Jack & Donna.......& Nicole, Chapters 11 & 12


Jack & Donna……. and Nicole
Chapter 11
Donna didn’t say anything to Jack until the following Friday night. She and Nicole had discussed it for a long time that Saturday and Donna had gotten comfortable with the idea. Nicole really cared about Jack and wanted to share this special moment with both of them. The subject of spending a night with Nicole every month had not come up with Jack since that first time. They were cuddling in bed and it was quiet when she started, “I’ve been thinking about Nicole and the once a month idea we agreed to. ”
Jack couldn’t tell from her tone where she was headed, “Are you having second thoughts?”
“Part of me is always going to question what the right thing to do is. But to be honest the night we spent together was incredibly erotic on several levels for me. First of all, I love to pleasure you and I could see how exciting it was to you to be with Nicole. I know you are attracted by her innocent and inexperience and those are things I cannot give you. Secondly, I loved being able to experience Nicole’s sexuality in person. I mean I held her while she orgasmed. How much more intimate can you be?”
Jack agreed, “I think I know what you are saying. As wonderful as the sex we have is, Nicole did add an element that we could never recreate on our own. How does Nicole feel about all this?”
Donna smiled, “Well, we talked last weekend. She is definitely interested in another night together.

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  ” She hesitated before continuing, “She wants to give you her virginity. ”
“What? Are you serious?”
“Jack, she wants you to be her first. ”
“What do you think?”
“You are very gentle and considerate lover and I think you would be a beautiful introduction for her into the joys of intercourse. When you were pleasuring her with your tongue I was imagining your cock inside her. ”
“The thought crossed my mind too. ”
“I’m sure it did. She’s not on the pill yet but you could use a condom with her. I gave her a vibrator to practice on”
Jack stopped to imagine Nicole on her back with a vibrator pushed inside her sweet young pussy. “Now there’s an image. ”
Donna’s hand reached down to feel his swelling cock. She started to stroke him as she teased, “Jack wants my little Nicole’s pussy. He wants to put his big hard cock inside her tight young cunt, doesn’t he?”
Jack pulled her close and kissed her, pressing his hardness against her as his hands caressed her smooth skin. He kissed her neck and whispered into her ear, “Jack wants Donna’s pussy. ” His fingers found their way between her legs and he played with her. As she responded to his touch he spread her lips and felt her wetness.

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   “Jack wants to taste Donna’s sweet pussy. ”
She crawled up to straddle his face, positioning herself over his mouth as she held the headboard for support. Lowering herself she felt his tongue move up and down her slit. Jack pushed his tongue inside her and she moved up and down on it, slowly fucking his tongue. Her fingers massaged her clit as Jack licked her. Totally enjoying herself, Donna turned around to a 69 position. After ensuring her pussy was still positioned over Jack’s mouth, she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth, slowly sucking him.
Knowing her oral attention was bringing him close to orgasm, she slid her body further down his body and, facing away, took him inside her wet pussy. Donna leaned back and rode him, moving up and down and loving the feel of his cock inside her. She felt loved, complete, and totally accepted to be with him. Wanting to cum, she rubbed her clit and moved faster. As the first wet spurts of Jack’s ejaculation entered her, she cried out and came, feeling the waves of her orgasm through her whole body.
Chapter 12
As Jack and Donna made love, Nicole lay in her bed thinking about sex. It would be another week before she could spend another evening with Jack and her Mom. She imagined Jack’s cock inside her.

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   The vibrator was fun but sex was so much more enjoyable when someone else was involved. She was careful not to flirt too much with Jack even though at times she just wanted to run around the house naked.
Nicole thought about Jack and Donna in her Mom’s room. The thought that they were having sex made her even more aware of her own needs. The simple fact was she was horny and looking for something to do about it. She glanced at the computer in her room and considered the online chat rooms. The chats with Jack had been fun and there must be someone she could find to chat with.
After logging on and checking her e-mail, she called up the list of available chat rooms. There certainly seemed to be something for every interest from politics to music to, of course, sex. It took some time to make her way through the lists and find something that seemed interesting. She finally settled on a room titled “nudist at home”. The listing said there were 32 other people in the room when she entered and it did not take long before she began to receive several Instant Messages.
Xman4599: Hey Baby, What’s going on?
SJonesinTX: I’m Steve. …. Want to chat?
HappyNude45: Are you a nudist too?
            Nicole ignored most of the IM’s.

