Homecoming Bet - Chapter 2


(this is a continued story from the first chapter, http://www. sexstoriespost. com/stories/story/76952/)

Jason hadn't even looked again at the paper before he had reached home. His parents were both at the hospital late that night, a huge car pile fucked quite a few people on the highway that evening. Which meant his parents would be swamped with work, especially considering they were both surgeons, as if they already didn't work late and long hours. He threw his keys on the table and put his jacket on the hanger in the closet. He noticed the note from his parents explaining the predicament. He grabbed it and passed by the office room in which his little sister was on, her name was Bridget. She was a freshman, Jason had another sister and a younger brother who was in his 7th grade year. His brother went to a private school due to being extremely academically gifted, so he was not home often. His older sister Nikki was in college, and like Jason, was the most popular in her grade, two years older than Jason she made the family name there at the high school, even being scouted as a model at one point. His little sister Bridget was on the same track.

Sitting next to her was her best friend Karly. Karly was a petite innocent looking redhead, but she was known for being a backstabbing lying, cheating bitch. Of course to guys she was the flirtatious sexy girl always ruining relationships. She like Bridget was also a cheerleader.

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   Jason took the note from his parents out of his pocket along with it the paper from Tyler, it was only then he read the name on it. He took a second glance at the girls on the computer, realizing his next target was in fact Karly.

Jason stepped in and mentioned the note from the parents to Bridget. "Yeah yeah I know! I got home before you anyways. " Bridget replied too busy looking at the computer. Karly looked up at Jason and smiled and waved. He smiled and waved back.

"Hey Karly. "

"Hey Jason. " She seemed surprised almost that he even acknowledged her this time, considering she was normally a passive existence in there household like with everyone else. He went around behind the girls that was on their chairs. Putting a hand on Bridget's shoulder and another on Karly's, letting his fingers stretch out and slip slightly under her collar line. Karly looked up but Jason kept his head straight as if he was more interested on the pictures they were browsing on Myspace.

"What?" Bridget asked plainly, annoyed with Jason's arched head looking at what they were looking at.

"Nothing, I just needed to check my facebook.

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"Ugh. Fine. " Bridget said reluctantly, only moving her chair to the side making Jason stand and begin using the keyboard and mouse before Karly sat up and got out of her seat.

"Here Jason, you can sit here. " She said smiling. She was pretty good at acting so innocent, even Jason had heard the rumors.

"Aw, thanks Karly. " He said sitting down giving her a brief smile. All he had to do was get her rolling, and he didn't even have to flirt back for her to begin trying on her own. He began browsing through his notifications before Karly pointed out Kelly's cheerleading outfit.

"The athletic director disapproved this outfit. " Karly remarked.

"Yeah I heard, it sucks. I'm sure you would've looked pretty hot in this. " He said smiling.

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   "But I guess I'd rather not see Bridget in it either. " Bridget simply stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes.

"Haha thanks, let me show you something. " She said as Jason moved his chair back for her to take the keyboard, rather she decided to make herself comfy on his lap. Jason smiled to himself content how easily he got this going. Bridget and Karly were having a hard time navigating to whatever it was Karly wanted to show. While Bridget wasn't looking, Karly was rubbing her tight ass against Jason's crotch. She was wearing tight blue jeans, and Jason was wearing his workout shorts still. "Bridget, how about you just try. " Bridget nodded as Jason reeled a bit farther back from the computer and Bridget pulled up her chair to cruise the internet.

Karly put her hands against the back of Bridget's chair using it as leverage against grinding her nice butt up against Jason's hardening cock. Jason responded by moving his hands around her hips and helping grind his pelvis against her, one hand began feeling up her shirt the other rubbing through her jeans. Jason and Karly both knew Bridget's eyes were fixed on that screen. Jason scrambled to sit like normal as Bridget announced, "Found it!" It was an album of the cheerleading outfits. Jason pulled up again as they both navigated him through it, pretending to be interested one of his hands were rubbing between her thighs while the other was running his hand through her fiery red hair.

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"Well if you ever need some outfit help. " He chuckled jokingly, Karly giggling back as Bridget simply rolled her eyes. She knew Karly had a little crush on her older brother for a while.

