Giving in to Desires


You never really know what is going to happen to you. . . even with one small decision, something you didn't even expect could happen. This is my story.
It was an average school day, I had gone to most of my classes, and had gotten my homework done for morning classes at Lunch. I usually do that, and then tackle the other homework in my 6th hour Study Hall. But anyway, like I said, it was a pretty normal day for me. That is, it was, until Melissa talked to me.
I had a small crush on her. Actually, small isn't the correct word, I definitely liked this girl. She had beautiful blonde hair, and you could literally get lost in her eyes. They were a shade of blue that isn't really common. Her legs, oh her legs went on for days. This girl had the Perfect body. I'm getting off track though, She saw me walking to my 6th hour, and stopped me, and we started talking.

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   She asked me if I had a girlfriend, which I immediately responded "Nope, I'm a free man, if you're interested. " I said that not completely serious, but not necessarily as a joke. I almost broke into a dance when she winked and gave me her phone number.
At my 6th hour, I couldn't even think of my homework, I just kept replaying that event in my mind. I'm not usually a confident guy, and when I do ask a girl out, they never know if I am serious or not, which believe me is NOT a good way to start a relationship. After Study Hall, I got my stuff and went off to my bus. Surprise, surprise, guess who had added to the Passenger List? I almost fell to the floor when she motioned with her head for me to take a seat next to her.
We rode the bus, dropping everyone off until only the two of us, and the Bus Driver remained. I didn't quite know where she lived, so it was a good surprise when she asked me to come over. She pointed to her house as she exited the bus at the other High School we stop at, which is just down the road from mine. I smirked, and told her I would Definitely stop by.
When I got home, I ran to my bedroom, and stripped off my clothes, laying out a different outfit, more casual than my School Clothes, and jumped in the Shower real quick. I told my mom I might be out late, and left for Melissa's house.
After about 18 minutes of walking, I spotted her waiting at the corner of her street for me, wearing a really hot skirt and a laced blouse. I smiled inside, this girl just got more and more beautiful everytime I saw her.

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   I sprinted the rest of the way to her, and she immediately jumped into my arms, flinging her legs around my waist, and burying her face into my neck.
"Thats a little cliche', isn't it Melissa?" I laughed, knowing that I ruined what could have been a very good moment. She laughed and nodded her head, leading me to her house. Her mother was in the living room, reading the paper. Melissa introduced us, and when her little sister walked into the door, introduced me to her as well. We hung out with her sister for a little while, just watching t. v. and watching her play.
After about half an hour, melissa took me by the hand and led me down to the basement. She moved some curtains, revealing a very comfortable looking bed, and a shelf with an awesome Sound System. She sat on the bed and motioned for me to come and sit by her so I did. I was right, it was comfortable.
Melissa turned on some music, and sat with her head on her pillow. "Why don't you come closer, I don't bite Kurt. " I stifled a small laugh and placed my head against the pillow, just staring into the cieling and listening to the music.

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   'Great. . ' I thought, 'She brings you down to her room, turns on some music that really sets a mood, and you just stare at the cieling, what is wrong with you!' I turned my head to face her, to see that she had been looking at me. As soon as our eyes met, I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks. I quickly turned my head around and looked at her room, complimenting it.
We just sat and talked for a little bit, listening to the music, talking about past relationships, family life, school. I was finally starting to get comfortable with her, and I had unconsciously placed my arm around her shoulders, and we were very close. Her left arm was around my stomache, and her face was resting on my chest. I moved my head just a little bit to look down at her, and she looked up at the exact same time. 'This is it. . Make your move!', I thought. I slowly brought my head lower, and place my lips against hers, she didn't fight it, and she kissed me back, raising up to meet me.
"Kurt. .

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  . " Thats all she said, and she put her head back down on my chest, a smile on her face. I was smiling too, and we just lay together for the longest time, enjoying each other's company.
~~~Three Weeks Later~~~
I had been coming to Melissa's house every day, for hours on end. Most of the time we would just lay down on her bed, listening to the music, and talking. We had started going out the day after I kissed her, and things were going great. She had asked me already If I wanted to have sex with her, to which I replied Yes, but not yet. I wanted her to know that I am with her because I love her, not the things we do. Today, I knew what was going to be happening as soon as I got into her room. She had placed a dimmer bulb in her Lamp, and was playing some slow songs when I walked in. She smiled and walked to me when I entered, placing her hands around my waist and stretching up to give me the most passionate kiss I'ld ever had. All I could think was 'Wow. . . this might actually happen.

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  ' I followed her to the bed, and asked how her day had been.
After talking for a bit, I began running my hand across her thigh. I could feel her shutter slightly as I did so. I kissed her, and brought my hand to her inner thigh, and slowly brought it up, sliding my fingers underneath her panties. She was already wet, and she bit her lip as my fingers slowly entered into her pussy. I continued kissing her, making sure to keep my fingers moving smoothly. She was arching her back, and small moans escaped from her mouth as I moved my lips down to her neck, kissing her gently. I removed my fingers from her now soaking pussy, and slid her panties off, than her skirt.
She slid her shirt off, and I removed her bra, still kissing down her neck and making my way down to her breasts. I massaged her right breast as I placed my mouth over her left, gently circling her nipple with my tongue until I felt it perk up, and then I switched over to her right, doing the same. She let out small gasps as I began to kiss down her stomache, manuevering her body with me until I was between her thighs. I licked around her pussy, lapping up the sweet juices that had been left from my fingers. Her clit was easy enough to find, it was already stiffened from my previous actions. I began licking her clit, feeling her tighten up with each movement. I lapped up more of the delicious juice, there was so much I thought that I might choke.

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I raised myself from her pussy, and licked my lips, a smile on my face, and the cutest blush and innocent look on her face. I reached down and began removing my belt. She moved around, until she was on her knees. She moved my hands away and did the rest herself, unzipping my pants and pulling them down, along with my boxers. Her eyes sparkled when she saw my erect cock, she moved some hair from her face and placed her mouth around the head, and began to lick twirl her tongue. It was amazing, I had never had someone suck my cock with such eagerness before. It was like she knew exactly what I wanted, and she gave it to me. I warned her several minutes later that I was going to cum, but she didn't stop, she quickened her pace, and I tried to hold back a little longer, but I couldn't help it.
I felt myself release into her mouth. She coughed a little, some of my cum leaking out of her mouth. She removed my cock from her mouth, and licked the cum from the corner of her mouth, swallowing all of it. She placed her hand on my cock again, and began jacking me off, getting every last drop of cum to release. She cleaned my cock with her tongue, and I reached down, moving her around, so she was on all fours on her bed. I placed my hands on her waist, and eased myself into her pussy.
She began to moan, grinding her hips into me as I thrusted into her.

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   I moved my hands up to her chest, and lightly gripped her breasts. She rose off her hands and brought her head back to mine, kissing me passionately. She broke the kiss and fell back onto her hands. She was clawing at the bed, and I was getting ready to cum again. I moved her onto her back, and lifted her legs onto my shoulders. She pulled me in deeper, the backs of her knees gripping my shoulders. She began shaking madly, and I felt myself cum again. I let myself down onto her gently, her legs wrapping around my waist. I kissed her and continued light thrusts into her. She began gasping again, and I felt her pussy tighten once more, her legs gripping my body tight, her body shivering as she came.
We had sex three times a week after that, in all kinds of places. So the point of the story is, Don't pass up any oppurtunity, you never know what could happen.