I moved to America *First Story*


it was July 20th 2019, i had only just finished university and just about to board my plane to Danbury, Connecticut, i was coming to see her, the beautiful girl i have always been talking to since i was 15, (i'm 22 now)  i thought about getting to her apartment catching up with her, maybe adding some hot sex in the middle, i would have to wait and see until i got there, i daydreamed about her for alot of the flight, hiding the boner with my hand luggage.

when i heard the pilot announce the plane was about to land, i scrambled her out of my mind, slowly waiting with anticipation for my boner to go down and to get off this plane. the baby 5 seats away was starting to get on my nerves, i checked through customs and hailed a taxi, directly to her apartment.

when i got there, it looked amazing, the outside of the purple building was just stunning, windows going from ground floor to sixth, only breaking up for each floor, i took the crumpled paper from my pocket, and read the address "third floor, number 5 maple street" i tried to imagine what her apartment looked like, i couldn't, instead, i walked up to the buzzer and pressed her button, she answered, her voice stunned me, she had to shout me to get me back to reality, her sexy american accent i thought about all the way up the stairs, thinking about the screams later.

i got to the door and was about to knock when she opened it just before, she was wearing what she used to wear when she was 12, that white shirt that was too big for her but she looked sexy as in, she said come in and turned around walked to her living room, the shirt hardly covered her ass cheeks and instantly gave me a semi... we talked for a while, about what had been happening in the few days we hadn't spoke, then we got onto what we used to talk about when we were kids, and we got onto the subject of the questions we asked each other to try and get us horny, which always worked for me, and the time we both wrote a short sex story about us, i remembered it, it gave me a boner so i sat forward and carried on talking, she walked over to me, from my sitting position i could see the bottom of her pussy, her pussy looked untouched, but i looked up at her to see her giving me that “i know what you were looking at” look i just smiled and shrugged it off, you sat next to me and put your leg up on the coffee table that was infront of us, exposing your pussy, it was better than i thought, it was clean shaven and just a tiny slit, nothing hanging, leaving it looking innocent as ever, i looked back at you and you smiled, slowly moving you hand down, starting to rub it, my boner got bigger and started pulsing and pushed up the three quarter shorts i was wearing, giving us both a standing salute.

I moved in for a kiss and you kissed back, pushing my back onto the couch we was on, straddling my waist and rubbing my dick against your pussy slowly, i pushed my tongue into your mouth and explored, your tongue rubbing against mine, i started to take off my tank top, breaking our kiss the throw it off, showing my abs to your eyes to widen at, i smiled and came back for another make out, going up under your shirt with one hand to reach your nipple, slowly rubbing around them and squeezing your 24C cup boob whilst the other undone my belt buckle, you pulled my shorts down to reveal my underwear standing up like a tent with pre-come  on the top, i removed your shirt and sucked on your nipple whilst rubbing your other with my hand, i stopped sucking and pushed you forward so i was on top, i licked down your stomach and round your tummy button making your squirm and laugh, i then licked down to your pussy, gently lapping up the wetness from around, i then licked your clit a bit and your legs closed around my head, forcing me to stay, i licked up your slit and squeezed your clit with my lips for fifteen minutes you were moaning and screaming until you erupted to an orgasm, you were shaking like you were having a fit, your legs released my head and i came up to kiss your lips, you were dazzled from your orgasm and i decided to suck on your nipples until you were back on earth.

When you came back to me i grinned like a monkey with a banana and kissed you again, i sat back and pulled down my boxer shorts to see my six inch dick flop out, you sat up and sucked on it, swivelling your tongue around the head, i felt my balls enlarge, i knew i was gonna come sooner or later so i took your head off and straddled you on my waist again, i poked my dick around your clit, you scratched my chest and told me to stop teasing so i rubbed it along your slit a final time pushed into your tight hole you moaned as i filled you up slowly and started to pump you from a small pace and got faster and faster as time went by, i finally stopped pumping and let you do the work, you were taking my six inches in and out at the speed of sound, you were screaming like a witch burning, i then felt my balls swell and new again, i was gonna come, i started thrusting and made my thrusting match with yours, my balls felt like they were about to explode so i got faster and with a final push i felt the come shooting out my balls so i pushed you down and pulled out and then fired the hot sticky juice onto your stomach panting like a dog and grinning like a madman watching you wipe the sweat from your head.





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