When they were finished Bridget immediately retorted after Jason's compliments, "Alright alright, now that you checked your facebook, can you go now?" Jason agreed and began walking out. He poked his head back in smiling and winking at mainly Karly, before commenting.

"I'll be in my room if you need me. "

"Okay okay! And cause mom and dad are out, I might have a few friends over in the hot tub. " Perfect, Jason thought. It was as if it was destiny for him to be able to fuck all these girls. He went upstairs and put on some deoderant, he probably smelled not so amazing from his workout before fucking Kelly earlier. About an hour later he could hear all the girls in the house chatting and getting on their bathing suits. He had relatively known Karly for a while. She used to be innocent before she discovered the lust of sex. In fact one of his Tennis buddies broke up with his girlfriend because of her. She must've found the excitement or something in having affairs.

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   Which reminded Jason of his own girl. Brittany.

Brittany was definitely the hottest girl in his grade, prom and homecoming queen, she was also one of the smartest. She was a brunette, and had an impressive C cup, sporting a very nice toned ass, and was nicely tanned too. Her parents were rich for trust fund sorts of reasons, and she was the 2nd ranked in the class. She also didn't put out. I mean, Jason and her hand some sexual foreplay before, she had at most given him a blowjob, and he at most had fingered and felt her up. But they hadn't actually fucked yet, and everyone knew it. It was probably why he was so quick to jump onto that little bet. It would have been quite a nice release.

His head came out of the clouds as he heard his door open and Karly poked her head in. "Hey" She stepped in with her revealingly tight pink bikini. She didn't sport anything extremely impressive on her chest, but a fitting firm set of breasts, though her ass was perfectly sculpted and irresistible.

"Hey Karly," Jason gave her a good look over, "Why aren't you with the others?" He asked as if he was so naive.

"Well you were so keen on helping me with my outfit choices earlier, I figured I'd stop by before I headed downstairs.

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  " She smiled very sweetly. "I just got this last weekend. " She said as Jason turned around fully in his swivel chair. "What do you think?" She said turning herself around for him.

"It looks sexy as damn hell. " Jason said, exaggerating how attracted he was to her. "Can I touch the merchandise?" He said grinning as Karly smiled and approached him on his chair, she sat on his lap facing him, her knees straddling him as she her head still didn't go any higher than his.

"Go ahead. " She said holding onto the arms of his chair leaning forward and nodding, as Jason began running his fingers from her nicely toned flat stomach to the back of her top piece's strings, before bringing a hand back around and playing with her perky little tits through the cloth.

"Mmm, nice material. " He remarked as if he was interested in it, before he let his fingers slip under the top piece, rolling it up as he began to play with her breasts. "But I'm liking what's under it even more. " His hands began to make its way around her back untying the top piece before running down towards the bottom piece, groping her attractive rear. Grinding against her as she responded as equally, his cock beginning to buldge through his shorts.


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  . . " She said between a sigh.

"Mm, yes?"

"Aren't you still dating Brittany?" He figured this question would come up. He had thought about it himself. He knew that she probably found it more exciting he was cheating on Brittany, an obvious choice over her, during this. But he was also considering the possibility what would happen if Brittany found out. The relationship wasn't too deep that it would hurt him as much, but he would actually lose the bet considering he could guarantee she was on the list somewhere, and she already didn't put out after months of dating.

"Yeah you're right. She is my girlfriend. " Jason was having second thoughts. He wouldn't win the bet either way because of this, if anything he would be sacrificing the relationship for no reason. Of course this topic gave Karly the opposite emotions as she had began pulling out his hardon, letting her hands slowly jerk him off whispering into his ear. Instinctively his hand gripped her rear even tighter. He was only getting harder and that wasn't helping at all.

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"What she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?" Karly said smiling as she rubbed her tight cloth covered pussy lips against his throbbing cock. Jason wasn't sure what he was going to do. He was already in the moment and he could feel his hormones taking over, convincing him he could lie his way out of being caught.

