Jack & Donna.......& Nicole, Chapters 7 & 8


Jack & Donna……. and Nicole
Chapter 7
            Jack spent most of Saturday over at Donna’s taking care of several jobs around the house. Donna was out doing errands when Nicole finally got out of bed at 10:30. Jack had taken a break and was drinking a cup of coffee at the kitchen table when she came down. Nicole was wearing what she normally slept in, a t-shirt and panties. This t-shirt was a bit shorter than some of the others and when she bent over to get some things out of the refrigerator for breakfast, Jack was treated to a clear view of her cute ass. The panties were white and a little bit worn making them almost translucent and she seemed to take a long time getting everything out. Jack recognized that she was showing off and just decided to enjoy the show.
            They chatted through her breakfast and Jack asked if she had a good time at the party the night before. Nicole said it was fun except she had hurt her ankle dancing. Jack offered to take a look at it and moved over to where she was sitting. She turned to face him and when he knelt down to check out the ankle, he noticed the short t-shirt had ridden up and the front of her panties was exposed. Because her legs were slightly spread and the material was thin, he could see the shadow of her dark bush. Her eyes caught him checking it out and she gave him a slight smile.
            After breakfast Jack went upstairs to continue his work. The house was older and many of the windows were drafty.

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   He was installing some weather stripping to help keep the rooms warmer. Nicole went to take a shower and he asked if he could work on her windows while she showered. She agreed and went off to the bathroom. He heard the shower running while he worked and a few minutes later Nicole appeared with only a towel draped around her. She explained that she forgot to get some clothes and bent over to get some things out of the drawers of her chest. She had nothing on under the towel and this time he was treated to a lovely view of her naked butt.
            Donna returned and had lunch with Jack.
            “How was your morning with Nicole?”
            Jack wasn’t sure what to say but decided to be honest, “It was fine, but I think she was going out of her way to show off a bit. ”
            “What do you mean?”
            Jack described the three things that happened.
            Donna thought for a minute and said, “I know she’s adjusting to having a man around and with just the two of us she never had to worry about how she was dressed.   Both of us never gave a second thought to running around in our underwear. And then again maybe she has a little crush on you and wants to get a little attention. Want me to talk to her?”
            “No, it’s ok. I just thought you should know. ”
            “I do appreciate that.

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  ” She smiled at Jack. “So, does my little girl turn you on?”
            “Well, I hate to say it but I don’t know of any guy who would not react to that. She has a nice little body. It’s like looking at a younger you”
            “I know. I’ve seen her undressed. She’s getting very sexy. Do I have to worry about leaving you two alone?”
            Jack remembered the pictures and thought of how sexy she was. “I’m only normal. I’m going to look. But that’s as far as it goes. Besides, you give me all the affection I need. ”
            She leaned over and kissed him. “I can be your little girl anytime you want. ”
            Donna and Nicole went out shopping during the afternoon and Jack joined them later at a local restaurant for pizza. He asked what they had bought and they told him they would show him later after they got home.

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   Nicole and Donna were smiling and Jack felt as if he had missed something.
            When they got in the house, Nicole said she had to give Sarah a call and ran upstairs, leaving Jack and Donna alone. Donna asked Jack to sit down, “It turned out to be a more interesting afternoon than I planned. ”
            “What happened?”
            Donna saw the concerned look on his face. “Oh, don’t worry. I told you Nicole was growing up. It’s just happening a bit faster than I realized. She told me this afternoon that she had oral sex for the first time last night. ”
            “I guess she is growing up. Is she ok?”
            “She’s more like me than I knew. She’s been sort of dating a boy named Josh. They’ve made out at several parties. A few weeks ago she jacked him off with her hand and last night she gave him her first blow job. He even came in her mouth. ”
            “How are you with all this?”
            “A little shocked.

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   I wish I had known earlier. She has had a lot of sexual things thrown into her life all of a sudden. First you and me and then this thing with Josh. She even went online to get some advice. ”
“She met a guy who gave her some advice. I’m just glad it wasn’t some crazy pervert. ”
Jack hesitated. He knew he had to tell her. “That guy online. That was me. I got her screen name when I fixed her computer and thought it would be fun to chat with her. She surprised me when she asked for advice but I figured it would be better coming from me. I hope you aren’t mad. ”
She laughed. “So you were the pervert.

