Jack & Donna.......& Nicole, Chapter 17, The Conclusion


Jack & Donna……. and Nicole
Chapter 17
            The next few weeks seemed to be hectic for everyone. Jack was doing more student teaching and exams were approaching; Donna was busy evaluating applications for the following year; and Nicole had several school projects to complete. Donna did find time to bring Nicole to see her gynecologist for a physical. The exam went well and Nicole was started on birth control pills. She was given a thorough review of the importance of responsibility and safe sex but she was pleased to be on the pill.
            Jack and Donna tried to make time for each other but something had changed. The sex was still good but there was not the level of intimacy they had experienced before. Each thought it was the secret they kept from the other which just added to the problem.  
            Sensing she was feeling stressed and hoping to do something nice for her, Jack made dinner reservations for Saturday. He picked a romantic restaurant where they could enjoy a nice bottle of wine, fine food, and time alone. He never told her about his afternoon with Nicole and Sarah and thought it would be a good opportunity to clear the air. He hated keeping secrets from her. He hadn’t seen Sarah since and although Nicole had thanked him the day afterward it had not been mentioned since.
            When she learned that Jack and Donna would be out on Saturday night, she asked if she could invite Sarah over to watch a movie. She had not spent much time with her since the afternoon with Jack and figured it would be a good time to catch up.

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   Nicole had thought about inviting Josh over but she was pretty sure he would be at his Dad’s for the weekend.
            On Saturday Donna rented some movies and ordered pizza. Sarah arrived just before they had to leave to make their reservation. They held hands as Jack drove and Donna took a deep breath, “Thank you, I did need to get out. ”
            “I did too. Seems like everyone has been so busy. I’ve missed you. ”
            “Jack, I need to tell you something. ”
            He felt his face flush. Did she know about Sarah? “Is something wrong?”
            “There’s something you need to know. I’m just going to say it. The day you and Nicole went to the movies Josh showed up looking for Nicole. He had walked a long way and I invited him in. I’m not sure how but we ended up having sex. ”
            Jack took a deep breath.

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   “You and Josh?”
            “I’m so sorry. I should have told you. ”
            “No, no. Donna, I’m the one who needs to apologize. ” He went on to tell her the story of his afternoon with the girls. “I don’t want to lose you”
            She squeezed his hand. “Jack, this whole thing with Nicole has kind of sent us both for a loop. I’ve done some things I would never imaging doing. It’s all been a bit crazy but one thing I’m certain of is that I love you and need you to be a part of my life. ”
            “I love you very much Donna. ”
            Back at the house, Nicole and Sarah were watching a movie and eating pizza. Feeling a little crazy, Nicole had poured each of them a glass of wine and they were both a bit tipsy. Lots of laughing and giggling. The phone brought them back to reality. Nicole looked at the caller ID expecting to see her Mom’s cell phone number and was surprised to see Josh’s number.

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            She pressed the button, “Josh! I thought you were at your Dad’s”
            “Hi, something came up with his work and I needed to stay here. ”
            Sarah shouted from across the room, “Josh, come on over. It’s a party!”
            “Who was that? What’s going on?”
            Nicole tried to explain, “It’s just Sarah. Jack and my Mom are out. We’re just watching a movie. Why don’t you come over?”
            “Are you sure?”
            “Definitely. It’ll be fun. ”
            “Great. I’m on my way. ”
            Sarah and Nicole had another glass of wine while they waited for Josh. The movie had ended and music was now playing. Soon they heard a knock at the door and he was greeted by two giggling and very bubbly teen girls. They pulled him intro the house and Nicole gave him a hug and a kiss. The three of them sat and talked for awhile before Sarah decided they should play a game.
            Josh was interested, “Sounds good, what should we play?”
            Sarah smiled and said, “How about strip poker?”
            They all agreed.