"Your friends are in the next room getting ready. And Brittany is my girlfriend. " Jason thought about it again. He was deciding before it was too late as Karly wrapped her arms around his neck, grinding herself harder against him before sliding the thin piece of cloth to the side and letting his knob push its way into her clean little pussy. It was extremely tight, she was small after all, her moans were heard right next to his left ear as her head was next to his. She didn't even go down all the way before lifting herself back up. It was obvious she was even in more of a lust with all the conflicts that could ensue from this. She was so lubricated already, it was smooth but very tight for Jason. His hands were gripping her tight ass while she was slowly beginning to bounce it up and down on his cock.

Her light high pitched moans became louder as he began to move in motion with her, he had completely forgotten about Brittany by now, as he was moving himself in a circular motion underneath her, her perky tits were bouncing as he lifted her quicker and she fell all the way on his dick, letting out a loud moan before attempting to hush herself up realizing her friends were in the house. She hugged Jason tightly her head on his shoulder while he squeezed her butt cheeks in each hand and helped her ride him faster. The squishing sound of his cock inside her became louder as he could feel her inside grip his shaft even harder.

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   Her breathing became panting and her voice became very high pitched as he could feel her orgasm on his still hard pole.

Jason didn't stop, he kept going, thrusting up just as much as she was coming down on him, her breathing became harder as she had never fucked someone so experienced, big, and long lasting before. He could hear movement outside the door as they slowed down, before he had her turn around on his lap and face forward. He picked her up by her hips and slid his throbbing cock back inside of her cunt again. She moaned at how quickly he brought her down, making her ride him again as his hands came around and gripped her tits playing with her nipples while her hands were holding onto his desk for support. Her hair and firm breasts bouncing around, soon becoming handles for Jason.

"What's in this room?"

"Thats my brothers room! You don't wanna go in there trust me!" Jason simply chuckled, while he could notice Karly's worried face as she looked towards the unlocked door. She seemed to act quieter and move slower on his dick again.

"Well where is Karly anyways?'

"maybe she got lost haha" The girls outside laughed in jest.

"She's not in the bathroom is she?" Karly's eyes opened up wide as she could feel Jason let go of her chest and slap her tight riding ass. He was chuckling under his breath before he picked up her legs by her thighs and stood up making the chair roll back, his shorts dropping, forcing the topless red head to grip the other side of the desk and lay her head on it for support, while he stood up and jammed the full length of his thick throbbing meat back inside of her.

Her hair and tits bounced wildly as she began to moan louder, holding her legs up he continued to pound her pussy relentlessly. "Anyone hear that? sounded like a slap or something. " Someone remarked as Jason gave Karly's ass another good slap, her butt cheek jiggling while he continued to fuck her. He was making long full thrusts at a medium pace.

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"Bridget, I wouldn't mind going through your brothers room!" One of the girls remarked as the others giggled.

"Oh my god, let's go downstairs, Karly is probably in the hot tub or something already. " Bridget responded, she had always been used to girls talking about her brother like that. Jason simply smirked as he slowed while Karly let out a gasp and breathed heavily, panting and sweating, holding herself up with her arms, as Jason let her feet touch the ground. He was throbbing hard, and had not even blown his load yet as he slid his fully buried cock out of her pussy, it made a sound just from being released by her tightness. He could hear all the girls filing downstairs.
    She had already orgasmed twice by now. He was impressed by how long her small body had held up.

    All of a sudden there was a knocking at the door, Karly hurriedly grabbed her top and scurried towards the closet. Jason simply grinned as he pulled up his shorts hiding his boner with his waist band. His sister poked the door slightly open. "You seen Karly?"

    "No, why would I have?" He laughed convincingly.

    "Well I don't know, that's why I was asking, jeez. " She said letting the door shut loudly on her way downstairs. Karly stepped out of the closet fixing her hair in the mirror, wearing her bikini fully again.


       The bottom piece was soaked, and there were juiced running down her leg. Jason came up from behind giving her ass a hard slap again.

    She giggled, "Jason. "

    "Mm, I'm not done yet, I didn't even get off, you aren't going to leave my like that are you?" He rested his chin on her shoulder grinding his pelvis up against her ass, letting his shorts fall and letting her tight butt squeeze his shaft between her cheeks as she responded by pushing her butt out. She eventually was bent over holding the dresser, in her bikini before he began pulling the bottom piece down slightly. His finger was rubbing her clit in rotation quickly as he kept grinding his pulsing cock between her ass cheeks, gripping them as he prodded her tight butthole with his large knob.

