High School Girls at a College Party


Life can be pretty boring in a small town in the rural Midwest. A lot of kids start to realize this in the later years of their high school careers. They are so excited to get out on their own, whether it be to go to college or to just get away from their parents, that sometimes they don't realize that they may not be ready for what awaits them. It has to be admired the way they show their hand to you and then proceed to push in all their chips, but at the same time one has to wonder how so many teenagers make these same mistakes.

This is the story, or should I say the first chapter of the true story that I was lucky enough to play a major role in when six high school girls decided to expand their horizons and attend a party at the college that was basically responsible for their town's existence. I should mention that this first chapter was the only one I was directly involved in and the rest of this story will be based on hearsay and secondhand sources. Let's begin.

Chapter 1:

College life was great. Even in a small town, college is a bubble. Sure, larger universities might have more options, but the bottom line is that a party is a party, drinking is drinking, and pussy is pussy.

On this particular night, I wasn't expecting terribly much. I was on my fifth beer, had done a few shots and had a few hits of shitty weed. It was 11:30 and the party was pretty much in full swing and then I saw a bombshell that I had never met before. At this point, I was sure I would manage to get some pussy that night, but I figured it would probably end up being a girl I'd had before who was just as desperate as I was. But this new girl intrigued me. I continued my conversation with the couple of friends who were sitting next to me currently but couldn't help but keep looking at this young lady.

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  She looked pretty young. Couple that with the fact that I hadn't seen her before and I figured she was a freshman. She was very tan with dark brown hair, medium sized tits, a great looking ass, and long sexy legs. I excused myself from my friends after checking her out and introduced myself by pretending to accidentally bump into her.

"Oh, my bad" I yelled over the music as I passed, then pretended to do a double-take as she smiled and responded that it was no problem. "I haven't seen you around before" I said to her.

"Oh, yeah" she said with a slight giggle. "Yeah I don't come around here much. "

"Yeah, it isn't that fun sometimes. It's kinda' the same every night but what else are we gonna' do around here?" I said to her, sitting down next to her and reaching to pour some more alcohol into her cup. "I'm Geoff," I said smiling.

"Jessie" she responded looking at me and clearly interested. "I wouldn't really know about it being the same every night," she said. She leaned in closer to me and said quietly "I'm actually in high school. "She leaned back and looked at me to see if this new information would send me running for the hills but it didn't.

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"That's cool," I said still smiling and staring straight into her eyes. "I can totally see how being a high school kid around here would be boring as fuck. "

She giggled, "Yeah, it is. I can't wait to get to college. "

"Looks to me like you're already here," I yelled over the music. "You wanna' dance?"

She grinned and nodded. I led her to the blacklight room where the music was coming from where we ended up dancing for a few songs. Her ass that had looked amazing from across the room was equally as tantalizing in action. She clearly knew how to work it and before long she had my member erect and throbbing in my jeans. After about five minutes of continuing to talk and flirt over the music we started to make out. She was a pretty good kisser but I was better and within fifteen minutes I had taught her a thing or two. She wasn't being shy either. She had told me all about how her and her friends had decided to hell with high school parties, they wanted to go somewhere more fun. I told her I would show her fun and she gave me the sexiest look I'd seen in awhile.

Things on the dance floor progressed pretty quickly once we had started making out and we had also been taking shots regularly.

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  I could tell she was wasted, horny, and ripe for the fucking. I was down her shorts constantly and she had been rubbing my cock through my pants for a song before we departed the dance floor. We went back into the room we had been to before and joined some of the other guests in shotgunning a beer. She only finished about half of hers before having to stop to which people booed so I picked the beer up and finished it for her while only letting a bit spill out.

I grinned and swept her out of the room and upstairs to where I knew an empty bedroom would be.

Once inside I picked her up and pinned her against the door, shoving my tongue in her mouth and making out with her wildly while running my hands over her B-Cup breasts. She moaned and sucked on my tongue. She grabbed my neck with one hand and held me to her while the other reached down and fondled by rockhard member through my jeans. I stroked her hair as we kissed and necked for a few minutes. She wrapped her amazingly sexy legs around my waste and we began to dryhump against the wall. I pulled her away from the door and dropped her on the bed, laying down on top of her and pulling my shirt off to reveal an athletic body that I had worked on for months to get the type of response I saw in her eyes. She grinned and ripped off her own top.

"Oh god I'm so horny, Geoff" she slurred to me.

"Yeah, Jessie, you wanna' get fucked tonight, baby?" I asked.

