Getting To Know My New Sister


After I dropped my bags off, I went to the gym for a while then came back home. After my brother had moved out I kept some of my clothes in his closet, so I needed to get some since I had no clean clothes to change into when I got back. Not realizing that Tiffany now lived in his old room, I walked right in to see her standing there naked dripping wet from the shower she must’ve just taken. I was frozen as I couldn’t help but admire her beautifully perky breast, slim waist, and her cute little ass. As she turned and looked at me with her amazingly blue eyes, I apologized not thinking that she lived in there now. She said it was ok as she grabbed her towel to cover up, I told her I just need to get something out of the closet, as I walked to the closet I noticed her staring at my muscular body as I had no shirt on in preparation for my shower. I had gone out for the night and she was sleeping by the time I got back so I didn’t see her until the next morning as I walked into the kitchen for breakfast in only my boxers out of habit. A quick innocent smile went across her face when she saw me, which was quickly followed by my mom yelling at me to put some clothes on. This continued for the next two days as I had to get used to not walking around in just boxers, during this time I started talking to her more, getting to know each other better.

We grew closer as we joked around with each other and even began to innocently flirt. Since she was still pretty new in the area and didn’t have any friends I decided to take her out to the movies Saturday night. We came back and I got changed into my scrub clothes and went down into the kitchen to eat something. Tiffany came down shortly after wearing a small white t-shirt and a cute little pair of underwear, instantly making me horny. As I was washing our dishes, she started to help and splashed me with water, so I returned it by splashing her, soon we were splashing each other getting water every where. I noticed as her white t-shirt got wet she was not wearing a bra and her beautiful b-cup breasts were showing through. I stopped and she just gazed up into my eyes and leaned in and kissed me.

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   Kissing her back briefly but I shortly stopped saying we shouldn’t be doing this, she said she wanted me to be her first kiss as she has never done anything with a guy before. I then went upstairs to put an end to that situation. I soon went to bed, not long after I had fallen asleep Tiffany quietly crept into my room and climbed in bed with me. To make her presence known she softly kissed me on the lips awakening me gently and pleasantly. I turned to look at her, finding myself happy I fell asleep with the black lights on because I could see her cute body perfectly, wearing another small t-shirt and those same cute panties. I was in heaven as I began to kiss her and slowly removed her shirt to expose those beautiful breasts to me once again, then slowly pulled off her panties showing me her hot little shaved pussy. She began to breathe heavier as I explored her innocent untouched body for the first time, paying close attention to every inch of her as I made my way down to her love triangle, licking and fingering getting it nice and wet.
    She soon experienced her first orgasm causing her to softly moan and breathe even heavier. She then took off my shirt, showing my bare muscular body, and softly kissed all over as she made her way down to my stomach as she pulled my boxers off exposing my 7” hard manhood. She paused saying she’s never seen one before so obviously has never sucked one. She then began to kiss and lick it, finally taking it slowly in her mouth, it felt incredible. She stopped and looked up at me and said she wanted me to take her for her first time. I lay on top of her kissing her and began to rub my cock against her opening, then began to ease into her tight virgin pussy. She softly winced from the pain but as she loosened up the pain turned into pleasure, after a minute I was slowly pumping in and out of her. She soon rolled me over and got on top and started to ride me slowly as she got used to it, shortly picking up the pace, as she straddled me I grabbed and squeezed her cute ass.

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       After about 18 minutes she had another earth shattering orgasm. She then got off, removed the condom and began sucking me again. After a few minutes I warned her I was going to cum, she took her mouth off and I busted all over her breast and stomach. She wiped some up with her finger and licked her finger clean, showing she liked the taste of it. So then she licked it all up and sucked me clean. Both being exhausted from our workout we fell asleep in each other’s arms still naked, oblivious to the fact that our mom was down the hall and could have came in the next morning. Luckily my mom went out shopping early the next morning. We woke up and enjoyed a shower together and then later that afternoon I went back to school, but I couldn’t wait until I came home for winter break the next month. .