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“It was me. I have to admit I enjoyed learning about her budding sexuality. I guess it’s that innocence and curiosity of a young teenage girl. The whole thing was exciting to me. ”
“I can understand that. I guess all guys have a thing about younger girls. This afternoon we ended up having a long, very intimate talk about sex. We discussed everything and I mean everything. Afterwards, we went to Victoria’s Secret and picked out some sexy lingerie. A real girl’s afternoon. ”
            “Sounds like she needed it. ”
            “I think we both did. Want to hear the real shocker?”
            “You mean there’s more?”
            “She was watching us from the stairway the night we had sex in the living room. She saw everything; the two of us making out, when I was sucking you, my little dance, and me riding that beautiful cock of yours. All the time she watched she was rubbing herself.

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   She said watching me suck you made her want to do the same for Josh. ”
            “She told me online. Not sure how I feel about being watched. Guess we added to her education about sex. Where do we go from here?”
            “Well, we really got closer talking today. Since she shared everything that was happening with her, I told her everything about us. She looks at you as a part of the family now. ”
            “I feel honored that she has accepted me like that. I feel like a part of your family. I’m not sure what to think about all the intimate details she knows. ”
            “I wouldn’t worry about it. We have shown her that sex is a beautiful thing and nothing to be embarrassed about. I want her to have a healthy attitude about it. She wanted to know if she could watch again. ”
            “You would consider that?”
            “To be perfectly honest, yes I would.

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   Certainly I want most of our time together to be private. But I am also excited about continuing to let her share in this too. I know it sounds crazy but it seems like it is what she needs right now. How would you feel?”
            “I’m willing to give it a try. But it has to be your call. She’s your daughter. ”
            “Good. I told her maybe once a month we could try something. The other times she respects our privacy. If it’s ok we have a little experiment planned for tonight. Are you up for it?”
            “Sure. What do I need to do?”
            “Just wait for us in the bedroom. ”
            Jack sat on the bed wondering what they had in mind. A few minutes later he heard their footstep and they entered the room wearing robes.
            Donna began, “How about a fashion show?”
            Jack smiled, “Sounds good to me.

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Chapter 8
            Nicole put on some music and Donna began a dance. She slowly undid the robe and Jack got a look at the new lingerie she had purchased. It was a blue teddy, almost shear, with a tiny pair of matching panties. Jack felt himself harden as he watched her dance. After a few minutes, Donna lifted the top off and ran her hands over her breasts as she moved in front of Jack.
Jack whistled and cheered, “Now this is what I call a fashion show. ”
Donna turned away from him, bent over and slid the sheer panties down. Now naked before him she danced and ran her hands over her body. The song ended and she joined him on the bed. He kissed her and her hand rubbed the bulge in her pants.
“You were wonderful. ”
“This looks a little confining. I think we need to make you more comfortable for the next performer. ” As Nicole changed the music, Donna helped Jack out of his clothes and the two sat together on the bed watching Nicole. It seemed surprising comfortable to be naked and aroused in front of Nicole.

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   Donna cuddled next to him and ran her hand over his erection.
            “I think you’ll like this. ”
            The next song had started and Nicole began her dance. She also slowly removed her robe and Jack saw that she was wearing a short pink nightgown with matching bikini panties. It was not as revealing as Donna’s, but she looked great. He whispered to Donna, “She’s is a beautiful girl. ”
            “Yes she is. ”
            Jack wasn’t sure how far Donna was planning to take this. He got his first surprise when Nicole lifted her top off, exposing her small breasts. Her nipples were hard and, like her mother, she ran her fingers over them as she danced. Donna leaned closer and whispered, “What do you think of the show now?”
            “Absolutely incredible. She is sexier than I imagined. ”
            Nicole moved around the room topless and as she passed Jack’s side of the bed she reached over and ran her hand over his rock hard cock and in her most sultry voice said, “Mmm, feels nice.
            Jack put his hand on her ass and laughed, “This feels nice too. ”
She moved to the front of the bed and as she looked into Jack’s eyes, she pushed the silky panties down.

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   His eyes were focused on her beautiful dark triangle of pubic hair. Nicole saw where he was looking and fingered herself for him. Her eyes were closed and her body swayed as the music ended.
            Jack and Donna cheered and Nicole jumped on the bed smiling. “How did I do?”
            She ended up between them and as they hugged Donna answered. “Oh baby, you were great. I’m pretty sure Jack liked it. ”
            Jack slowly let out his breath, “I’m just blown away. Nicole, you know how beautiful and incredible your mother is. And you have just made it even better. Thank you for the dance. I truly loved watching you. ”
            “You two are the best. This was really fun. ”
            There was a moment of silence and then Donna said, “This is going better than I expected.