"Fuck yeah, oh god I wanna' get fucked by a college guy" she yelled at me.

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We started to make out again and I squeezed my hand down her shorts and started to rub her already sopping wet pussy. She moaned loudly through our kisses and pulled away, "Ohhhh god yes, oh my pussy" she whispered in my ear as her breathing increased in rate. I grinned at her and pulled her into another makeout, holding her to me as I began to finger her. I inserted a second finger into her and she began to moan louder and louder as my pace increased. She broke my grip on her neck and broke away from our latest makeout session and began to scream in pleasure. "Ohhhhh yesssss Geoff! Ohhhh god that feels good! Oh right there! Yessss just like that!"I grinned and continued to finger her as I pulled her bra down, revealing her nipples and kissing each of them. She hissed in pleasure as I flicked her nipples with my incredibly flexible tongue. "Oh, Geoff! Ohhhh yesss that's it!" she shouted as I kissed her flat sexy stomach, noticing that her belly button was pierced just turned me on even more. I paused here and went back up to her nipples and sucked on each of them ravenously while making my fingers dart in and out of her hole even faster. "OHHHHH YES! OHH I'M GOING TO CUMM GEOFF! OHH I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUMMM! YES! YESSSSSS! I'M FUCKING CUMMMING OHHHH!" she screamed as I felt a rush of her hot fluids. I grinned up at her. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open, still moaning and shouting obscenities. I removed my drenched fingers from her pussy and began to unbutton her shorts. She rotated on her hips to yank down my jeans and reveal my 7 inch cock which while not terribly long was incredibly thick. "Oh! I've never seen one this big!" she exclaimed, rubbing the shaft slowly in admiration.

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  I grinned as I finished pulling her shorts and panties off of her legs.

I dove into her pussy without warning. I jammed my fingers back into her at a pace even faster than I had just finished bringing her to orgasm with. I dove my face into her cunt and searched for a few seconds before finding her clit and sucking on it. She screamed in surprised pleasure at this sudden attack and immediately grabbed the back of my head and held me in between her legs. She was screaming non-stop as I relentlessly assaulted every nerve in her beautiful love hole. "OHHHHHH YES! OH FUCK YES, GEOFF!" she screamed over and over as I alternated between flicking and sucking on her clit while jamming my fingers into her over and over. She continued to writhe in pleasure and scream encouragement to me until her voice rose to a high-pitch squeal after a minute or so "OHHHH FUCK YESSS AHHHHHHH YES I'M FUCKING CUMMMMMING OHHHH MY GOD GEOFF!" and she squirted. It was great to always be the first one to make a girl squirt because you can see that not only is the orgasm more intense than they're used to, but they are shocked at their own body's response. Jessie was squirting everywhere and her juice got all over my face and chest. She screamed and convulsed, having never felt like this. Her eyes were wide with shock and I grinned at her expression before bending down and licking the insides of her thighs clean. She moaned and pushed my head towards her pussy again but I pulled back.

"I think you owe me a little bit, you little fucking high school whore. "She grinned and obliged, immediately grabbing my rockhard member and jacking me off at a furious pace.

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  She leaned in and began to suck on my balls as well which got me going quickly. "Ohhh yeah Jessie, yeahhh you little cunt. " I hissed to her as she looked up at me innocently. She was giving a pretty awesome blowjob for a high school girl. She began to lick up and down my shaft while cupping my balls in her hand. I maneuvered her mouth to the head of my cock and she grinned up at me before deepthroating the first few inches in her mouth. "Yeahhh girl, ohhhh take my fucking cock in your mouth" I said to her as she continued to fondle my balls in one hand and began rubbing me furiously with her other. I was really getting there now. I began to moan and groan in pleasure, holding her hair in my hands gently and gradually pushing her further down my shaft. This girl was fucking great at giving head, there was no denying that. Forget saying she was good for a high school girl, this was one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had. She looked up at me again with those same innocent, beautiful eyes. She knew exactly what I was thinking and I loved that she knew. She increased the pace of her stroking and continued to lick the head of my cock with her tongue. She was jiggling and fondling my balls like crazy and I was going wild.

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  "Ohhhhh fuckkkk JEssie! YEAHHH YOU FUCKING WHORE!" I shouted as I felt the cum ready to erupt from my member. "Ohhhhh I'm fucking cumming Jessie!" I yelled. She pulled her mouth off my cock and presented her tits as a target which I gladly aimed for as she continued to work her magic with her hands. I shouted in pleasure as the first hot jet of cum burst from my cock and landed on her beautiful golden skin. I continued to groan as she jacked me off relentlessly before putting my cock between her tits and rubbing it between them for another minute.

