High school years#2


I was met by my wife's best friend Shirley today as soon as I got off the bus. smiling and in a teasing voice. "I heard you and Misty did it yesterday. " "You heard right. Was she satisfied?" "Oh very much so. " Misty joins us. "You made my pussy sore. " "Cool I did good. " "If your to sore maybe you could share that big dick with me. " "We'll see but he's mine you understand?" "Sure" We go on to our classes. Shirley continues to flirt with me throughout the day. At our lunch period we all sat in the back of the lunch room. Misty sat on my right Shelly to my left and Shirley across from me. It did not take long Shirley began rubbing her foot against my leg. Then it was pressing my crotch. "Your getting hard.

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  " "Oh yea. " Misty looks down seeing Shirley's bare foot in my lap. "Take him out for us. " I undid my pants and let my cock free. Shelly stared at it with her mouth wide open.

Shirley teased it with her toes. Then Misty stroked me a few strokes later Shelly stroked me moments later I shot my load. Misty took some of my hot jazz and smeared some on the top of Shirley's foot. She licked the rest from her fingers. Shirley took the cum from her foot and sucked her fingers. Shelly also got a sample. We left the lunch room I was very satisfied. During my p. e. period Misty,Shirley come to the back door of the gym.

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   They liked to hide behind the gym to smoke. I joined them. To share Misty's cigarette.

"After p. e lets get out of here. " "You sure we'll get in trouble. " "I'm so horny I don't care. " So when the bell rang I met the girl's in the parking lot. We climbed into Misty's Mustang and left school. As we got out of town. Misty glanced at me. "Go ahead and strip. " "Here?" "Your my slave you know. " "OK" Shirley leans over the seat and watches me undress.

We pull into her yard I follow her into the house.

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   We get on the couch. Misty looks at Shirley. "You can sit over their. " Pointing to a recliner. "But I thought I could join in. " "When I say you can. I'm first. " We kiss I begin getting Misty out of her blouse,bra. Misty gets between my leg's giving me a blow job. I look over at Shirley Her nipples poking through her pink Izod shirt. She watches us a few moments.
    Then kicks off her high heel's and gets up and walks out. "When she comes back you can fuck me. Shirley returns naked with a large dildo. She sits in the recliner spreads her legs and fucks herself.


       Misty gets up and drops her skirt.

    I mount her doggy style and she lets out a moan. "Oh yes that's so good. Fuck my ass to. ' Shirley watches intensely as my cock stretches her tight asshole. "Ah Ah oh shit your big. " A few strokes later. Misty looks at Shirley. "You can start with a blow job. Shirley come right over and pulled my dick from my wife's ass and sucked it eagerly. "Damn baby this bitch is cool. " "Yea she is. " "Lets go to my room and she can ride you. We get up and go to Misty's bed I get on my back. Shirley straddles my cock and Misty straddles my face.

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       We swap positions several times. I finally could not hold back and shot my load deep into Misty's pussy. With cum running out of her she gives a look. "Bitch you can clean me up now. " Shirley dives in eating Misty out until she orgasm's again.

    Misty and Shirleythen get dressed I follow them out to the car and get dressed on the ride home. I give Misty a long passionate kiss. "Do I get one of those?" Misty looks at her. "Are you crazy?" "We'll I Thought. " "Hell no" Misty yelled cutting her off I heard them arguing all the way as they backed out the driveway and drove away. It was an awesome first 3 some. And more came later. .



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