    "Jason! I've never done it there before. . . " She said innocently again.

    "There's a first for everything" He said into her ear before lifting his torso up and gripping her hips before forcing his way into her puckered asshole. She moaned extremely loud, but there was music downstairs and noise from his sister and her friends. He began to ram his dick farther down her anal cavity, forcing the massive shaft all the way in before he finally made it fully in. She was breathing hard as he paused before bringing it almost all the way out and shoving it back in. It wasn't long before he got into momentum, her gripping ass around his shaft as he continued to stuff her from behind.

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       She looked into the mirror as he was grinning at her, giving her ass another nice spank. She was moaning loudly as his other hand was stimulating her clit again. He began banging her so hard and fast her perky tits were beginning to lose their position under her top piece, he eventually helped free them by rolling up the top piece and gripping her breasts while he fucked her wildly. He went from slapping her ass again to gripping her curly red hair as he grunted from fucking her so hard. She was practically yelling in pleasure as she had an orgasm while the dresser rocked back and forth, her ass slapping against his hips as he grunted again feeling himself release. It was a struggle to pull himself out of her asshole.

    He was shooting cum like crazy, he was surprised he had so much left, but her rear hole had squeezed a lot of it out, as it was overflowing and dripping down her pussy. He was fumbling to pick up his phone and begin recording while his shaft rested between her ass cheeks and shot more loads on her ass and back, even getting in her hair. "Oh my god!" She simply exclaimed, 3 orgasms within 30 some minutes. He showed the phone her overflowing asshole and gave it another good slap.

    "You're going to help me clean this right?" He chuckled whipping his still quite hard cock against her ass. She moaned and continued to breath hard before she smiled at him.

    "Mmm of course Jason. " She said smiling again, sliding down to her knees as she began licking up all the cum off of his wet cock. It wasn't lock before her face was stuffed with his meat, and was bobbing up and down on it until it was covered in her saliva.

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    "Come on babe, try and deepthroat it. " She looked up at him with those innocent eyes, holding his butt as she gagged on his gigantic cock, he gripped her hair and forced it down her throat before he could feel himself at a second climax again. His balls smacking her chin as he was almost laughing putting it in her mouth poking the sides of her cheeks, having fun with the recording phone. He eventually pulled out feeling the lesser second climax approach as his shaft pulsed and he gripped it, slapping the side of her face with his dick. "Open wide you frisky little slut. " He grunted as he squeezed his dick and she closed her eyes opening her mouth before he began blowing his load on her tongue, to her forehead. Her face was covered in his hot white cream. He was holding back a little bit more as he lifted her. "Give the camera a nice view on the bed. "

    She nodded almost giggling as she got on the bed on all fours, her legs were wobbling from the amount of stress they had been put under. "Quite a workout wasn't it babe?" She nodded back towards the phone he was recording with as he poked his dick at her ass, giving it a couple of good slaps and squeezing the rest out on it as he gripped and squeezed one of the cheeks. "For being a freshman, you were such a great fuck, let me tell you that. " He remarked as he began to turn off the recording.

    "Mm thanks. .

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      . " She simply said exhausted, lying on her belly holding his pillow, rolling down her bikini top, pulling up the bottom piece. "What about Brittany?" She said again, curiously.

    "Brittany? Listen Karly, come here dressing sexy again and I'll give you a buttfuck no matter who I'm dating. " He said smiling as she smiled back. She was virtually in love was Jason at that moment, it had always been a crush of hers, but he didn't realize how much she actually liked him. He slapped her ass and pulled the pillow. "Come on babe, up up, gotta get outta my room now. "

    "Aw come on. " She said as she stood up fixing her bottom piece.

    "Hop on in the hot tub with the rest of the girls. " He chuckled as he opened the door giving her another ass slap to get out. She seemed content with the evening, before heading downstairs. Jason tossed the paper from his shorts in the trash can. Soon after he made his way to his car, driving down to Tyler's place.

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       Time to get the next name. .


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