I actually touched them!


Oh my GOD! The best thing EVER just happened!! My best friend let me touch her BOOBS!!! She was over at my house, and we were both sitting on the couch, really bored because we had nothing to do. Over the summer, we'd been hanging out a whole lot and doing lots of stuff. Since this is the week before school starts, we've been trying to milk our last few days of freedom. However, since we did so much stuff during the summer, now our usual stuff is just boring to us. So, we had just been playing video games like we normally do, but we got bored and stopped, and so we were just sitting on the couch with nothing to do. Then, out of the middle of nowhere, suddenly I hear her say, "You can touch my boobs if you want. " That was so random it totally caught me off guard, and so I turned to look at her to see if she was being honest, and she had this mischievous smile on her face, but I didn't think she was joking (or maybe I just wanted to believe she wasn't joking). I looked down at her boobs and I started to see her in a completely different way than I normally do. She's really hot and she's got a great rack, but she's my friend so I never stared too much, out of respect or something like that, I guess. But, now, I went from seeing her as my friend to seeing her like I'd see a hot babe walking down the street. I started smiling because of the thought of touching boobies (I'd never touched a pair before) and I tried to stop smiling, but I couldn't hide it and so I know I must have had the stupidest look on my face. We were both being driven crazy from boredom, I was caught off guard, I didn't know if she was joking, she was really hot, she has a great set of boobs, I'd always wanted to look at her as a babe rather than as a friend, and I knew I looked like a fool. . . There were so many factors putting pressure on me, and so I just went ahead and grabbed one of her boobs without a second thought.

It felt so good to just reach out and grab a hot babe's boobs like I'd always wanted to! And I finally got to find out what boobs feel like! They're really soft and squishy.

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  . . After I had my hand on it I kinda moved it around her boob a little, feeling it, and squeezed it a little. It felt sooooo good!! I just kept on staring at her cleavage and feeling her boob. I was way too scared to look at her face, because I was afraid that I'd see that she was pissed off at me or something, so I just kept my hand on her boob, waiting for something to happen. I guess it had been about a minute since I'd started (I totally lost my sense of time with my hand on that booby so I might be wrong) and nothing had happened, so I reached out with my other hand and grabbed her other boob. Now I couldn't even hide my smile, I was just so happy!! I wanted to sing, "Yaaaaay, boobies!!" I guess she noticed, because she giggled. It was a happy sounding giggle so I looked up and saw that she was smiling. I smiled back and just kept on fondling her. I wanted to rip that top right off of her and take off her bra and smother my face in her boobs, but instead I just stared and played with them.
    I felt so awkward because I had the biggest erection ever and I knew she could see it, and I didn't know if I should stop, but then it call came to an end when we heard a car door slam (my mom had come home). I got really worried, and then she said, "Put on a game or something. " So I went over to the GameCube and turned it on and we pretended that we'd been playing Smash Brothers the whole time and when my mom came in the house, she didn't suspect a thing. When she was out of earshot, I looked at my friend and said, "Thank you. " She gave me a look like she thought I'd just done the cutest thing ever and said, "Welcome.

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      " We didn't say another word about it, and after a little while of playing the game she said that she should be getting home and we said goodbye. After she left I couldn't concentrate at all or think of anything but her and her boobs and me touching them. I feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world! I got to stare at and play with a hot girl's boobs for like five minutes!! But it's not all sunshine, because now I'm worried about a few things. Now I feel really jealous of any other guy who has ever touched her boobs. Or maybe I'm the only guy. If I was the only guy, I would feel so honored!! Now I'm also thinking about lots of things I never thought about before, like if she likes a guy or has dated or had boyfriends or her first kiss and stuff like that. I mean we're both teenagers so there's a perverted joke every now and then, but she's not a $%&% at all (even though the boob story probably sounds contrary to that) so maybe there's a chance that I could be her one and only. Oh gosh!! But don't get me wrong, I'm mostly happy, I feel like I'm on top of the world!.