I couldn't believe how great an orgasm I had just had. This girl was great, but the encounter was far from over. She smiled, seeing how pleased I looked. I just stared at her for a few seconds, befuddled at how much I wanted to fuck her. She giggled at my blank expression but was interrupted as I grabbed her around the waist and threw her back onto the middle of the bed. I jumped on top of her immediately and began to rub and lick and suck her everywhere again. After an orgasm as great as I had had, you would think I would need a break, but I didn't, my cock was recovered, and I was as horny as I had been an hour ago. "Ohhhh you wanna' fuck me now, huh? HUH you fucking stud?" she yelled at me as I flipped her over on all fours.

"I am going to fuck you so fucking hard, Jessie" I growled back as I spanked her great ass and positioned my once again rock hard member at her entrance. I grinned as I rubbed the head against her pussy lips and clit.

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  She was groaning in anticipation. "Ohhhh god put it in me, Geoff! Ohhhh take me, do whatever you fucking want"

That was all I could take. I grabbed her hips and heaved my way into her pussy, ripping into her incredibly tight hole in one giant thrust. The sound she made cannot be described. She clenched the bedspread in both hands and let out a cry of both pleasure and pain. I screamed in pleasure as well as I buried my cock at least five inches into her pussy in one thrust. We both were going crazy immediately. I didn't give her time to get used to having me inside her, this girl was a fucking whore and I was going to treat her like one. I immediately began to pound the shit out of her in what was my favorite position. She was screaming and moaning, slamming her ass back into me as she raised her hips to meet my thrusts. "OHHHHHH GOD YESSSS THAT FEELS SOO FUCKING GOOD! OHHH YES! GEOFF! OHHH FUCK GEOFF! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed into the bedspread that both of her hands held onto. She was working wonders with her ass, girating it perfectly to meet every single one of my thrusts. "Ohhhhhhh JEssie! yessss jessie! Taake it you fucking slut! You fucking like that, Jessie?? You fucking like being a whore" I yelled to her as I began to pound her even harder. "YESSS DON'T STOP! OHHHH GOD KEEP GOING JUST LIKE THAT! RIGHT THERE! THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE YESS YESSSSSS GEOFFFFF OHHHHHHH MY GOD!" she shrieked as I felt her getting close to another huge orgasm. I ripped into her over and over, relentlessly.

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  My balls were slapping against the underside of her sexy stomach and the speed and force of my thrusts only increased with her the volume of her shouts. She began to shake and convulse wildly again. I knew that I was hitting her g-spot and I continued to hit it faster and faster. She was swearing up a storm, begging me, screaming, shouting and crying for more. And then she buckled down on my cock, slamming her ass back into me, she screamed louder than ever "FUCKKKKK YESSS FUCK ME I'M GOING TO FUCKING CUMMM AGAIN! OHHHHH MY GODDDD!" I felt her pussy walls tighten and her cunt began to spasm. Her legs were shaking and I grabbed her hair and pulled it hard while fucking her relentlessly. "OHHHHH MY GOD GEOFF! GEOFF! YESSSSSSS OH I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING! HOLLY SHIT YESSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHH DON'T STOP PLEASE PLEASE FUCKKKKKK!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm hit its peak. I continued to fuck her semi-limp body relentlessly after her latest orgasm for a minute or so before pulling out. and turning her over onto her back.

She was still out of breath and still looked to be coming down from her orgasm, but I didn't wait. I lovingly prised apart her beautiful toned and tan legs, placing my drenched cock at her entrance. She sighed, "ohhhhh god yes Geoff, that was the fucking best orgasm I've ever had. Oh god keep fucking me" I grinned and slowly pushed my cock back into her already tightening hole. I entered much more slowly this time and laid down on top of her, holding her to me. "God Jessie you are so fucking amazing" I said to her softly.