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   Many were stupid or rude and she knew they were not someone she wanted to chat with. After she was in the room awhile the IM’s slowed down and she followed the chat in the room. She was getting bored and about to find another room when a new IM got her attention.
DakotaDadof2: Hi, I’m Bill, 45, a dad of 2 girls. How are you tonight?
            Nicole was curious about a dad in a nudist room and decided to reply. She wondered if people really went around nude at home. An image of Jack, Donna, and herself nude popped into her head and she realized she liked the idea.
Nikk0523: I’m ok.
DakotaDadof2: Great. Nice to meet you. Can you tell me about yourself?
Nikki0523: I’m Nicole. I’m 15, is that ok?
DakotaDadof2: Hi Nicole. My 2 step-daughters are about your age. Julie is 18 and Meghan is 12.
Nikki0523: That’s cool.

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DakotaDadof2: What brings you to this room? Are you a nudist?
Nikki0523: No, it just sounded interesting. Do you go nude at home?
DakotaDadof2: I guess I’ve been a part time nudist since I got married 5 years ago.
Nikki0523: What do you mean by part time?
DakotaDadof2: My wife, Nancy, was a single parent and never made a big deal about being nude when it was just her and the girls. Things did not change too much after I moved in.
Nikki0523: Like everyone walks around undressed?
DakotaDadof2: We aren’t nude all the time. Nancy and I sleep in the nude, sometimes we swim nude in the pool and the bathroom door doesn’t always get closed when we pee. It was an adjustment for all of us but I think we have all gotten comfortable with it.
Nikki0523: Sounds like a cool way to live. You must like seeing the girls naked.
DakotaDadof2: What guy wouldn’t enjoy it? They are cute girls. It has been fun seeing the changes as they got older. Sometimes we even shower together.
Nikki0523: You and the girls?
DakotaDadof2: The house has a big walk-in shower. Nancy has a thing about showering before bed. When it was just her and the girls they did it together most nights.

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   It was quicker and easier. Things kind of continued after I moved in.
Nikki0523: And they like seeing you?
DakotaDadof2: They seem to. I am the only male in the house.
Nikki0523: I can understand that. I grew up with just my Mom. Do they ever see you, you know, hard?
DakotaDadof2: It happens. Like if Nancy is in the shower with me. She insists on helping me wash. That usually gets me going. The girls would watch and sometimes even help too. Meghan has always loved to help out.

    Nikki0523: Would she wash you everywhere?
    DakotaDadof2: LOL, Meghan is very thorough. She does not miss a thing. I think it has helped to satisfy some of her natural curiosity.

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       Guys are certainly less of a mystery.
    Nikki0523: That’s awesome.
    DakotaDadof2: Who is in your family?
    Nikki0523: Just my Mom and me, and her boyfriend Jack.
    DakotaDadof2: How would you feel if he saw you nude?
    Nikki0523: Well, he’s seen me.
    DakotaDadof2: Oh really, was it an accident of something? Did it bother you?
    Nikki0523: Kind of a long story. It wasn’t an accident and I liked that he saw me.
    DakotaDadof2: Bet he liked it too.
    Nikki0523: LOL I know he did.
    DakotaDadof2: Have you seen him nude too?
    Nikki0523: Well, we were all kinda nude together one night. Jack, my Mom, and me.
    DakotaDadof2: This sounds interesting. Tell me more.
    Nikki0523: Mom and I did a strip show for him and then we all fooled around together.
    DakotaDadof2: What a lucky guy. You were ok with all this?
    Nikki0523: It was great.

