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Hey my name is Nick and I was a 18 year old freshman at the time, not the best looking guy in the grade but not the worst either.   I was about 5’ 7” and in decent shape, but admittedly I was pretty much the class nerd.  
I never got any action save for making out with a girl at camp but that got nowhere…  Anyway, at my school there was this girl named Alexi.   Everyone thought she was a whore, and frankly most of the time she acted like it but, having known her since kindergarten, I knew better.   I knew that she was going through some shit at home and this was just a cry for attention.
About halfway through the year my hormones were starting to hijack my thoughts and I started looking at her differently.   In the past I was afraid to make a move on her because I thought everyone would think I was desperate.   After a while I got closer and closer to making a move. Then one history class last period on a hot Friday afternoon any resolve I had built up fell away.   Alexi was wearing a mini skirt and as I found out that class, a thong too.   She was sitting across from me, and as perverted as it may sound, she forgot to cross her legs (hey, I was 14).  
I was checking her out for a while and the sight stirred up a familiar bulge in my pants.   Then my worst nightmare, I looked up and she was looking right at me giggling.   The bell rang and I tried to find every excuse to stay after school hoping that she would leave for the weekend before she found me.   After about a half an hour of talking about early modern Russian politics, I decided she probably would have left school.   I walked out the door and made it all the way to my locker when a familiar voice said
“hey you, I need to talk to you.

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I groaned and turned to face her.  
“I really need some help with science homework and I was wondering if I could come over tomorrow?” 
I was elated that she hadn’t noticed and I stupidly muttered sure.  
Saturday came and I let her in.   We went into the basement.  I brought out some sodas and she pulled out her science homework and we started working on it.   To my horror I remembered we just started the reproduction unit.   Here I was, a hormone charged boy explaining male anatomy to a really hot girl in my basement.   I thought I was going to rip a hole in my pants with the boner I had.  
We slowly worked through the sheet when my mom came downstairs and said that she and my dad were going out to dinner with Alexi’s parents and that they wouldn’t be home for a while.   This didn’t seem to have too much of an effect on Alexi, who quietly continued working asking the occasional question.   About an hour later she went to the bathroom.
  While she was gone the phone rang.   It was my dad saying that the car had broken down so they were going to be late.   While I was talking my eyes wandered onto Alexi’s purse, I saw something that looked like a candy wrapper.   As I hung up the phone I realized it was a condom.

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    Alexi emerged from the bathroom wearing some kind of perfume that made my head swim.   I also noticed that she had undone her two top buttons on her shirt showing of her fairly large tits.   Amidst the fog in my head I stammered
“Aaalexi youuu look amaazinggg. ”
She smiled wickedly and said that she still needed help with homework.   As we sat back down on the couch she moved right up next to me and whispered
“I need to study male anatomy…. remember?”
her hand moved slowly up my thigh to my throbbing cock.   She started to rub my head through my pants.   I started to say something but her lips were on mine before I could even take a breath.   I kissed back exploring every bit of her mouth with my tongue.   I put my hand on her side and slowly reached under her shirt.  
She asked what was I waiting for and I sheepishly said I that I was new at this.  
She laughed and pulled off my shirt.   I reached up and felt up her tits.   I took off her shirt and her bra and took a second to admire her naked chest.   They were perfectly shaped and very firm.

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    I broke the kiss and started licking her erect nipples.   She moaned with pleasure so I tried giving them a soft bite.   She yelped with pain and pleasure.   I reached for her skirt and she unzipped my pants.   Our underwear soon followed.   She pushed me over and started kissing right above my cock.   She took the base of my cock in her hand and started massaging it.   It took all I had to keep from cumming right there.   She took my head in her mouth and every nerve in my body shrieked with delight.   Somehow she was holding my cock so I couldn’t cum and the pleasure just multiplied.   I don’t have a very big cock so it was easy for her to fit the whole thing it her mouth.   It felt so good I thought I must be dreaming.  
She finally let go of the base of my cock and I blew so much cum it sprayed out of her mouth and all over her face.   My orgasm was so intense I thought I was going to explode.   She wiped herself off and licked her fingers.

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    “Now it’s your turn” she said and after that experience I was all too happy to oblige.
      She lied down on the couch exposing her tight cunt.   Like I said we had just been studying anatomy in Biology so when I saw my first pussy I knew just where to go.   I tentatively tasted her juices and found that they actually tasted pretty good.   I dove into her with my tongue lapping at every inch of her.   I found her clit and sucked on it.   She screamed with pleasure so I continued slurping away at her clit and darting my tongue in and out of her.  
    YESS!!!! OH FUCK YEAH she shouted.  
    Soon her words turned to moans and she barely squeaked “I’m cumming!! before a waterfall of juice hit me in the face.   She convulsed with every wave but I didn’t stop.   I swear she had two more orgasms before I was too soaked to continue.   I got up and wiped off while she just lay there panting.  
    “Nick, I want you inside me. ” 
    I grabbed the condom from her purse and struggled to put it on.   “here, let me help you” she said.

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        I realized there was no way this was her first time because she sexily made a show of capping my throbbing dick.   She tossed her hair and asked me if I was ready.   Any moral value I had attempted to uphold was dashed away in an instant as she mounted me.   I plunged into her as deep as I could go and it was unlike anything I had ever come close to experiencing before.   It was as if every positive and pleasurable feeling I had ever had radiated throughout my body with every thrust.   I reached out and pulled her on top of me kissing her passionately while thrusting in and out of her tight pussy.   She moaned with pleasure as I hit her g-spot again and again bringing her closer to orgasm.   Our bodies joined as one, breathing and feeling together as waves of pure euphoria washed throughout our young bodies.  
    She broke the kiss only to scream out with pleasure as she climaxed, her body twitching with every pulse.   I came soon after with an orgasm so powerful it surely should have killed me.   Every part of my body and soul lit up with pure delight and I exploded spraying hot cum into the condom.   I pulled out and we both just lay there embracing each other naked and feeling each other’s warmth.  
    After what felt like an hour, we broke the embrace and got dressed just as I heard the garage door open.   I said goodnight to Alexi and shut the door as she left with her parents.   I went back to the basement to collect by binders when I noticed she had left me a note that read: “If you thought that was good, just wait ‘til next weekend…”

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