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  She moaned and smiled at me. "Fuck me Geoff. This is the fucking best sex I've ever had, I need you to keep FUCKING ME!" she shouted at me. I grinned as she flipped us over and began riding me like a crazy slut. I was taken by surprise by this quick switch of position but quickly began to suck on the beautiful tits that were dangling in front of me. "Ohhhhh yeah Geoff! Ohhhh you like me fucking riding you!?" she shouted at me.
    I moaned and sucked hard as hell on her nipples. "OHHHHHH" she moaned as she picked up her pace. She was almost flying off my cock now as she rode me like the wild slut she was proving to be. "Ohhhh Jesssssie!" I hissed as she began to make out with me wildly again. She grabbed both of my wrists in her small hands and held them to the bed, bouncing like wild. "OHHHHH YESSYOUR COCK FEELS SOOO GOOD INSIDE ME! OHHH I WANNA RIDE THIS COCK OHHH YESSSS GEOFF FUCKKK!" she screamed before diving back down into another wild, sloppy kiss. I began to meet every single one of her bounces with an incredibly hard thrust, causing her to buck and scream in absolute bliss. She looked at me with an expression of pure pleasure and disbelief at how Iwas making her feel. To be quite honest, I felt the same way.


      I broke free of her weak hold and held her hips in my hands, sitting up to suck on her tits some more and beginning to absolutely drill my cock into her as she rode me. "OHHHH GOD OHHH GODDDDD YESSSS I'M FUCKING GONNA CUMM AGAIN GEOFF! OHHHH YESSSS!" she shouted. I increased my pace even more and so did she. We were both shouting in pleasure for the next minute and our screams of pleasure mixed together, "OHHHHHH GEOFF YESS FUCK YESSS HARDER! FASTER! OHHHHHH GODDDD, YESSSS FUCK JESSIE RIDE ME YOU FUCKING CUNT! YOU FUCKING WHORREEEE! AHHHH GEOFF YESSSSSSSSS FUCK ME YOU FUCKING STUD! FUCK ME LIKE A FUCKING SLUT! AHHHHHHHH I'M CUMMING!" she shrieked. I slammed my cock into her over and over as a chain of eardrum busting orgasms ripped through her. She shook and trembled, looking almost scared as her body convulsed. "OHHHHH MYYYY FUCKING GODDDD I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING I'M FUCKING CUMMMMIINNNG YESSS GEOFFFFF YESSS!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs over and over as she rode the shit out of me for another minute all the while with her cum seeping out around the edges of my cock.

    I held her head in my hands romantically after she came down from this unbelievable chain of orgasms. I had nearly came, but had decided to save my orgasm for another few minutes. I helped her to steady her breathing, as she had clearly never been fucked like this, despite how good she was. I kissed her passionately and pushed her onto her back, crawling on top of her and burying my cock into her again. She screamed as I pounded into her pussy immediately. She bucked her hips up into me and brought her legs up around my waist in a vicegrip, pulling me deeper into her with every thrust. Once again, our moans and shouts of pleasure mixed into a frenzy of swearing and screaming. I slapped her ass and sucked on her nipples relentlessly as I pounded her pussy which by now was sore as hell.

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      "OHHH MY GOD MY PUSSY! FUCKKKKK YES FUCK MY PUSSY YOU FUCKING STUD! OHHH MY GOD GEOFF YOU ARE SO FUCKING GOOD YESSS KEEP GOING RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE RIGHT FUCKING THERE. . . YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jessie went out of this world as another orgasm ripped through her beautiful, sexy, tanned, high school body. I wrapped an arm around her lower back and pulled her deeper into every one of my thrusts as I didn't change my pace at all during her latest incredible orgasm. I was just pounding her harder and harder, focusing on making this bitch come back for more whenever she could. This Jessie was fucking incredible, even if she was in high school, she was making me go harder and orgasm better than I had in a long time. I was going to make sure she remembered me the same way. "OHHHH MY GODDDD I'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN! I'M GONNA CUMMM AGAIN! I'M. . . FUCKING. . . CUMMMMING! AHHHHHHHH YESSS YESS YESS!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs.

