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At this point, my curiosity was definitely piqued and I needed to investigate. Plus it would just be bad business to ignore potential customers. Walking around the corner into the walled off subwoofer area I was greeted by two excellent examples of the female persuasion. They appeared to be sisters or at least cousins, since while the smaller and obviously younger of the two was a redhead, the older was brunette. Their facial features and body types betrayed a definite familial relationship. They were both surprised to see me coming around the corner and a slight flush crept up their cheeks. I decided to play it cool and act like I hadn’t heard anything. “How are you ladies doing this afternoon?” I asked while slowly checking out their bodies. The older girl I guessed to be about 18 or so with the aforementioned brown hair hanging loosely to about her shoulders. She was about my height and nicely proportioned, a little meat on her bones (I’ve never liked scrawny women), probably 36C breasts that were framed by a white shirt that was just tight enough to kind of see her lacy bra through, and nicely flared hips that were shown off nicely by the lowrider jeans that she was wearing. “Anything I can help you with? Questions I can answer for you?” The younger of the duo had short red hair that was combed in the front but kind of spiky in the back. I would guess she was about 18 or 18 with very firm looking 34B breasts that didn’t seem to be enjoying any kind of enhancement from a bra. At least I couldn’t make one out through the fabric of her tailored white shirt. Her ensemble was completed by a little plaid skirt that went not quite halfway down her thighs. “We’re just looking. ” Was the reply from the older girl, with a mischievous little smile playing across her lips.

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   “Can you tell me where the bathroom is in this place?” “Just over there in that hallway on the right hand side. ” “Thanks, I’ll be right back sis. ” As she walked past me I caught the scent of her perfume and my mouth started to water. There’s nothing quite like the right perfume to really get my motor going. Hers in particular had me about halfway up. After she was out of earshot the younger one winked at me and started playing with the panel that controlled the display. She would start a song and when she decided she didn’t like it she would screw up her lips in a little face and push the button again. “Don’t you guys have anything with a little more kick than this?” She asked in an innocent little voice that was music to my ears. “Let me grab the disc that I just brought in today. ” Quick as a flash I grabbed the CD of super bass heavy music that I knew would be just what she was looking for. I had to stand right next to her when I put the cd in the player and I caught a healthy whiff of her scent in the process. She smelled much like her sister except with the just the tiniest air of sex about her. This girl was apparently more than a little excited by something and I fully intended to explore the situation further. As I put the disc in the player she backed up a bit and stood right in front of the most powerful set of subwoofers in the display. Grinning to myself I waited a moment for the disc to cue up and kept an eye on her from the corner of my eye, waiting to see how she would respond to the music.

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   The first track that came on was a remix of “Hot Boyz” by Missy Elliott that I had found online and that had a super low bass line that just shakes everything. The song starts out with just some vocals before the bass kicks in. She obviously recognized the vocals but seemed puzzled by the lack of music when it hit her full force from behind. Her immediate reaction was, as expected, to jump out of her skin in surprise at the sheer volume of the music. Once the initial shock wore off though, things started to work out really well. This particular remix has a really slow and slinky bass line that just keeps going forever. I could see the effect the vibrations were having on her almost immediately. First her eyes got really wide, then, apparently without thinking about it, she started to sway her hips in time with the music. While her hips were swaying back and forth she began running her fingers through her already somewhat disheveled looking red hair. I was just standing there enjoying the show and approaching full erection when her sister came back from the bathroom. For a split second I thought my fun was over until I noticed her eyes were half shut and she just walked into the area and began swaying her hips with the music as well. I was a little concerned about one of the store managers walking by until I remembered that they were all in the weekly leadership meeting for the next hour. I also took a moment to peek around the department and make sure there weren’t any other customers around to spoil the entertainment. When I pulled my attention back to what was happening in front of me I saw that the girls were dancing with each other. The older girl was behind her sister pressing herself against her ass.

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   The younger one for her part had raised her arms into the air which pulled her shirt up just enough to show me some of her nicely tanned belly. Just then the older sister brought her hands up to rest on her sister’s hips. They both had their eyes closed now and were completely in tune with the music and each other’s bodies. The older brunette began to let her hands wander over her sisters exposed midriff, occasionally one would wander northward towards those perfect breasts and the other would head south to linger at the top of her skirt with just the fingertips exploring below the waistline. By this point my cock was just about ready to burst but I didn’t have many options available to relieve myself. I hated torturing myself like this but Ii wasn’t about to miss any of this fantastic show for all the tea in China. At that moment the younger of the two let her arms fall down so her hands covered her sisters’. I thought maybe she had realized what was happening and would put an end to this live fantasy. Instead she pulled both of her sister’s hands up to cover her breasts through her shirt. Her sister needing no further encouragement began kneading the flesh of her younger sibling forcing the mouth of the younger girl into a shape that only occurs when moaning. Emboldened by the positive response she was getting the older girl began playing with the quickly hardening nipples of her sister. Rolling them between her fingers she leaned her head forward so her mouth was pressed into the hollow of the younger girl’s neck. I couldn’t hear anything over the music but I could tell by the look on the redhead’s face that the older girl was doing something very nice, probably nibbling on her neck. The phone started ringing loudly on the other side of the wall. Like I was going to answer it or something.

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   The younger girl took her hands off of her sister’s and moved them down along her belly until they were both pushed through the waistband of her skirt. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing any panties but I could tell that her fingers were doing a number on her pussy. Both hands were working hard beneath the fabric of her skirt one apparently moving from front to back, presumably pushing at least one finger into herself. The other going sideways probably working her clit. All the while her older sister just kept on working the nipples and nuzzling at her neck, encouraging more enthusiasm. I knew the song was nearing it’s end but I wished it could go on forever. As the last bass notes were hitting and the song was reaching it’s climax so was the girl. Her knees buckled and only her older sisters arms around her kept her from collapsing to the floor. She was obviously trying not to make too much noise in such a public place, but her body betrayed her. As the last note of the song ended and the area went almost silent, a loud moan escaped her lips which probably half the store could hear. Realizing that the scene had played itself out, I picked my jaw up off of the floor and remembered to blink. The younger girl braced herself on one of the display shelves and her sister let go of her. I was waiting for the sounds of running feet when the older girl walked over to me and whispered in my ear. “I guess you liked our little display huh. ” She roughly grabbed my cock and gave it a quick squeeze.

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   This was way more than I was prepared to handle and I shot my load right there on the spot in my khaki pants. I knew the wet spot would be forming almost immediately but I didn’t care, I hadn’t come that hard since… well… ever. By this time the younger sister had regained her composure at least well enough to have straightened her clothes and regained her own feet. The two girls looked at each other and laughed a knowing little laugh accompanied by a wink. Then just as quickly as they had come, they were gone, walking hand in hand away from my department. It was then that I discovered the answer to the question of the younger girls underskirt apparel. In the light of the store I could see a line of girl-juice trickling down her right leg. When my wits returned to me a moment later I looked down at my crotch to see that the inevitable dark spot had just started to form on my pants. So, I sprinted into the men’s room and dropped my pants and cleaned up as much of the mess as possible before it got any worse. When I returned to my department from the bathroom I noticed a small slip of paper sitting on the shelf next to the subwoofer that had been playing. On it, in shaky handwriting was a name and a phone number. This is why I love working in retail….



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