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Topic: Teen blows my mind in public swimming poolI‘d gone to the gym after work as I normally do, but decided to go straight into the pool as it was adults night, so there wouldn’t be any kids jumping around all over the place. I went into the steam room for about half an hour. During which, a few people came in and out but nothing of any interest. The area is popular with students and on adults only night you get a few fit girls come in. After I had enough of the steam room I decided to go back into the pool and do my usual mile or so.

A couple of nice girls came into the pool area that obviously looked like they had come down from the gym. They were all red and flustered, looking really hot and all the swimmers turned and watched them as they walked down the length of the pool to the steam room. A couple of the older men got straight out of the pool and followed them into the steam room, leaving the pool pretty quiet. I wanted to stay in the pool as it was nice and quiet.

After about ten minutes I noticed a young girl come in, walk round the top of the pool and put her towel on the bench. As I was swimming up the pool I had a great view of her body right in front of me. She was wearing a two piece bikini which was fastened by laces at either side of her briefs and strings at the back of her neck and round her back. She bent over slightly to take off her flip flops and the material of her briefs was caught up in the crack of her arse. She looked like she was only 18 or 18 but had a kind of mature look to her. I tried slowing down so I didn’t have to turn around and miss out on anything. She turned around and looked around the pool, deciding where to get in and probably out of force of habit she reached down and placed the index finger of each hand into the sides of her briefs and she pulled them down to make herself more comfortable.


   I looked at her with my mouth slightly open and a look of wow on my face. Right at this point she looked at me and gave me a bit of a smile or it could have been a bit of a nervous laugh realising what she had just done. I played it cool and continued to swim.

She got in the pool and like most people started to do lengths. We passed each other a couple of times and exchanged smiles. At one point we got so close that we touched feet, we didn’t say anything and I waited till we were both at one end together. I apologised for having such big feet, she said it was ok. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Sammy. We chatted for a bit about nothing really, I was more focused on her cute dimples. She seamed not to have a problem showing off her body, She kept standing up out of the water at the shallow end, leaning back and running her hands through her long blond hair, giving me loads of time to check out her small but pert breasts. Lucky for me the water wasn’t that warm and it brought out her nipples just perfect. She caught me a couple of times looking at them, but she didn’t say anything, just smiled. Sammy started getting more and more flirty with me and I realised I wasn’t having to work very hard on her and she seemed to do all the work on where the conversation was going. As we stood there half kneeling in the water, Sammy’s tits bobbing around the surface of the water I realise that my leg was bent and actually in between Sammy’s legs. Sammy continued to move up and down slightly, making the water run off her shoulders and boobs and I noticed that she had closed her legs slightly, gripping my leg.

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   I looked at her and she bit her lip and the maturity I saw in her earlier had now turned into a hot, flirty little slut. I felt my knee touching her bikini bottoms and Sammy started moving up and down and also pushing against my knee. I couldn’t believe I was rubbing this girl’s pussy with my leg after only meeting her a few minutes before. She pushed her leg towards me and she was met with my now ragging hard on in my shorts. She looked at me and just said “mmmm interesting!” and then proceeded to swim off down the pool. I thought she’s either a real tease or she knows she’s going to get it. After a minute or so she came back up to the top end and she asked me if I was decent enough to get out the pool without poking anybody in the eye, with a cheeky grin on her face. I asked what she had in mind and she just said “follow me”.

We got out the pool and picked up her towel and mine and walked round to the showers just off the pool. There showers were shared by both male and female as the changing area was mixed, with individual changing cubicles. We got round to the showers and we were the only ones in there apart from this older man in his 50’s. We started to shower and Sammy asked if I would wash her back, I didn’t have to be asked twice, so I took some gel and started to massage it into her back, shoulders and neck. She pulled her hair away and to one side and looked at me over her shoulder, Then she glanced down to my shorts to see what was down there. Sammy then took some gel herself and started to wash her front. I just stood under the water watching her touch her breasts, then her flat stomach and her legs.

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   The man in his 50’s walked off to get dressed which was like giving the all clear to Sammy, she moved her hands up her body and slipped a hand inside her top. She started washing her breast and then it turned into squeezing them and pulling them, Sammy closed her eyes as she felt relief from touching herself. She then pulled her right hand out of her top and ran a finger down her belly and slipped it in under the rim of her bikini bottoms, she opened her eyes, looked at me and said “pay attention, you’re going to do this in a minute with your tongue” I watched as she pushed her hand down the front of her briefs and from where her hand went down, she must have rubbed the full length of her pussy. I could then tell she must have pushed a finger or two up inside her cunt. I was in heaven and my cock was aching to get out to play. I said I wanted to see her pussy, thinking she would pull the briefs to one side so I could see her fingers doing their magic. But instead she used her other hand and pulled the laces apart on the one side, the briefs just dropped to the floor. I looked around in a kind of ‘you must be mad’ but then thought fuck it and picked them up off the floor and rubbed them between my fingers. Sammy said “why don’t you sniff them and get used to the smell of my pussy”