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   Nicole found some cards, arranged a blanket on the floor, and found some wine for Josh. The game started slowly and evenly with lots of hoots and laughing as each article of clothing was removed. After several hands Nicole and Sarah sat in bras, jeans, and panties while Josh was down to just jeans and underwear. He was enjoying the view of the girls in their bras and looking forward to what lie ahead. Sarah dealt the next hand and Nicole lost.
            Josh cheered and asked, “What’s coming off now?”
            Nicole did not speak but stood and slowly undid and slid her tight jeans down her legs leaving her in a skimpy pair of white bikini panties and her bra. Playing the model, she turned and gave the other two a full view of her young form. Sarah lost the next two rounds and did her best to look sexy as her jeans and bra disappeared. She was left in a pale blue pair of silky bikini panties. Nicole pinched her butt as she paraded past and Sarah gave a squeal, “Hey, no touching…. . unless you mean it. Nicole we need to get Josh. Let’s see what he has in those Levi’s. ”
            The cards were dealt and sure enough Josh was the loser.

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   Playing along with the girls he did his best Chippendale imitation and pealed the jeans off revealing a definite bulge in his blue jockey shorts. Sarah stood up looking at his crotch and declared, “Games over! Let’s get naked!”
            She reached over and swiftly pulled Josh’s shorts down and his fully erect member popped into view. Sarah followed by undoing her bra and pushing her panties down her legs. Nicole jumped up and soon the three were all naked and dancing together. Josh was giving kisses to each of the girls and hands seemed to be everywhere; touching, pinching, grabbing, caressing.
    There was a very sexually charged atmosphere and it wasn’t long before Sarah tried to put a little order into the chaos.
                “Nicole lay down with me. ”
                The girls lay side by side on the blanket with their legs spread. Both of them ran their finger lightly over soft lips of their beautiful pussies. Sarah looked at Josh and said, “How does it look? Good enough to eat?”
                Josh was staring at the two girls his own hand stroking his fully erect member. He then knelt between Sarah’s legs and ran his tongue over her slit. Sarah moaned as he licked her and then used her fingers to spread her pussy wide open and Josh pushed his tongue into her tight hole. He tongue fucked her cunt as Sarah moved her hips with him until he stopped suddenly and moved between Nicole’s legs.
                He paused long enough to say, “Let’s see who tastes better,” then began to pleasure Nicole with his tongue. Sarah watched and fingered herself as Nicole wriggled on the floor in response to Josh’s attention.

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                The confessions had allowed Jack and Donna to regain some of the intimacy they had been missing for the last couple of weeks and, as a result, dinner had been wonderful. They talked and laughed and as they sat with coffee and desert both looked forward to spending time together at home.
                Jack had been quiet for a few minutes looking into Donna’s eyes, “You are one beautiful woman. ”
                Donna blushed, “Thank you Jack. I feel so relieved about everything. Maybe we need to focus our attention on each other for awhile. It has been pretty wild for the last month or two. I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed everything. I could never have imagined experiencing the things I have but maybe we went too far too fast. ”
                “You may be right. It has been crazy. I think I have lived every 40 year old man’s fantasy with you, Nicole, and now Sarah too. I am so thankful for having met you and for the times we have shared. I’m ready to devote my attention to the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. ”
                “Thank you.

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       I can’t wait to spend some time alone with you. Can we go home?”
                “I would like that very much”
                They held hands leaving the restaurant and stopped to kiss in the parking lot. Like a couple of young lovers they kissed and held one another in the car and held hands all the way home. Jack was grabbing her ass as they walked to the house. Donna was laughing, “That’s enough now. I’m sure Nicole and Sarah will be in the living room. ”
                Jack opened the door to let Donna in, “Not like they haven’t seen it before. ”
                Expecting to see the two girls on the couch watching a movie, they were unprepared for the scene in front of them. Music playing, clothes scattered about, and three naked teens on the floor in the center of the room. Nicole was on her back with legs spread, Josh kneeling with his head between her legs, and Sarah straddling Nicole with her pussy in her face. There was a long pause where no one spoke.
                The ever outspoken Sarah was the first to break the silence, “Care to join us?”
                Jack and Donna looked at one another, smiled, and Jack said, “What the hell, why not?”