High school years#3


The day after my future wife Misty and her friend Shirley. Cut class so we could go home and fuck. I showed up for school and they did not. After home room Mrs. Beasley the assistant principal was waiting for me in the hall. "Come with me to my office. " I followed her. My attention went right to her sexy big ass i watched her hip's sway back and forth. In tight black dress pants. She's in her 30's with shoulder length blond hair and nice c cup breasts. And in her black 4inch pumps she's 6ft. tall. Very sexy but she's good at being a total bitch. I guess it goes with the job.

I follow her in to her office. "Have a seat.

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  " She sits on the edge of her desk. "I'm very disappointed in you. I've checked your records from your old school and you were a perfect student. " "But Mrs. Beasley I'm still a good student. " "Not cutting classes your not. And wheres your girl friends at today?" "I don't know. " "It looks like they left you hanging. So your going to get there punishment to. " "Oh Mrs. Beasley you don't have to do that. " She gets up and walks to the back of her desk and picks up a leather belt. "You can undress now. " "Huh?" "You heard me strip down. every thing except your socks.

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I begin undressing. I notice her watching and checking me out. Her nipples poke through her white blouse. My cock swells. "Oh I see what Misty likes now. " As my boxers hit the floor. "Now bend over my desk. " I obey her order. I turn my head and watch her. She unbuttons her blouse and takes it off. I grab my cock and stroke it as her bra falls to the floor. "Get your hand off your cock. Your being punished. " She then slips her bare feet from her sexy pumps.

She then wildly swings the belt striking my naked ass.

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   Whipping me like a child. Pain flows through my ass and legs. Tears run down my face. I've never had my ass beat like this.
    When she's finished. It's blistered red and very painful. " Now you can get on your back. " She takes off her pants,panties. And we get into the 69 position. As I see that pussy at my face I spread her open and eat her out. I forget about my stinging ass as my dick is working in and out of her mouth. "Don't forget my ass. I want my tank cleaned. " I pull her ass cheeks apart and lick her tight little poop shoot. "Yes thetas the way Misty would like this.

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      " After tongue fucking her ass. She moves down guiding my cock into her hot cunt. She rides me for a while. Then she slips my dick into her ass. And I cum filling her shit shoot with my seed.

    "Oh you shouldn't have doe that. You got a mess to clean up now. " She sits on my face again and I clean her ass out again. My fingers find her pussy and I finally get my fist inside her. She finally cums. Her body relaxes. And she gets off me. "Your pretty good. Tell Misty, Shirley their going to get theirs real soon. .

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