Homecoming Surprise


      This was Samantha's last homecoming, for she was a senior now and would soon graduate and leave this school forever. As she admired herself in the mirror, she could feel herself getting wet. Was it wrong that she liked what she saw in the mirror? She loved the way she jet black hair flowed to just above her tight round ass in loose ringlets. She loved the way her perfect flat stomach drew more attention to the fact that she had amazing boobs. A good solid 32D, she knew that she was going to be the hottest chick at the dance for sure.
   The door bell rings and Sam rushes down to meet her gorgeous date, Keith. She opens the door and her mouth literally starts wateringl. Keith looks so gorgeous in his black shirt and slacks. She can feel her pussy get even wetter. Tonight would be the night when all her fantasies would come true. She'd finally get to feel Keiths hard dick deep inside her. She knew that he'd been with plenty of other girls before and had heard the rumors. It was said that his dick was the thickest and longest in the school measuring at a good 18 inches. Damn that almost made her moan just thinking about that.
 " Sam you look very beautiful tonight," Keith said, interrupting her erotic thoughts.   
 " You too Keith," was all she could manage.

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   She could feel the juices start to soak through her thin lacey panties. The dance seemed to drag on forever with nothing but fast songs. At last the Dj decided to put a slow one on. Keith took Sam into his arms very close and the two started to just rock back and forth.
  " I'm so lucky to be with the prettiest girl in the school," Keith muttered into her ear. She could barely listen to what he was saying, for she was too busy trying to comprehend what she was feeling. Keith had suddenly become very hard and she could almost feel him fully between her legs.
  " Oh god Keith I want you so bad"
Thats all it took the two then darted out the back door and down to the football field. The night was warm and there wasnt a soul in site. The moment they hit the green turf clothes were flying. Both were frantic. There was licking, kissing and sucking everywhere. Finally they slowed for a sec and things calmed.
" Keith I want you to fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before. " With that Kieth gently laid Sam on the soft grass.

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   Then he spread her legs as far as he could.
"God your wet baby," he said before he smoothly inserted three long fingers into her wet and swollen pussy. He could smell the sex on her  and it was intoxicating. Sam moaned loudly. Keith then started to lick her clit while still fingering her pussy. It didnt take long before Sam couldnt take anymore and was climbing higher and higher to her climax
" OH MY GOD IM CUMMING SO HARD OH BABY OH SHIT!," Sam screamed as she reached her first orgasm. She then collapsed, body going limp. Keiths dick was harder then he'd ever seen it.    "my turn baby" Then he grabbed Sam by her hair and forced his dick into her mouth. Sam gagged in surprise but then started to suck him good and hard, giving him the best blow job he'd ever got. As she tickled his balls with her fingertips Kieth knew he was close to blowing a huge load so he grabbed her hair and started to roughly thrust back and fourth until finally he let out a huge load right down Sams throat.
    It seemed like he'd never stop and the cum was now pouring out of her mouth and all over her huge tits.  Finally with a few more quick twitches his dick stopped. He pulled out and looked at Sam. Her chin and tits were covered in his cum.

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       This was the hottest thing that he'd ever saw, making him instantly hard again.
    "Fuck me Keith right now'" Sam said as she laid back and spread her legs wide. If a hard fuck was what she wanted thats what she would get, and with that Keith pulled back then slammed is rock hard 18 inch cock right into her slick wet pussy. Sam screamed out in pain and pleasure.
    "OH GOD BABY JUST LIKE THAT FUCK ME! OH KIETH FUCK ME HARD," then Keith then pulled back almost all the way out and rammed into her again and again, when he started to feel his nuts tighten he knew it was almost time to cum but he just wasnt ready for that yet and pulled all the way out. He threw Sam over onto her stomach and demanded that she get on her hands and knees. Sam quickly obeyed. Then he thrust his dick into her tight ass.
    " SHit oh god kieth Im going to cum! Your cock feels so wonderful in my ass. "
     The pure extasy of this was impossible and kieth almost blew his load right there. Sam started to get closer to her orgasm and was getting anxious, as she started to thrust back at him with her ass. While fingereing her pussy and clit at the same time. Keith knew he couldnt hold it anymore and just let go deep into her ass. THis caused sam to orgasm so hard, her body shook. It took close to ten minutes before either of them were able to speak.

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    " OH baby lets go for round two," Sam said with a huge smile on her face. . .