and came on her chest. Breathing heavily, she rose and kissed him. He kissed back and used his hands to rub his seed all over her chest and breasts. Just the feeling of him being rubbed against her nipples turned her on some more. They continued to kiss and embrace in a much disheveled, clothes missing, and hair a mess sort of way. They loved it.

    She finally stopped it, “I have to go!” “But wait, what’s your name?!” He asked in desperation. She winked at him and said, “Oh, I am sure a smart guy like you can find out who this book is checked out to…” She winked again and then blew him a kiss as she ran out the door.

    He looked her up that second… “Alexis Nixon… (509)250-1686…” He smiled and walked to go clean up all the books.

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    After picking up the last book, he saw she had left her panties. He laughed and placed them in his pocket, smiling.



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