   Look at the three of us lying here naked. I thought it might be a lot more awkward. Jack, I have plans for that beautiful cock of yours but I think we need to give Nicole a little attention first. Did you realize that she has never had the pleasure of having her pussy licked? I happen to personally know what your talents in that area are. Maybe you would be kind enough to introduce her to that wonderful sensation. ”
            Jack thought of her sweet young pussy. “Oh, would I!”
            Nicole slid over to the middle of the bed and Jack positioned himself between her legs. Donna sat next her and held her hand. Jack paused. “Everyone ready?”
            Nicole smiled, “I sure am. ”
            Donna sighed, “Never thought I would see this. I think we’re ready Jack. ”
            He moved closer and put his hands on Nicole’s thighs. She jumped a little at his touch and then settled back. He very lightly ran a finger over her soft pussy lips.

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   Nicole closed her eyes and sighed. He wanted this to be perfect. Donna ran a hand through her hair as Jack’s tongue slowly moved from the bottom to the top of her young slit. As his tongue brushed over her clit she jumped again and he heard her say, “Oh wow”
            Jack used his fingers to part her inner lips and looked at the young pussy. He gently pushed his tongue in and out of her tight hole and Nicole moved her hips in rhythm to his tongue. Donna was whispering encouragement and stroking her hair and shoulders. ‘That’s it baby, relax and enjoy that tongue. ”
As Nicole’s excitement increased, Jack moved his focus to her clit, licking and gently sucking the sensitive bud. From her movements Jack knew she was close to cumming and he sucked her clit and pushed a finger inside her. Her body jerked and she shouted as the orgasm began. He felt her shake and Donna held her while he continued to lick and finger her. Seeing her cum was a tremendous turn-on for Jack and he felt a strong desire to put his cock into her wet cunt. Unlike the long, rolling orgasms that Donna experienced, Nicole’s was short and intense. She was breathing hard as Jack moved up alongside her.
“Oh my God, that felt good.

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  ” Nicole finally said.
Donna remarked, “You were great baby. I loved watching you. ”
Jack added, “That was awesome. You have a beautiful pussy and I just loved seeing you cum. ”
Donna stood and as she walked to the other side of the bed she announced, “I’ve waited long enough. I need a cock. Nicole, lets get Jack ready. ”
“What should I do?”
“Jack is going to take me from behind. Let’s make sure he is well lubricated. ”
Donna knelt next to Jack and took his cock in her hand. She gave him a lick and said to Nicole, “Help me suck him. ”
Jack watched as she took him in her mouth and then offered his cock to Nicole. She took the head into her mouth and he felt her tongue in the hole. They alternated sucking him and then Donna got on her hands and knees and told Jack, “I really need you inside me.

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 Jack got behind her and admired the view of her pussy and ass. Wanting to make sure she was wet and ready for him he leaned over and licked her while Nicole watched. He then kneeled behind her and asked Nicole to guide him. With her hand wrapped around his shaft, he slowly pushed into Donna’s pussy.
Nicole sat next to Jack and was almost mesmerized as she watched him slide his cock in and out of her. He was taking it almost all of the way out and slowly moving it in. Donna was pushing back against him and kept repeating, “That’s it, fuck me Jack. Just like that. ”
Donna’s breasts were swaying as Jack began to move faster, pushing himself in and out of her wet hole. Nicole was rubbing herself, eyes glued on his cock. Donna reached back to massage her clit and begged Jack, “I want to feel you cum. Shoot that hot load in my pussy. Fill me up. ”
It was too much for Jack and he started to cum. His body shook and his legs almost buckled as his cock shot deep inside her.

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   Donna felt the hot semen inside her and her own orgasm began. Her body shook and she moved against him. Jack kept fucking her as she came until he felt her relax. He pulled out and once again the three of them lay down together on the bed.
They lay quiet for several minutes. Jack’s mind was racing, thinking of what he had just experienced. Donna finally broke the silence, “Wow, that was something. I don’t ever know what to say. ”
Jack agreed, “I’m speechless. Nicole, are you ok?”
“I feel good. I’m just a little tired. ”