Going all the Way


Topic: Chapter I: The Intro to the unknown  My junior year in high school was great, over the summer we got new neighbors and they had three kids. Janice was the oldest, then sue and her twin brother Sam. They were from the Ukraine and had fled with many others to America, Janice was starting College in the fall and the Twins were in there junior year of high school also. It was nice to have friends that were my age living next door as I was the youngest of the family. My older brother was in his second year of college and always ignored me when he was home for vacation; he would say he couldn’t be seen in public with me because I’m not of his kind, whatever that means?
     Sam and I spent most of the summer getting to know each other and telling me about the town he grew up in and the girlfriend he left, trying to understand his broken English was a challenge, but fun too. His sister Sue was thin with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, a blue so bright like I’ve never seen before. She would always smile at me and then walk away shaking her butt and looking back to see if I was staring. Sam would laugh at her and say something in there language to get her mad, she would smack her butt then blow him a kiss and smirk. I laughed and told him “that’s a universal language I do know”
     The first day of school was tough enough for me, I couldn’t imagine for someone from another country, we had some classes together and I tried to sit with Sue every chance I could. My friend of many years, Greg was also taken in by Sues looks and tried hitting on her a few times but she just smiled and walked off. On the bus ride home she asked if I would sit with her on the way home, confused and horny I managed to mutter “sure”. We sat together every day that year on the bus to and from school. Sam always laughed at us and called Sue something in Russian that to this day she would not tell me what it meant. I happen to look it up once and found a vague meaning of: рогатая собака- in English it means horny dog I think?
   Sue and I got rather close over the next few months and I would spend a lot of time over there house doing homework together and playing board games. Their parents always just smiled at me, they were not learning English very well and would always tell Sam or Sue to translate for them when they wanted to ask me a question. After a while they would just treat me like I was one of their family when I was at the house.

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   It was just before Christmas, or Hanukah for them as they were Jewish. Sam asked how much I really liked Sue and when I was officially going to ask her on a date. Being young and naive I said “ I thought it was official” no one asked her out or hit on her because I was always gave them looks and was never far off from her. That’s when I realized that we were an item as they called it in school, but we really never got past first base. Well there’s a big “Dah” on my part guess. Sam also told me that Sue did have someone back I the Ukraine but they broke it off a week before they left.
     I went home that night wondering what I should do and if I should try to ask her if she thought of me as her boyfriend and not just a friend. The next day at school during lunch I decided to ask her the big question, “Sue I know we have been friends only for a couple of months but would you be my girlfriend” as I stared into her eyes I saw confusion and a little bit of blankness in her stare. I thought for sure she would say no with those looks, but instead she got up and walked around the table and sat next to me and smiled. “I would not only like to be your girl, but I would also like to do more” she said as she grabbed for my dick and squeezed it through my pants. I almost choked on my lunch when she did that, not knowing how to reply I just leaned over and kissed her. With poor timing and a bad sense of humor, Greg waltzed over just about then and sat across from us where Sue had been sitting and jokingly remarked “it’s about time you two started acting like lovers, I was starting to think you two were just friends”. Sue smiled and replied “oh we are more than just friends, lots more”.
       I started to wonder what she meant by that and did I get myself into something I might not be able to get out of later if anything should go wrong, I mean this girl lives next door to me and her brother is a good friend of mine. She got up and started to walk away and as I checked out her perfect body and her firm, tiny little ass I could feel my dick stand right up and all I could think of was that she wants me in probably more ways than I want her, and about that time nothing else mattered except when and how was I going to get her alone for some fun time.

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        Things went really great for a while, we would hang out and every now and then I would get to be alone with her for a few minutes when her parents were busy doing something in another room or when she would come over with Sam to my house and study we would kiss while lying on my bed while Sam did his homework at my desk. I tried several times to get her to come over when my parents went out, but her parents were strict and she could only be around boys if they or Sam was with One day I had enough of cold showers and masturbating to the thought of her naked in my room, I was going to get her all to myself or die trying. One afternoon after school Sam and I were tossing a ball around in my back yard when I asked “do your parents ever let you and Sue go out separately”, He answered “no I am her guard dog so guys like you don’t try hanky panky with my sister”. I looked at him with the saddest look I could muster up and asked “what would it take to get that guard dog to leave her side for a few hours”. Sam didn’t say anything; he just tossed the ball and looked at me thinking hard about what I had said. After a while he walked over to me and handed me the ball and replied “let me think it over and I will get back to you”.  I wasn’t sure of what he would do or if he would say anything to Sue about what we had just talked about. I do know he didn’t laugh and say no, so this could work in my favor, or not? Either way I was going forward towards getting to third base soon.

         The next morning on the way to school Sam sat across from us on the bus and kept looking over at Sue and nodding his head as if to beckon her to say something to me. Of course I knew right away he told her and now I was to get the answer from her instead of him. I asked “is there something wrong” and she replied “no not really” and then turned her head back towards Sam. After awhile I looked over and said “it’s alright if you don’t want to be alone, I’m alright with that too”, what a big fat liar I was for saying that. I hoped it would help her lean more towards the “no, I want you” answer, but she didn’t say anything else all the way to school. I didn’t see Sam or Sue during lunch and that worried me. Even on the bus ride home neither one said a word, I asked if they still wanted to do homework at their house that night and Sue very sternly replied “come over after dinner and we can talk and do homework.

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           I started over after dinner thinking of what was said between the two of them last night and why so quiet about it, we never did hold back things we had to say to each other before this. Sue’s father answered the door and pointed to the kitchen, I walked in and when I went into the kitchen both of them stopped talking and Sam stepped out into the back yard. “Did I do something wrong to get him made” I said, “no he just wants to get his way again and I won’t let him this time” she replied. You could feel the tension in that room and the silence was killing me, then Sue turned to me and said “if you want us to be alone you have to do two things, one-get either one of our parents to go out for the night and two-play by Sam’s rules when we are alone. ”  I thought for a minute and then agreed, of course I would agree to anything at that point. Sam came back in after a few minutes and she nodded yes to him and he smiled back, “you have no problem with any of this” he said. “No I just have to figure out how to get the parents out” I exclaimed.
      night in bed I ran about a million scenarios through my head about how to get my parents out of the house, since I would feel more comfortable having sex over here rather than at her house. Then it hit me, my dad’s birthday was next Saturday and her parents were going to meet some friends for dinner out, both parents gone for hours, that’s the perfect idea. The next day I made reservations at my dad’s favorite restaurant and told him it’s a night out for just the two of them because I had a paper due and needed to work on it all weekend. My parents were so excited they decided to make it a whole day thing with a movie before they went out to eat and a walk downtown afterwards. What a deal, I wanted a few hours and instead had gotten the whole day alone with Sue. Now the only thing left was to get a little protection from the drugstore.



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