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melissa had an incredible bod, and some could say that i only spoke to her after she got her body.   but to them i say i never had classes with her before that and i prejudged her on who her crowd was.   but that changed in tenth grade.   we were part of a group that came to be known as table.   the last four people on the class list got put at a table because there were no more desks.  
anway melissa and i got allong very well.   i mean when we were in math class it was not a time to learn, it was a time to flirt.   and that is all that came about with us in highschool.   its funny but we spent more time together after graduation than before.   we were both home for three hockey games and spent those hockey games together.   as it happened i was really turned on by melissa.   she had perfectly round brests that hung in just the right places.   the last game before the states that we took a road trip to was quite a time for us.   i "accidentily" patted her ass.   and of course i expected a response but i didnt get one.   so i did it again and again.

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    still no response.   so i worked up the courage to just place my hand on her ass and she just let me do it.   then she looked at me and asked for a ride home, with a wink.   so i jumped at the opportunity to say yes.   so anyway after the game we got in the car and she immediatley started talking.
"hey mike, what made you grab my ass tonight?"
"well i was gonna grab your brests but i thought it would be a bit obvious and quite tacky. "
"ok, i dont know that i agree onehundred percent, but either way i' glad you did it because i've been wanting to confess my feelings to you for some time.   I know that you have felt that flirting was always enough for us, but I always wanted more. "
"well what does that mean? does that mean that were gonna hookup or that your just telling me to get it off of your chest, which happens to be a very nice one?"
"thank you.   well i would love to hookup, but i have a boyfriend back at school. "
"damn, i was really hoping. "
"well i think that your brain is checking with your penis first right now. so it would not be the best night to anyway. "
"ok, that's fair but when states come you have to ride to columbus with me. "
"i think i'd be wiling to do that.

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we pulled up her driveway and i stopped.  we said goodbye and see you later and all those customary things, but this was not expected.   she leaned in and kissed me.   i wanted so badly to grab her brests, but i was so shocked that i couldnt do anything.   i just followed her lead glad to be swaping spit with her.   she had a sweet mouth.   i loved kissing her and could only pray that the hockey team would make it all the way to the finals.  
a few months passed and melissa and i were talking more and more sexually online.   the more we talked the more i planned for columbus and what was going to happen with us. time passed and i found out that the team did make it to the semifinal game in columbus.   i immediatley called melissa and said
"guess what you sexy mama. "
"were goin to columbus. "
"how did you know?"
"what you think that i didnt wanna go?"
"no, i just did know you knew that the team made it. so heres the deal though.   me, you, my family, and my sisters friend are gonna stay in a hotel if they make it to the championship game.

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"thats fine, im actually hoping that they do make it. "
"me too.   well the game is two weeks from now and i gotta go to class so we'll talk later, ok?"
"ok, bye. "
two weeks passed really quickly.   and before i knew it was the morning of the game.  ofcourse, as with tradition we could not leave smoothly.   my mom decided to flip out about the car because the steering was a little stiff.   anyway we were just in time to get one period of hockey in and the best partwas that my parents were not there because of the plans i had already made.   but that did not mean that my sister did not come with us.   she and her friend both came with us and this meant that we would be staying with no parents because shaker won.   i called my parents and we set up all the plans with melissas parents and sydneys parents so that the bill was split 4 ways.   one quarter for each child meaning that we were paying half, but that was ok because the room was only $90 per night. anyway it rocked because melissa and i were free to flirt all night, and we did.   we had a roon that entered into a central room with two bedrooms off of it.   i told my sister that she and sydney could take the one bedroom, and melissa and i would take the other.

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    I turned to melissa and kissed her and we went off into our room. i sat her on the bed and asked her a question
"melissa, are we really gonna do this tonight?"
"do what?"
"well i just assumed that we were gonna be in be together that we were gonna. . . . . . . you know. "
"no i dont, what is it you wanna do?"
"well make love, fuck. "
"well i dont know about that, but we are definitley gonna get some making out in. "
I leaned my and kissed her, but instead of putting both hands on the bed i put one on her crotch and began to rub through her spandex shorts. i could feel her getting warmer which could only mean that she would start to get hornier, and she did.   all of a sudden she was scooting back on the bed and laying back.   i decided to make a move and pulled her shirt over her head.

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         exposing her braless brests.   i kissed her again and removed my shirt exposing my flat and somewhat defined abs.   laying there i looked down at those beautiful brests and decided right then that melissa was going to be mine that night.   i slowly kissed my way to her left nipple and began to suck on it, while twisting the ither between my finger and rubbing her pussy with my knee.   i was still kissing her and  loving the feeling of her toung in my mouth combined with her knee massaging my groin.   i was getting ready to cum so i stopped, got up and undressed.   when i went back to the bed i climbed over her from her feet to her face and then inserted my penis directly into her mouth. and began thrusting.   she was moaning, barely audible through my cock, but when the bed started to shake violently i realized that that melissa had her first orgasm of many to come that night. i started to pumpm a little faster and then my cock shot the first load of cum into melissas mouth.
    "oh my god that was good melissa. "
    "i liked it too mike. "
    "well would you like for me to repay the favor?"
    "are you serious?"
    "yeah, why wouldnt i be. "
    "well none of my boyfriends has ever done that for me. "
    "really, thats one of the things i like to do most.

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    so down i went.   straight into that glorious pussie.   she was so wet and her lips were so huge and ready for me.   i stuck my finger in her and searched arround for her g-spot while i ran my tounge all over her clit.   she was soon bucking and moaning uncontrolably with my face burried in her she built up towards an orgasm and then i found the magical spot that sent her over the edge into a realm of pleasure that she could not have imagined me giving her.   but that was not nearly the end of the night.   i was rock solid again, and ready to go.   as i climbed on top of her i noticed that she looked like she was in pain, and i asked her whaat was wrong .   she replied
    "nothing.   i'm just getting ready because im a virgin and i heard it hurts your first time. "
    "have you ever put anything inside of you?"
    "well yeah i play with vibrators all the time but they're skinny.   nothing like you. "
    "well its gona hurt a little, but you probably dont have a hymen so it shouldnt be to bad. "
    i slowly slid in and then out of the corner of my eye i saw someone peeking out through the bathroom door.
    (look for part to to find out who is in the bathroom)

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