As I held her bikini bottoms by my mouth I looked down to see a perfectly neat pussy, shaved with just a little left at the top as if pointing the way. Her pussy was being finger fucked by this cute little slut, half naked in a public shower. Sammy looked over my shoulder and noticed that another woman had come into the showers behind me. Sammy moved closer to me so the women wouldn’t notice that Sammy had her fingers up her cunt. Sammy continued to play with herself with one hand up her cunt and the other on my chest for support. She kept looking over my shoulder at the other women and then glancing up at me with a really cheeky smile on her face. She ran her hands down my chest and gave my cock a squeeze through my shorts.

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   I thought to myself that I must have this little bitch.

Sammy was really shocked when I took her hand and led her off to the changing rooms around the corner. She thought she was in control playing with her pussy in public with a stranger right behind us, but the thought of walking half naked through the changing rooms took her by surprise and kind of turned her on even more. I suddenly realised that she liked the power thing. I dragged her into one of the changing cubicles and pushed her back against the wall, closed the door. I thought if she likes being taken control of then it’s my turn to take over. I noticed above her head was a clothes rack, so I took her bikini bottoms and tied them around both her wrists and pulled her arms up over her head and tied them to the rack. I stepped back and looked at this little slut standing there with her legs open, her shaved pussy, lips hanging out and glistening in the light. I wanted to see her tits, so I pulled off her top without even undoing them, leaving little red marks around the side of her neck, she bit her lip again. Sammy asked if I would lick her pussy out now and I said no. If she wanted to orgasm over my face she would have to beg for it. I stepped back and started to undo my shorts, I pushed them down and my cock sprung up and pointed to Sammy. Sammy started to beg for me to touch her lick her or just fuck her, this really turned me on so I started to play with myself, looking at Sammy up and down, watching her rub her legs together. I grabbed my cock in my hand and really squeezed it hard, turning the end deep purple. Sammy pulled at her hands to try and break free, but she had no chance, I used to be in the Navy and I know how to tie a knot.

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   I moved closer to her and pushed open her legs, I bent down as if to lick her out, but just stood up and inched my cock closer to her clit, Sammy pushed her hips closer to mine but she couldn’t reach it. I told her she might want to hold on the clothes rack, I put both my hands down in between her legs and lifted her legs open and into the air and I slammed my cock right up inside her cunt as far as it would go. Sammy screamed and I just held it there, every couple of seconds I flexed my cock and it felt as if it went in another couple of inches. Now it was my turn and looked Sammy in the eyes and said “pay attention, you’re going to get fucked like this in a bit” and I pulled out of her, dropped to my knees and put her legs over my shoulders, I grabbed her arse and pushed her pussy onto my face and stuck my tongue as far up inside of her as I could, licking around inside her and rubbing my top lip against her clit. Sammy was moaning and rubbing her pussy against my face, she was so hot and wet, and her breathing got heavier and heavier. I knew she would come soon, so I licked up her pussy, pushed my tongue hard against her clit and shoved two fingers up her pussy. Reached up with my spare hand and squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples. Sammy just said OH FUCK!!!! And came all over my chin. She was shaking and squeezing her legs tight around my head, nearly suffocating me, it was great. I licked my way up her body and for the first time pushed my cum covered tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it like no tomorrow. As we kissed I pushed my hips back and forth, rubbing my cock against her pussy lips, she started to moan again. I reached up and undid her hands. As soon as they were free she pushed my back against the wall and got me to sit down on the bench. She dropped down to her knees and without a second thought deep throated me right to the base. I sat there and pulled on her wet hair, trying to get another inch down her throat, she was down on my cock for what seemed like ages, when she pulled up she had a glazed look in her eyes.

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   I told her that another couple of seconds I would have shot my load right down her throat. She stood up, turned around, opened her legs and sat down on my cock taking it deep inside her. She took no mercy and bounced her arse up and down on my cock as fast as she could. I could feel my legs tensing up and my orgasm building. I grabbed Sammy’s waist and started banging against her, she could tell I was about to cum, she reached down between my legs, grabbed a handful of balls and squeezed them gently. With her other hand she starting flicking her clit again, we both knew we were both about to cum. I lifted myself off the bench so I could feel the full weight of Sammy on my cock and I gushed my load deep up inside her. She sat there on top of me and fell back, I ran my hands over her body, squeezing her tits and feeling her flat stomach. After about ten minutes she got up and said “let’s get dressed and head back to yours” I couldn’t believe that there was more to come!. . . . to be continued….