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      I pulled her legs apart and placed them over my shoulders and got even deeper penetration. By now I was pounding my cock into the hilt despite the incredible tightness of her vagina and the impressive size of my member. She was looking up at me with eyes that looked glazed over. She couldn't take much more, but she was still begging for it. "OHHHH GOD I JUST CAME ALL OVER YOU FUCKING DICK! OHHHHH YEAH FUCK YOU GEOFF! FUCKKKKKK YOU OHHHH GOD KEEP FUCKING ME!" I could feel my cum getting ready to blast out of my cock at any second and increased my pace even more. I went as wild as I ever have, pounding her pussy to a pulp, yanking on her hair, making out with her wildly and sucking like crazy on her tits. I began barking and shouting: "FUCK JESSIE! TAKE IT OHHH MY GOD I FUCKING LOVE FUCKING YOUR TIGHT LITTLE CUNNTT OHHHHHHHH YOU FUCKING LIKE TAKING MY COCK YOU FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL SLUT!?" "OHHHHHH MY GOD GEOFF GEOFF GEOFF YESSS I'M GOING TO FUCKING CUMM AGAIN! I'M GOING TO. . . I'M FUCKKKINNG CUMMMING OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YESSS YESS AHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK I'M CUMMMMMMING!" Jessie screamed back as she hit another chain of orgasms. I couldn't believe how amazing this felt. I pounded her harder and harder as she continued to scratch my back, flail her limbs and scream at the top of her lungs. I could feel her hot juices flushing out at an incredible pace all over my cock and it became too much. "OHHHH I'M GONNNNNA CUM BABY! WHERE DO YOU WANT IT JESSIE! I'M GONNA FUCKING CUMMMMM!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "OHHHHH FUCKING CUM INSIDE ME BUT DON'T STOPPPP I'M STILL CUMMMING! OHHHHH MY GODD GEOFF YESS YESS OH MY FUCKING GOD YESSSSS I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she shrieked.

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      I wasn't even sure she was on birth control, I sure as hell wasn't wearing a condom, but I was not in the state of mind for clear thoughts. I was about to have what would probably be the best orgasm of my life and the girl giving it to me was commanding me and screaming for me to empty my cock into her. Who was I to argue?I hit one last final gear, I pounded my cock into her like a jackhammer, holding her hips down and railing my cock into her. She was screaming louder than ever as yet another intense orgasm ripped through her convulsing body. It seemed as though she had lost all control of her limbs, but apparently not. "FUCKKKK I'M FUCKING CUMMMMMING JESSIE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. She pulled me back on top of her as I pounded her pussy and wrapped her legs around my back again, screaming "FUCKKKKKK YESSSS I'M CUMMMING CUMMM WITH ME GEOFF! PLEEEEEASE YESSSSS FUCKING CUM IN ME! CUMMMM INSIDDEEEE MEEEE YESSSS! YESSSS! OHHHHHH MY GODD YESS AHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT! FUCKKKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!" Our screams and cries of pleasure became deafening as I felt hot jets of semen being sprayed all over the insides of her cunt. We both began to spasm and buck wildly as my orgasm set off yet another chain inside Jessie. "OHHHHH FUCKKKKK JESSIE!" "OHHHHHH MY GOD GEOFF YESSSS!" "OHHHH I'M FUCKING CUMMMMMING!" "YESSSSS I'M THERE OHHH I'M THERE YESSS OH FUCKKKKK OH MY FUCKING GODDD I'M FUCKKKKING CUMMMING AGAIN YESSSSS INSIIIDE ME FUCKK CUM INSIDE ME!" "OHHHHH BABY YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOOOD YESSSSSSS AHHHHH" "OHHHHHH GEOFF YESSSSS FUCK MEEE YOU FUCKING BIG COLLEGE BOYYYY OHHHH!" "AHHHHH SHIT JESSIE YOU FUCKER YOU FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL LITTLE FUCKIGN SKANK TAKKKKKE MY FUCKING SEEED YOU LITTLE CUNT!"We screamed and writhed; we shouted and went crazy for another minute as I continued to pound the hell out of her until her own orgasms subsided and I knew every ounce of my own cum had been spat into the depths of her pussy.

    "Hollly shit" I sighed as we both collapsed, exhausted, into our own mess of cum and sweat that caked the bedspread. We both laughed and smiled as we kissed again. "Geoff, that was the most incredible sex. . . thing.

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      . . I've ever. . . . Oh my god fucking kiss me again" she said as she pulled me into another makeout and wrapped one of her amazing legs around my hips. "That was incredible, Jessie" I said to her after I pulled away. She smiled. It was strange, but with every intention of simply fucking the shit out of a high school slut who I thought didn't belong here, I had actually run into someone who had made me feel like I never had before. I had actually run into someone who seemed perfect. "Do you wanna' go back to the party?" I asked her. "I'm too fucking tired," she responded. "And I don't think I can walk" she said, grinning from ear to ear. I smirked and began to lovingly suck on her nipples again.

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      She hissed and moaned. "Let's just stay up here for awhile," she said hopefully. I grinned, "Baby, you can stay the whole weekend if it's like this" I responded. We ended up falling asleep in each others arms for a few hours, but upon waking up. . . Well there's plenty more to come about this particular girl.

    (Chapters 2-6 to come in the near/not-so-near future). .



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