I'm in love with my best friend part 3


I was still incapable of understanding what was going on. I stared down at him lost "you have to put it in 'cause I can't feel my dick with this condom on. " Tyler said. I reached under myself and grabbed him, placing him at my entrance, I pressed myself down feeling him push inside me. I gripped the sheet behind his head and laid my body against his. Tyler began thrusting his hips in a rhythmic motion with mine. My breaths became heavier with every thrust. My fingers clinched the sheets as I continued to ride him. Moans escaped my lips and I could hear his groans buried deep in his throat. This sound made me go faster, soon the friction and heat of our bodies began producing sweat. I leaned up looking him straight in the eyes as he continued to bounce me on top of him, his hands rested lightly on my hips helping me keep my balance, gripping them every so often to thrust harder into me. He pushed me down towards him, kissing me hard. I moaned lightly and pressed my body hard against his as he wrapped his arms around my back holding me securely as he thrusted deeper into me. I moaned more feeling my muscles tighten. Tyler thrusted harder as I felt my body tense more making my legs begin to shake uncontrollably. A few more thrusts and I exploded, my body went limp with another heavy sigh.

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   But I wasn't done with him. Not even close. I sat up kissing him more, trying hard to continue breathing. He sat up, pressing his body against mine and laid me back. I saw Tyler hovering over me, he pressed himself between my legs and I felt him push inside me again, I gasped for air, the feeling of him being inside me was better than I ever had dreamt. I watched him as he danced over me thrusting into me as hard as he could. His face was even more beautiful, if that was even possible. His golden eyes seemed to sparkle as he stared down at me. His face relaxed but his jaw clenched tight, fighting the groans I knew he wanted to make.   Tyler laid down on me and I wrapped my arms around his slim frame digging my nails lightly into his skin. I moaned in his ear, I could feel his breath against the flesh of my neck, sending goose bumps all the way through my body. He lifted himself again and thrusted into me hard. I pushed against his back wanting to feel his body against mine again, but he ignored my request laying back down and looked at me "your turn" he smiled playfully. I sat up climbing back on top of him kissing him hard as I pushed him inside of me and leaned back against him. My body began to tense up again, I rode him harder pushing my hips down as far as I could as he thrusted up into me.

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   I felt the fire inside me grow, burning with passion. With love. He groaned lightly as his hands traveled my back then wrapped his arms around me holding me to him. He was being considerably gental with me as he thrusted his hips into mine fast. "Tyler" I managed to exhale his name, he responded with a husky "mmm" I moaned exhaling deeply. "Give it to me baby. come on baby" he said feeling my muscles tighten around him. The sound of his voice made my excitement peak. I moaned feeling the fire about to turn into a combustion. "Mmm give it to me" he repeated in the same seductive tone. I moaned as I came for the fourth time. "yeah baby?" he asked biting my earlobe gentally still thrusting into my limp body. "mm yeah" I whispered trying to inhale air that didn't seem to be there. I listened to his deep raggid breathing mixed with mine as i met his hips in motion. I loved it.

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   I sat up and looked at him. Sweat glistening off his perfect face. I leaned down kissing him once more. My heart was still pounding, as I tried sucking in enough air. I was exhausted, he stared up at me "how many?" He asked"about four" I repliedHe smirked "what's your goal?" I tilted my head and stared at him "I want you to go" I answered honestly. I wasn't worried about myself, I wanted him to enjoy himself. Which is what he wanted for me. He smiled lightly "well that will take a while--unless you blow me again. "I smiled lightly then happened to glance up at the clock. 9:30. I was to have left already! I looked down at him "should I leave?" I asked smally. He stared at me "what?""should I leave?" I asked again unwanting his answer. He looked at the clock "yeah--my mom gets home anytime from now to 11:00" he saidI sighed and smiled lightly hating to have to leave. "Sooo your not gonna blow me?" he asked semi-sarcasticI laughed "I know I wasn't that good"He smiled "I don't know--that was the best--" he paused "no I'm not going to lie.

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      . it wasn't the best but it was one of the best---" he put his hands up and I smacked them down pinning him to the bed again awaiting him to finish his sentence. "well damn. . . you distracted me--i forgot what I was saying" He laughed. I smiled and sat up trying to fix my hair. He looked up at me "your hair is still a mess" he teased. I nodded sighing a little "I figure I wont get raped on the way back" I laughed "you still look cute" He smiled sweetly at meI rolled my eyes "psh yeah right"He smiled and I stared down at him "your amazing" I said, not referring to his sex which was beyond amazing. He looked at me a little thrown off. "uhmm?" I realised my mistake"oh no no not like that. In general" I explained"oh" he laughed "i was about to say 'uhm thanks?'" I smiled and hopped off of him finding my underwear and my pants. I watched him as I pulled up my pants. He was sitting on the edge of the bed getting rid of the condom. He was amazing, truly he was.

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       I stared at him in awe for a moment. "Why are you so perfect?" I asked him. He looked up at me and smirked "I'm really not" "You have no idea how wrong you are" I studied his face. He smiled up at me but said nothing. He knew what I thought about him. He knew how I felt. I plopped back down on his bed "UGHHH I'm sooo tired can't I just stay here" I said only half joking. He laughed "I'd say yes. but then wed both be in trouble" unfortunately that was the truth. I sighed heavily and sat up "I love you" I said. He looked at me and smiled "I love you too" He said kissing me, softly this time. I stood up "well I guess I'd better get going" I said unwillingly. He nodded, and walked me outside, and pointed me in the right direction. I turned to him hugging him tightly. "I love you so much Tyler" I whispered into his chest.

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       "I love you too" He replied. I leaned up on my tip-toes and kissed him one last time, then set off for my long journey home. November 18 would forever be the most amazing day of my life. .



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