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       Jack went down on me and then I watched him have sex with my Mom.
    DakotaDadof2: That is so erotic. You have me hard here just thinking about it.
    Nikki0523: Are you really hard? That’s so cool.
    DakotaDadof2: I am rock hard. I wasn’t going to share this but the girls and I fool around a bit too.
    Nikki0523: Really? What do you do?
    DakotaDadof2: Back when we were first married, the girls would shower at night and then Nancy and I would get in after them. We would wash one another and more times than not I would get aroused. Sometimes the girls were still there and they would see us together. It was weird but Nancy was OK with it. One night Nancy jacked me off while they watched. That kind of opened the door for other things.
    Nikki0523: I’d like to see that too. What else happened?
    DakotaDadof2:  Nancy is a nurse and she works an occasional evening shift. On those nights the girls showered with me.

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       One night we were washing one another just like they had seen Nancy and I do. I got hard and Julie jacked me off. Another night Meghan wanted to do it. The nights that Nancy worked became the nights we fooled around.
    Nikki0523: How fun! Now you have me turned on too. All this chat about sex. I love it. Tell me more.
    DakotaDadof2: I love that you are excited by this. Are you touching yourself?
    Nikki0523: My hand is in my panties.
    DakotaDadof2: mmmmm…. wish I could watch that.
    Nikki0523: LOL I would let you. Tell me more about you and the girls while I touch myself.
    DakotaDadof2: For quite awhile all they did was stroke me.

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       Then one night they saw their Mom sucking on my cock and it wasn’t too long before they wanted to try that too. I was also feeling them up when I washed them, rubbing their butts and their pussies. They liked the attention too.
    Nikki0523: I love it.
    DakotaDadof2: Julie was getting older and starting to mature. I loved seeing the changes in her body. Puffy nipples and the first pubic hairs. One night in the shower I was behind her and I pressed my cock into the soapy crack of her ass while I rubbed her pussy and nipples until we both came. Of course, the next time Meghan wanted me to do her butt. LOL
    Nikki0523: That is so hot. Did their Mom know what you were doing?
    DakotaDadof2: I told her everything. She was OK. We only played on the nights she worked. It was a special time for the girls and me.
    Nikki0523: Do you still play with them?
    DakotaDadof2: Not so much with Julie.


       She is more interested in the boys her age. But Meghan always seems to want to join me. Her little body is maturing too.
    Nikki0523: You’ve given me all kind of ideas. I think I need to spend more time in the shower. LOL
    DakotaDadof2: LOL There’s always room here.
    Nikki0523: Wish I could join you. Are you still hard?
    DakotaDadof2: Very hard. Want to get off together?
    Nikki0523: Can we?
    DakotaDadof2: Imagine us in the shower. Naked. Warm water flowing over us. All soapy.
    Nikki0523: Feels so good.
    DakotaDadof2: I’m behind you with my arms around you. My hands caress your breasts and nipples as my hard cock presses between the cheeks of your butt.

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    Nikki0523: I love how you feel.
    DakotaDadof2: You feel me cock rub and press against your sweet asshole as my hand touches your pussy lips. I feel you push back against me as my cock slides up and down your butt crack.
    Nikki0523: I am so wet. You are going to make me come.
    DakotaDadof2: I rub your sensitive clit as my cock moves faster against your ass.
    Nikki0523: Coming!!!!
    DakotaDadof2: As I feel your body orgasm my cock explodes, shooting my hot cum on your ass.
    Nikki0523: Oh wow!
    DakotaDadof2: That was good.
    Nikki0523: Sure was. This was great.
    DakotaDadof2: You are a lot of fun.
    Nikki0523: I should get to bed.
    DakotaDadof2: I need to go too. Maybe we can chat again.
    Nikki0523: I would like that.

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       See ya.
    DakotaDadof2: Bye
                Nicole logged off and went to lie on her bed. She was comforted to know she was not the only girl doing what she was doing. She also wondered how many others there were. Was this a common thing? It wasn’t like you could ask anyone. Dressed only in a t-shirt she lay there and wondered what would happen with her Mom and Jack as she drifted off to sleep.